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Magik - Refuse to payout my winnings


Resolved - The submitting player became non-responsive to our communications. As such we presume they've managed to resolve this issue on their own.

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Player's Complaint

Hello, I have 750 Euro winnings at Magik casino, first the problem was to get my account verified, and after uploading more than 50 documents suddenly my account was verified...

So i made a withdrawal request, but next day it was rejected manual, and when asking inn to why, then the answer was i have made illegal bets....

This casino never intended to make any kind of payouts [EDIT]...

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5 Responses

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August 25, 2017

Hi Mafat979 - welcome to!

Before we can do anything to help you I need you to tell me exactly what the casino said was wrong with your bets? Why were they illegal?



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August 27, 2017

Hello again, thanks for the quick reply to my complaint :-)

The casino is claiming my bets was illegal because i have when playing with the depositbonus, should have betted to much regarding their T&C....

I belived i have read the T&C thin, but apparently i was only allowed to bet 30% of my deposit, and i deposited 36 EURO, and have some bets of 15 USD when i was wagering...

No more the less, the casino canceled all my winnings and put the 36 Euro back in my playingaccount, and i succeded to make them into 495 Euro, and made a payout request for them instead....

That payout they also denied claming it was bonusmoney, but as i explained to them it was not possible, because if it was so, and with 400% bonus, i was only to have deposited 9 Euro, and their min is 20...

I got an appoligize where they explained that it was a mistake and i would get my 495 Euro payout....

So i dont know if i just should take the 495 and let it rest there?

But one thing is for sure, that MAGIK casino never intented to make any payouts, if they can find a way not to...

It was first after uploading more than 50 documents, and be very persisting, that they in the end gave after, and admitted their mistake, and allowed my payout....

But the money isnt at my bankaccount yet, i have a written apoligize and an accountmanager to make the withdrawal request for me, but i am not trusting this casino at all....

What is your opponion about this?

Do i let it be, and be satisfied with the 495 Euro, and NEVER play at that casino again?

I can see that you have it as a blacklisted casino inhere...

PS: I will be happy to send the mail with the apologize to you if you need it, and i have also screenshots of some chats with their customerservice...

Best regards

Theis Tannert Andersen

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August 28, 2017

Hi Mafat979,

Just so we're entirely clear about what's happened I'd like you to confirm if what's written below is correct:

- You deposited €36.

- You did NOT take a bonus.

- You made several bets of €15 which the operator claim are in breach of terms.

- The operator returned the €36 deposit, voiding all of your winnings.

- You then played again with the €36 and won up to €495.

- You withdrew this and the operator claimed they were going to void the €495 as well as you were playing with a bonus.

- The operator then apologised for their mistake and have now assured you that you will receive the full withdrawal of €495.

- You have not yet received your funds.

Is all of the above correct?



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September 4, 2017

Hi Mafat979,

I need your feedback on the above before we can move this issue forward.



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September 15, 2017

Hi Mafat979,

If we haven't heard from you by Friday the 22nd of September I'll assume you've managed to resolve this issue on your own and close this complaint.



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August 25, 2017

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