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Major Tom - alleges "discrepancies"


Unresolved - The player played at all three casinos in the Red Returns group, employing the same strategy at each casino. This strategy violated the terms and conditions at 2 out of 3 casinos, but due to the terms at Major Tom casino not being fully up-to-date, did not violate the terms at Major Tom casino where the player won.

Major Tom casino have also stated that this player has set up multiple accounts at some of its venues, but has not provided evidence to support this claim. As such this complaint will be marked as 'Unresolved'.

Player's Complaint

Hi Pogg and thanks for your site.

On 13 February I registered at Major Tom casino (hxxp:// They are related to RedFlush casino. I deposited and played with the welcome bonus. I followed the terms. I finished with £1013 and made a withdrawal. The casino asked for my ID and I supplied it. They even wanted a phone call which I also supplied. The person on the call said everything was OK.

After several weeks, I had not received the funds. I logged back into my account in mid-April to check. I re-withdrew them. A few days ago I noticed I had still not gotten the funds so I went to check again. This time my account is locked. I emailed and all the casino says is there are "discrepancies" on my account. I don.t know what this is since I gave them all my ID and did the call already. So something happened between mid-April and now and I don't know what since there hasn't been activity on the account.

Could you contact them and find out more since they are vague with me and I am getting nowhere? Appreciated!

My username is [EDIT].



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4 Responses

May 18, 2014

Hi devcarol - welcome to!

I'll contact Major Tom casino on Monday and see if I can find out what the problem is.



May 21, 2014

Hi devcarol, I'm sorry to say that I'm not going to be able to help you. I've had a conversation with Major Tom casino and they've made it abundantly clear that they will not discuss player issues with this site. Obviously I completely understand the need for casino's to protect their security processes. No casino wants these published. However operates a robust dispute mediation system specifically designed to allow casinos to discuss any and all aspects of player complaints without risk to any sensitive information - a system that this group failed to even take the time to review. I'm really disappointed with the Red Returns group in this respect and due to this lack of transparency and 'Spirit of the Bonus' style fund confiscation I don't have any choice other than to move them to 'Not Recommended' status. Red Returns have suggested that we should advise you to submit a complaint to eCorga. While I personally do not consider eCorga to be independent of the casinos it represents, some players have had success submitting complaints through this body. Alternatively you could also submit a complaint to Major Tom's regulator the LGA. You can find their contact details here - Sorry I couldn't be of more help. ThePOGG

May 21, 2014

I've shifted the status of this complaint back to 'In Progress' as Major Tom casino has got back in contact and are looking to discuss the issues involve.

I'll update shortly.


May 28, 2014

Having had a long conversation with Major Tom casino about this issue there are in fact two different problems with the player’s use of the casino. The first issue relates to the manner in which they played. This player has signed up at Major Tom casino, Red Flush casino and Casino La Vida and employed a very similar betting strategy at each. While I won’t go into details at the casino’s request, the change in bet sizes between games was what I would consider substantial (a factor of 10 between the smallest and the largest wagers) and as such contravenes the following term;

“The placing of high value bets with the intention of increasing your balance, then substantially decreasing the bet size while not substantially decreasing your bankroll.”

This argument gets messy however as while this term is present on both the Red Flush and Casino La Vida website the Major Tom website is awaiting updating. So had the player won at either of the other venues in this group their winnings would obviously be void and it is fair to expect the player to know the terms and conditions for any bonus they accept. However, while the player should have been aware of the terms from their experiences playing at the other Red Return properties, for a term to be valid it has to be clearly available at the location it’s being enforced at. As such I cannot support the casino’s seizure of funds based on a term that isn’t actually present on their website. In my personal opinion the above term also need to be clarified to define exactly what constitutes “substantially decreasing the bet size”, but I feel it’s fair to accept that a 90% reduction in bet size constitutes “substantially decreasing” in this instance. The second issue relates to the casino’s assertion that the player has set up more than one account at some of its venues. Unfortunately, Red Returns aren’t prepared to share any evidence collected to verify this claim due to privacy and security concerns. While this stance is far from uncommon within the online casino industry, it makes it impossible to validate whether the evidence is strong enough or not and given that I'm sure the player will refute this claim, it leaves me with a 'he said, she said' type situation where I don't have enough information to determine which party is in the right. Neither of the above is enough for an outright ruling in the casinos favour for the reasons discussed, however I don’t feel it would be fair to overtly criticise the Major Tom or Red Returns. The player has broken the terms and conditions of the bonus they played in 2 out of 3 venues. Had the terms and conditions at Major Tom casino been correctly updated I would have marked the complaint as ‘Found for the Casino’. Had the win occurred at either of the other 2 venues I would have marked the complaint as ‘Found for the Casino’. Dumb luck on the player's part is really all that prevented this from happening. devcarol - I'm sorry I can't do more to review the details of the second issue. The only bodies that could offer you this sort of examination at this point would be eCorga or the LGA (the LGA contact details can be found here - If you need any help submitting a complaint to either of these bodies, I'll be more than happy to help. Thanks ThePOGG

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May 17, 2014

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