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MoneyGaming – Withheld Winnings


Unresolved - MoneyGaming casino have claimed that this player was involved in the operation of multiple accounts, but has failed to provide evidence to support this accusation. As such this complaint is Unresolved.

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Player's Complaint

Hi my username is [EDIT], email [EDIT]

So I played the VIP bonus at hxxp://www.moneygaming.com/vip.shtml depositing £1000 and they doubled it. I played Blackjack won a nice bit and then decided to wager it out on Slots. I withdrew £6300 sent in my ID as requested and then it went downhill from there.

I was emailed saying my winnings have been taken away as I broke a term. I got them on the phone and they told me it was a breach of the terms by moving from Blackjack to Slots during a bonus. I have a photo of the terms when I signed up, its just some security I always like to take when playing online, and off course this term was not here. This term rule has been added since I withdrew, however on the site they claim it was updated 3 days before I played. No, that is wrong, as I said I have a photo and it is not in there then. I told them on the phone about my photo and how the rule should not apply to someones gameplay when it did not exist at the time. Next thing they sent me was 'We reserve the right to amend any of these Terms and Conditions from time to time as we deem fit. Effective as of 00:00GMT on 30th October 2014, should the terms and conditions change, players will be asked to read and accept the new terms and conditions upon their next login.' Okay yes I agree its a players duty to read the terms, I do always but if it did not exsit when i played this statement can not apply to me nor give them the right to remove my winnings because of it. I also want to mention how hard it would be to continue playing BJ with it counting 10% and the wagering is 30,000, i would of had to play out 300.000 worth of bets, abit extreme but thats not my problem now i played before the term was added in. The support agent on the phone was very smug and not helpful, kinda giving them impression that because they are based in Alderney i am screwed. If you guys can help me that would be amazing, and if have any legal advice for me?

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8 Responses

Feb 27, 2015

Hey huntcmcm - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

When exactly did you play?



Mar 02, 2015

Hi I played on February 16th

Mar 04, 2015

Hi huntcmcm,

Via the terms and conditions monitoring service we have in place I can confirm that this change to terms occurred no earlier than the 23rd of February.

As such this term cannot legally be applied to your play.

I'll contact MoneyGaming and see what I can find out for you.



Mar 04, 2015

Hi, this is great news that you know when they changed the terms and added in this new rule, fantastic! Even after this they have put that the terms was changed on the 13/02 to cover themselves. Is this not illegal? could they have their gaming license revoked? Thanks for your help so far, I look forward to your next comment.

Mar 12, 2015

Hi huntcmcm,

I have heard back from MoneyGaming. They have acknowledged that there may have been an issue with the terms and conditions - specifically that the general terms were updated after the promotion specific terms and conditions - but have also stated that this term is not the reason that your funds were voided.

MoneyGaming have provided a substantial list of factors that demonstrate that you're operating as part of a syndicate/operating multiple accounts. If that's true this would be a clear breach of terms and conditions and I would immediately close the complaint in favour of the casino.

Unfortunately MoneyGaming have declined to provide any supporting evidence to allow for the verification of their claims.

While I can't say I completely approve of citing irrelevant terms to justify non-payment of winnings, where potential fraud is concerned this is a fairly common practice. Most casinos simply do not want to talk about multi-accounting cases what-so-ever for fear of educating the people involved as to how to avoid their detection methods.

As such the following action will be taken;

1) This complaint will be marked 'Unresolved'. I have two parties making different claims and no supporting evidence to rule in favour of either one.

2) As MoneyGaming have made clear they will not discuss player complaints they will be moved to Not Recommended status.

Finally the only thing I can suggest in the form of further action is to contact MoneyGaming's regulator the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. You can find their contact details here - http://thepogg.com/authority/gambling-control-commission/


Mar 12, 2015

Well I have in writing them saying it was because I played slots to wager, they changed the date and added in this term soon after my win. Very poor from them, now they wanna claim something else and not want to provide a third party well known casino forum any evidence at all, Disgraceful! If they supplied you with evidence how would that educate me or anyone on potential multiple accounts bullsh*t. This excuse gets worse and worse, I have one account and I play at home on my internets IP address. I am linked to no one else at moneygaming. Ah well, i guess I will take legal action now. Thanks for trying i will sure be posting it ends.

Mar 22, 2017


My dispute with Moneygaming has come to an end and I am happy to tell you all I was awarded the total sum of my winnings by a Judge in court. The dispute carried over for 2 Years and it was a misery for me, however justice is now done and now i can move on.

During the claim Moneygaming went on to acknowledge the supposed 'error' with the Date shown on the T&Cs so that was dropped and instead pushed in Court to say I was involved in a multiple account syndicate. They said players played in similar style to me, I had links to other players from Essex by things like simply using BT internet service provider, and deemed my game play to be of a 'low risk strategy'. None of these claims about me were true and my barrister disputed each one and in short the Judge ruled with us.

They went as silly as to try and say that my Boss, for whom I work for on my day to day job, had played at Moneygaming himself so that was an indication i did something wrong. Surely they know people as friends, family or at a workplace may talk and may refer one another its common sense. This does not mean they are working in a syndicate to gain any advantage. No one can hold an advantage over an online casino anyway, they hold all the cards and they control the games software. That's why i was so confident I would win and spent a lot of Money to get justice.

I'm waiting for my solicitor to send me the full notes from the final hearing, this will show in more detail the lengths moneygaming went to try and avoid paying me. It was pretty desperate, embarrassing and unprofessional.

Apr 04, 2017

Omg this is what happened to me they refused to pay thousands to me when i won on the welcome promotion and said the same things to me when they didnt pay. For 2 years I have let them get away with it because I thought there was nothing i could do. I am so happy you won and got what you deserved! I want to get my money like you have. I would be interested to know how much it cost you in total and maybe you can give me the number for the solicitors you used please so i can copy you.

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