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N1 Casino - deposit 100 euro at N1 have to run to verifications loops


Found for the Casino - This player has been unable to show how they became the legal owner of the funds that they put into play and as such cannot complete verification.

Read our N1 Casino Review.

Player's Complaint


I keep running into a loop with verification

It looks like it is never ending.

I deposit 100 euro won 1700 euro.

They asking me for holding my id.

passport utility bill screenshot of deposit I did that next step

The proofs of your identity, address and payment method were uploaded into your account.

Also, for additional verification of your account, we would ask you to send the following documents as well:

- a document (or a number of documents), showing the transfer of the funds you've deposited into our Casino. It depends on the payment system used and can be a pdf statement from the bank account/e-wallet for the last 6 months.

- a document (or a number of documents), showing the origin of the funds used for depositing in our casino, for example, salary statement, proof of business ownership, selling a property, an inheritance payment, or a divorce settlement, etc. (for the last 6 months)

- a detailed pdf bank statement showing this income (the origin of funds) being credited to your bank account for the last 6 months or more.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

So I am like okay...for a 100 euro deposit they can ask this. It been a big hassle to get all these documents also a interruptions of privacy.

I forwarded ALL those documents!!

Next reply.

Also could you please clarify if you have a freelance work in *** Studio Ltd or you have additional source of income?

Like I provided you with all above information and you keep asking me questions.

I provide a fair answer in stuff what I am doing because I like to be open and transparant.

Next email:

Please also provide a statement from Neteller account for November, December and January.

I am like again a new requirement I already provided 6 months history they need more time before with no reason!!

I sent an email back saying that. Next email

e kindly ask you to provide us with the Winnings’ receipt of gambling activity and clarify the Crypto income and additional sources of income of .. LIMITED, .. (CY) GROUP LIMITED and Rush Gaming.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

When is this ever going to stop they nosing in my privacy I provided the KEY things what they are login for.

Hopefully the pogg can review the document as a neutral person and can say it is Ludacris.

For a 100 euro deposit!!

Let me know for help appreciated

Read the casino review

8 Responses

User icon
September 14, 2022

Hi escobar12 - welcome to!

Please ensure you have read our Complaint Guidance to ensure that you fully understand how our complaint management process functions.

As we are the ADR for the N1 Interactive Ltd license under the Malta Gaming Authority license there is certain information we have to provide you now.

You can find all the relevant information about this service here – and the terms of use for our complaint service here -

To summarise.

– Use of this service does not preclude your seeking redress through court proceedings .

– This service is free to use for both the complainant and operator.

– At any point during the procedure the submitting party retains the right to withdraw their complaint. This does not preclude our right to continue the discussion with the involved operator of general issues related to the complaint (i.e. insufficiently clear terms and conditions).

– You are not obliged to obtain independent or legal advice or representation, though you may choose to do so.

You are being asked to comply with a Source of Wealth check. That means that you need to demonstrate how you came to be the legal owner of the funds that were present in your payment account at the time of your deposit, via a paper trail that can be traced to legitimate income. Can you do this?



User icon
September 15, 2022

I did this already.

Bank statements payslips.

History of neteller.

All is on there from the last 6 months.

They keep asking questions for more information which is totally not relevant.

Payment from personal transactions and hobby's I not need to share with them.

100 euro I deposit into their account. I provided them with pay slips and the bank statement that shows that I got paid as such.

Enough to present where the 100 euro is coming from.

So please check the documents I can forward them to you to.

Please let me know that it will be enough.

User icon
September 16, 2022

Hi escobar12,

Actually, the source of your funds, regardless of whether you view these as "personal transactions and hobby's", is absolutely relevant and you will have to be clear and transparent about the nature of these payments and why you received them if you expect to get paid.

So what specifically is it that you have so far been unwilling to provide to the operator?




User icon
September 19, 2022

They verbally asked me what I have for income.

- Provided bank statement (incoming payment)

- 6 months of pay slips! ( they asked me for confidential contracts which I am not allow to provided if else I get fired)

- 6 months neteller transaction history

I hobby some crypto and I like to gamble.

Now they asking for all my crypto income proof and all my history of gambling!!

When does it ever going to stop! For a 100 deposit????

and the pay out also isn't 1 million dollar

So what do they want to see that I traded 100 dollar in crypto all my transaction history for my life.

I provided key elements that I am not a money laundering person in the casino that I have a normal job. Just like to take a gamble.

Why the interest in the rest? what is the next step...

Phone call with my company director. Certified documents with tax income from the previous 5 year.

For 100 deposit???

I mean if you say that it's legit to ask everything. Who is seeing this documents. People that our outsourced in India and Philipines.

What guarantees I have?

So could you please mediate and ask once and for all what documents are needed so I not jump into loop of verification process. Which never stops?


Never seen this in my life for 100 deposit.

User icon
September 19, 2022

What I am trying to say the person that looks into my document has no idea what is what.

How can a unschooled uncertified person look at these REALLY sensitive documents?

I am really scared that my documents will end up really bad or even will be sold for personal benefits.

User icon
September 20, 2022

Hi escobar12,

Yes, as stated above, you are being asked to show how you came to be the legal owner of the funds in the account that you used to pay into the casino. That does mean showing the transactions chains that resulted in those funds being transferred to you alongside the associated documentation showing why you were due to receive these funds.

Your assessment of the qualifications of the individuals reviewing these documentations is your opinion, which you are entitled to, but non-relevant to this process.

And this matter has little to do with the size of any deposit you have made. In the first instance, you are asking to withdraw thousands, the relevant transaction, but more importantly these processes come into play where there is activity on an account, or group of accounts, that suggests that the person named on the account may not be the person operating the account, or may not be the legal owner of the funds being put into play.

You will have to demonstrate a complete chain, including relevant paperwork, of how you came to be the legal owner of the funds in your payment account at the time of your deposit. That may only involve the documents that have currently been requested, but we would not seek to limit or restrict the operator from requesting further documentation if questions still exist after this submission.

You will need to cooperate with this process before there is anything we can do to assist you.



User icon
September 21, 2022

If you side with the casino on this, it's not legal and not justified.

Casino : You have additional sources of income?

Player ( being as honest as it gets) : Yes I have hobby's in crypto and like to play casino's and sportsbet

Casino: Ok show us your whole history of your crypto income casino accounts from every company that you interacted with.

What is the point of honesty if the casino only exploit every opportunity to delay a simple and every small payment and control your first right of privacy.

I hope every player can read this that ever wanted to play at the N1 group.

Also I honestly think that your not objective towards your players. I know you put great work and effort for your players to get their money back.

It's sounds more like a casino advocate not for the players. Let your readers be the judge of that :)

I will follow up with there process. I hope you can be the watch dog for more ridiculous claims to come.

Who are these people who checking all my private stuff what is there goals why they need so much info are they going to sell it?? There is no overview on what these casino will do ,the support and lack of professionalism

User icon
September 23, 2022

Hi escobar12,

I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way. But there are clear laws in place surrounding financial transactions specifically to prevent money laundering and the funding of crime or terrorism. If you cannot adequately demonstrate how you came to be the legal owner of funds beyond vague claims that cannot be documented, there are clear grounds for the operator not to process financial transactions to you and they may in fact be breaching laws if they disregarded this process.

While we respect your right to your opinion, our position is absolutely clear. If you cannot clearly demonstrate exactly how you came to be the legal owner of the funds that were put into play on this account, we cannot assist you further. You are free to pursue your claim via the court systems, but this is not a matter that we can address for you.



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September 11, 2022

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