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Next Casino – Withholding of funds after sending sufficient proof of ID


Resolved - After some verification delays, this player has been paid in full by Next Casino. We consider this complaint Resolved.

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Player's Complaint

On a welcome offer I deposited £200 for a £200 bonus. Having won a total of £2097 (including deposit) after following there terms and conditions, I tried to withdraw £2000 of this. I was asked for ID, which was sent. I was then asked for further ID (including 2 notarised documents and contact details of the notary) which I sent. They have not entered in any further correspondence and my latest withdrawal request was denied (£1900 attempted).

Here is the full timeline (I also have all emails and attachments available including a scan of the notarised documents I sent).

6 October – Signed up and deposited £200 for the ‘bonus match’ type offer. Played with these funds until the terms had been met.

6 October – Attempted to withdraw £2000 of the £2097

7 October – Email received asking for ID to comply with ‘KYC’ checks. They asked for a scan of ID, utility bill and scan of the front and back of the card I used.

7 October – Sent photo of utility bill and driving license (front and back). It seems I didn’t attach the front and back of the debit card looking back.

7 October – email received from [EDIT] thanking for the information and letting me know they would pass it on to the verification team

7 October – Further email received saying a security alert has been triggered and my account frozen. It asked that I send in a scan of my ID, a utility bill, a screenshot from within my e-wallet (actually an online bank account), a close-up with my ID next to my face and 2 notarised documents including a statement and a copy of ID

7 October – Asked for an explanation of why what I sent was not sufficient and whether I would be reimbursed for the cost of notarising documents. ‘For security reasons’ was the reply from [EDIT]

October 7 – asked whether the first 2 documents I had sent (Driving license and bank statement) were sufficient and whether it was just the last 3 on the list that needed to be sent now. Mark replied ‘Please follow the instructions on the email’ on october 12.

In the email I sent I also asked them to verify that these 4 documents were sufficient for items 1-4 on the list, before I spent money on getting documents notarised. I already felt messed around and didn’t trust that they wouldn’t find some other ‘problem’ when everything arrived.

October 11 – No reply yet, so emailed asking for confirmation that the documents I sent so far were sufficient.

October 12 – [EDIT] replied ‘Go ahead and provide the notarised documents and contact info of the notary’

October 12 – Emailed [EDIT] back asking for him to confirm that this means what I’d sent was sufficient so far.

October 17 – [EDIT] replied with instructions on how to get my documents notarised. He asked I bring my passport/ID to the notary and also a newer bank statement and have them both notarised. He also mentioned they needed a copy of the front and back of the card I used to deposit.

October 17 – Realised I hadn’t sent the front and back of the card so did so. Advised I would now get the documents notarised and try to get them to arrive within a week. Also asked again for them to confirm that what I had sent was sufficient so far. All previous replies had just told me the next steps and avoided the question.

October 19 – Sent the notarised documents to the address for everymatrix in Romania. Sent using tracked delivery via royal mail (tracking ID: [EDIT]) which arrived on 29 October

October 29 – Emailed advising that the documents have now arrived and asking for a timescale on when my account will be verified for me to submit a withdrawal.

October 31 – Email from [EDIT] saying they will reopen my account once the documents have been verified.

November 3 – Asked for further advice as it had been 3 days since last correspondence.

November 4 – Advised by [EDIT] that he would check how much longer it would take.

November 8 – Emailed again asking for further correspondence and outlining that I had done everything asked of me. Advised that if I have to wait much longer I would be pursuing this through either a review sites or their independent adjudicator. Still no reply.

December 14 – Checked on to see if I could log in. Logged in successfully to show full balance (I was told previously it was frozen, so assumed this to mean things were back to normal). Attempted to withdraw £1900. Received an email notifying me that my withdrawal had been ‘rolled back’.

December 15 – Attempted to log in again but site would not allow (intermittent error messages so may be an issue with the site overall)

I’m happy to provide more details and will gladly provide all documents and emails (including a scanned copy of the notarised ones with contact details of the notary).


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3 Responses

Dec 16, 2016

Hi shack7064 - welcome to!

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you. Please bear in mind that due to the time of year this may take a little longer than usual.



Dec 24, 2016

Hi shack7064,

I've spoken to Next casino management about this issue. They inform me that your account was reopened on the 10th of November and you're free to log in and withdraw any time you like. There was a technical issue with all operators on the EveryMatrix platform on the 15th that prevented you from logging in.

If you could let us know when you've received your funds I'd appreciate it.


Jan 02, 2017

Hi shack7064,

Have you accessed your funds?



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