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OhmBet - Winnings removed from Account


Found for the Player - While Ohmbet have offered a vague response to this issue they have failed to cooperate with the investigation of this service.

Player's Complaint

Hi, I received a bonus upon opening an account and played through as per the T&C's. I won a few and lost a few. Then when I went to make a withdrawal I was asked to supply docs which I promptly did and my account was varified. Then I awaited my withdrawal.

Today I received a phone call at a rather awkward moment from OHMBET on my work phone number (not the one I used to register my account) asking questions about which bets I had placed.

I didn't have the information to hand as my boyfriend was using the computer. I asked the caller to wait a min and in a very rude manner I was told "he was not speaking to my boyfriend but was talking to me".

Without the information close to hand the phone was put down on me.

Now my balance has been reduced to my initial deposit and my winnings have vanished.

I have written to them by mail but until now had no reply.

Can you help with this?

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5 Responses

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September 3, 2018

Hi Kandiman - welcome back!

Unfortunately I would suggest that it's unlikely that we can do anything to help you. What you're describing would be a basic security verification phone call to confirm that the person named on the account actually knows some basic information about the account without having to read it from the account. It would be pretty unusual for someone who placed the bets not to be able to answer questions about the bets they placed.

We can speak to the operator and review how serious this verification failure was, but the reality is that this type of check is applied when there are concerns that the person named on the account may not be the person operating it and is intended to catch out those engaged in this practice, where a partner or friend is actually the one placing the bets.



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September 4, 2018

Hi and thanks for getting back to me.

Whilst I can understand a check can be needed the one recieved could not of come at a more inconvienient moment and in such a rude manner.

None of the T&C's have been broken and this is a rather large sum of money for me to simply write off. Which I will not do as I have done nothing wrong.

I have written to them again explaining I will help in anyway I can with their investigation but would welcome any advice you may have.

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September 5, 2018

Hi Kandiman,

While I can appreciate that it may not have been a convenient time, by your own account that does not appear to have been the issue. You state that you could not answer the questions because your partner was on the computer. This tells me that you would have needed to review your account to answer the questions asked. The point about this type of practice is that the questions are of a nature wherein they are basic enough that you should be able to answer them without having to check anything if you are in fact the person who engaged in the wagering.

As I said, we'll contact the operator and seek to review how serious the verification failure was, but it is unlikely given what you've described that we will be able to help you.


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September 6, 2018

Ny help you can give would be much appreciated as this is a great deal of money to me.


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October 4, 2018

Hi Kandiman,

Unfortunately after repeated efforts to discuss your issue with Ohmbet, the best we've managed to get out of them is a vague statement that your account is under investigation. I no longer have any reasonable expectations of them providing us with anything more than this.

As the operator do not provide any link to a license page I cannot even direct you to a regulator to contact.

Sorry we could not be of more help!


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September 3, 2018

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