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Omni – Bonus problem


Found for the Casino - We have gone through the transaction history at length with Omni Casino. While there was a deposit, this was lost rather than voided due to the No Deposit Bonus win cap.

Read our Omni Casino Review.

Player's Complaint

received a bonus for account upgrade withdraweld bonus was taken awayed deposited etc and withdraweld again now funds is missing after withdrawel was declined

i have the information but theire is no place to attach

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8 Responses

Sep 03, 2018

Hi dewald1508 - welcome to!

I'm afraid I'm not following specifically what the issue is here other than your bonus has been removed. I need you to provide a lot more detail.



Sep 04, 2018

Good day. Thank u for your fast responce my Vip host explained to me about the bonus and adviced that they will do audit and respond in 24 hours that did not happen.My problem is not the bonus that is removed my problem is i cancelled a withdraw to play with that made a deposit used my points etc and all funds was removed

here is email send from Vip host plus my respond on 318

My main problem is wen i withdraweld only the R2000 bonus was removed that i received and nothing els. Previouse withdrawel i made was R10000 bonus was taken and i cancelled withdrawel and continue playing as a cancelled withdrawel is seen as a deposit so i cashed out R60000 with no problem. Now i withdrawel and the only take the bonus of Zar 2000 and dont clear my account or stop me from depositing or cancelling withdrawel but allow me to play on after their bonus was taken off and withdrawel was done got withdrawel email so i continue playing as the withdrawel was done and made a deposit again cashed in my point etc and continue playing made a littel more etc and cashed out then all amounts was taken after second cash out now the amounts is mixed with my points deposit etc and i feel this is quite unfair why did my account not zero after withdrawel once you request your withdrwael the system warns you all bonus funds and exstra funds will be taken are you sure and then you click on ok and the system takes of the bonus they gave you and nothing els.


Sorry my other email is ofline so im sending you from this one.

[EDIT], I am thrilled for you that you were able to take that R2000 bonus and win up to the maximum of R10,000. However, you now appear to be stating that you also want to keep the rest of the funds over that maximum amount of R10,000 to either play and have fun with (to earn comp points) and/or keep to cash out. While I can understand that it’s really fun to go on such a great winning streak with the no deposit bonus that was issued to you, we do ask you to honor the terms that were provided with this bonus. The maximum cash out was R10,000.Suzanne if you go and check your records wen the withdrawel was maid of R10000 the rest of the funds remained. Just R2000 was taken off by the sistem the rest stayed in my account thats why i cancelled my withdrawel as no funds was taken exept for the R2000
You obviously hit that maximum and therefore, you requested a withdrawal and we began our processing of that request. When we began to process the transaction that you requested, you had a total of R140,000 on request. We properly removed the over-winnings (per our terms). This is fair yes understand it why did it not happen wen i withdraweled in the first place otherwise i would have stoped playing imidiatly but still just 2000 was taken away. Below are the two requests that you made. Each of these requests were declined by us to reset your account to the proper maximum cashout per the terms of R10,000 so that we may withdrawal that amount for you. In short, you requested a total of R140,000, R10,000 was properly yours to withdrawal and that amount remained on withdrawal request to be processed as normal to you.This i understand yes but coming back to after i withdraweld and 2000 was taken the rest remained if i was atdviced here that all funds were sopposed to be cleared i would have continue playing until i had 12000 to make my 10000 withdrawel and then you can take your 2000 back and could have made some nice points with the rest of the money once only 2000 was taken and the rest remaind this was seen as my funds.Otherwise i would not have cashed in points or even made a deposit yesterdday were the bonus was also taken away once withdrawel was done. you cant blame me for this as you take the 2000 wen withdrawel was made the account should have cleared completely. Why i cancelled withdrawel was then i could continue playing and not even then the account resetted to just 10000 and further funds was made. Last time you gave me bonus i withdraweld and cancelled the 10000 max cashout and continue playing with that 10000 and cashed 60000 out that was paid out.
However, at 14:51:56 Server Time, per the below screen shot, you requested that R10,000 to be cancelled and played with those funds.Yes i did and the R1700 that was still in my account before the 10000 was added was left of my played before hand.

With that said, you have written an email to us, and to be very honest with you we do not follow what you were trying to say to us. Can you please (in one email) clearly explain what your concern is regarding points? Also, you made mention that you somehow did not authorize a withdrawal of R10,000? If this was explaINed to me would have cancelled the pay outs and played until 10000 to cash out and still made nice points with the rest of the funds as 2000 was already taken off. Your email said that funds have been transfer back to my account (withdrawels) so i could have played more....but you requested cash out of i lost the points of the rest.If i did not request the payout could have continue playing and made points. Witch was just taken away. Now once again if all the other funds was also remove wen withdrawel was made the deposit etc was justifief now the main withdrawel was 120000 and another 20000 was made wile i was under deposit bonus with 20000 withdrawel that was cancelled with points changed in etc and those funds was also removed so that was legally my funds. You are saying that you are not "fighting" (we of course do not want to ever fight with you either), but something is not "fair." All of this was a rather confusing email from you and we are happy to try to work with you, but can you please explain a bit better for us to be able to help with your statements? Here is your email and we highlighted the topics in red.

Sep 04, 2018

i send email to [email protected] with screen shots of my acount showing the amount that was witdraweld and the amountsover funds and bonus that was removed from my account

Sep 05, 2018

I also emailed you screen shots of withdrawels that shows no other funds was taken exsept for bonus funds

Sep 05, 2018

Hi dewald1508,

Unfortunately I don't think you've got a case here. If I'm understanding you - and that is difficult from the above post - you seem to be arguing that you would have continued to play with fund in excess of those that you were allowed to win with your No Deposit Bonus to earn comp points if you had understood what the maximum allowed win for the No Deposit Bonus was until your balance dropped to only the maximum allowed win. Your complaint seems to be that because you did not understand this you did not get the opportunity to play with these excess funds and earn comp points. If that's the case, unfortunately as the additional funds would be considered void so would any additional play after this point with void funds. So the operator would be within their rights to void any extra comp points earned from wagers placed with funds that were in excess of the maximum allowed win from the No Deposit Bonus.

I'll admit in this case I cannot say with certainty that is the issue here as your submission is far from clear.....



Sep 05, 2018

My complaint is as follows i understand the bonus rules...1 i did my withdrawel of 10000 as per bonus rules.2 only 12000 was taken from casino account. 3 all other funds remaind was not taken away like their bonus terms says 4 made a deposit afterwards 5 so im complaining about the deposit made and ekstra funds this was removed with bonus they added deposit and deposit bonus winnings to my previouse bonus and remove all at once

let me try and explain i got bonus of 2000 max withdrawel 10000 so i played and made 0ver 100000 then withdraweld 110000 amount that stayed in account was 100000 the only amounts that went of was 12000 10000 withdrawel and 2000 bonus then i made a deposit and cancelled withdrawel amount went up to 140000 then i withdrawel again and still only 750 bonus i received with my deposit was taken off from my balance so i made ofer 20000 with deposit and cancelled withdrawel. then withdrawels was cancelled by casino and only 10000 was available so my fight is why did they allow me deposit and deposit bonus and took that away as well after withdrawels was made and theire sistem already took away the bonus funds i received

Sep 16, 2018

i received a couple of emails saying that everting is sent to managagment and finanace to foloow up since then no responce to my emails seems the are ignoring my mails

Sep 25, 2018

Two weeks later and Omni still not responding to emails

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