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Otobet – Complaint


Found for the Player - The player has presented strong evidence that the restriction against Ukrainian players did not come into place until AFTER the player won. Alongside this, Otobet have failed to offer any response to our repeated attempts to discuss this issue with them.

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Player's Complaint

Hello. My name is [EDIT]. I am from Ukraine. My username in Otobet is [EDIT]. I was registered 23.12.2015 made deposit 50 euro and start to play. I was lucky and my balance grow up to 1795 euro. The I receive this message:

Hello Security Department refuse to verify user account because it violates the Terms and Conditions of OtoBet.com Account will be closed. Deposit ( €50 ) will be returned to Skrill account: [EDIT ]1.9. Persons with residence or habitual abode as well as persons with temporary residence in the following countries are neither allowed to register a betting account at Otobet.com nor to make deposits and use the services provided by Otobet.com:- Russia- Ukraine- Belarus https://otobet.com/en/rules

But when I registered were not any restrictions for registration from Ukraine and i haven't broken any rules. This is a new rule. This rule come in sight AFTER my registration. I was success play during 2 month, but when I started to win Otobet deleted my account according to the rule which was not at time of my registration. Please help, you can confirm that with google cache - there is no any restriction to Ukraine in their terms when I was registered

P.S.If I try now to click the "join us" on Otobet site I will see the inscription - "Sorry. According to the regulations of your home country registration is blocked.". But I have to register with Otobet. And I played 2 months until they cancel all my winnings, referring to the rule that I can not registered from my country. If it is not - how do I register and play? I would have had to see the inscription - "Sorry. According to the regulations of your home country registration is blocked.". But I register successfully. And there is no any restriction to my country when I registered and play. This is a new terms, Ukraine go to the black list 2 month AFTER my registration.

Help me please.

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9 Responses

Jul 14, 2016

Hi braoll79 - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

Unfortunately, having looked, I cannot confirm that this change was made after you signed up.

The service we use - ChangeDetection.com - cannot monitor this page.

WayBackMachine - the internet archiving service - has only crawled this page once, in March this year at which time the term restricting the Ukraine was present.

Google cache only stores the most recent version of the page (prior to the current one) and as such is from the 29th of June and contains the term restricting the Ukraine.

Finally, our review of Otobet was published in April this year and includes the restriction of the Ukraine.

Unless you have some solid proof that the term wasn't in place at the time you registered your account there really isn't anything we can do to help you in this instance?



Jul 15, 2016

Hello. Thank tou for your support. Proof? No problem.
1. Please see screensoot number 1 - I regisered in Otobet 23.12.2015 and receive bonus
2. On screenshoot 2 - you see bonus picture from my email
3.Then I start to play and complete wager. My balance was 1795 euros. After wagering complete I play during few weeks and then want made withdraw. I send my document 11 march 2016 to Otobet to proof my identy, please see screenshot 3. On screenshot 3 you see their answer. Otobet confiscate my balance.
4. BUT see screenshots 4 and 5. Terms proof screenshots. You see this promo picture and under see terms. Terms are valid from 07. september 2015 to 25 january 2016. I was registered 23 december 2015!!! And there is no any rectriction to Ukraine user. Only to Romanian user.

P.S. If Ukraine would be in the blacklist, I simply would not be able to register. And especially do not get a bonus. And especially not able to play in Otobet.
Now you can not regiser to Otobet from Ukraine because Ukraine is now really in the blacklist. But then it was not.

I send screenshots by reply email, you send me

Jul 27, 2016

Hi braoll79,

Just to keep you informed, I am currently trying to contact Otobet but so far we've received no response.

I'll keep trying and let you know if we hear anything.



Aug 02, 2016

Hello. Thanks for your support. Did you try phone call to Otobet?

Aug 03, 2016

Hi braoll79,

We do not contact operators regarding complaints over the phone as we require a written record of all communication. This is necessary to ensure that this site is protected from bogus claims.



Aug 15, 2016

Hello. A month passed after my complaint against Otobet. You have received any response from them? Are there any results?

Aug 17, 2016

Hi braoll79,

Unfortunately despite repeated attempts to contact Otobet via a variety of email addresses we have not received any response to your complaint. In fact we have not even receive a courtesy acknowledgement of receipt of our emails. As such there's nothing further we can do to help with your case.

Ordinarily in a situation like this we would look to put you in contact with the regulatory authority that oversees Otobet, but as Otobet hold a Costa Rican license and as Costa Rica do not engage in any regulatory oversight there's no-one else we could recommend contacting.

I'm sorry we couldn't be of more help,


Aug 18, 2016

Please make a publicity of this case. Browse the press release. If you can not take away their license for fraud, since they do not have a license, then at least you need to let people know the truth about them. It is necessary to protect other clients from their fraudulent activities. If people know that their money can simply steal and then did not respond to emails, they will not have to play them.

Aug 19, 2016

Hi braoll79,

As with all complaints submitted to this site, your complaint will be published in full alongside our ruling. As this complaint has been found in your favour we will also be posting a link on our message boards and sending an alert out over social media.



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