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Pamper - Casino Not Paying


Unresolved - The player claims they played a No Deposit Bonus and won. Pamper casino claim they player played only in 'free play' mode. The player claims a Live Chat rep confirmed their win. Pamper Casino claim the Live Chat rep was let go for consistently failing to look at player accounts before telling them to come back later for a withdrawal. We have no way of confirming which party is right, but give the Live Chat error we would have likely done more for the player than the operator has here in their position.

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Player's Complaint

I had played at Pamper casino before, but i didn't have any problems originally. This time i came back to play their $100 free no deposit betsoft slot bonus. I logged into the site and added the $100 betsoft bonus. The bonus showed as added and showed me start with 0% towards the wagering requirement. I started playing and doing well. every time I loaded the casino I clicked on the bonus money slots and kept playing well. At one point, I had $1,500 bonus built up and I watched the playthrough requirements progress towards 100% on the top right of their casino.

I completed the requirements up to 100% with about $400 left in my account. A few seconds after completing the playthrough and watching the progress bar hit 100%, all the funds in my account disappeared. I talked to like chat to ask what happened and they said that I completed it and needed to come ask live chat for a withdrawal after 9am. When I came back to ask for the withdraw, the support agent I talked to said it is impossible for me to have played on their site. They said that my account shows no action at all. I explained how I knew I played right and completed the bonus and they kept saying that it was impossible, and that I must have been playing with play money.

That talk with support is here:

[Casino Rep]

Welcome back!

Please ask for today's deposit bonuses.

P.S. Limited free chips allowed, per deposit.


I was told last night by support to come back to chat and for a withdraw request from the bonus I completed. can you help me with that?

[Casino Rep]

Can I please have your username?



[Casino Rep]

you didn't complete any rollover

you didn't request any ffreechip

I'm sorry


I got the 100free chip last night and completed the wager requirements

[Casino Rep]


as per here our system

yu didn't claim or win any freechips , there is not activity on your account

maybe you have another account

email address please


no, only one


[Casino Rep]

You don't have any activity on it

I just credited the welcome freechip

100FREE $100 free chip 87 x RO

has been credited


i did that last night and played for hours

[Casino Rep]

TO PLAY: Just login into your account,go to the casino section, click on the bonus tab,where it says BONUS MONEY(the words should turn orange)Once you click there, click on the software of the bonus( BETSOFT ) *it is located next to the word software


going up to $1,500 with it last night at one point

wagering over and over until the bonus cleared 100%

[Casino Rep]



then it all went away

support told me to come back after 9am and request a withdraw

[Casino Rep]

you cannot because you don't have any money on your account



you really dont see anything?

i see you added another 100 bonus

[Casino Rep]

is not another is the first one

you didn't claim anything

you was playing for fun no with the freechips


i was playing on bonus money

i had to click the bonus money buttone every time to play the betsoft games for the 100 betsoft bonus every time i didnt click it, it loaded for real money with no balance

[Casino Rep]

TO PLAY: Just login into your account,go to the casino section, click on the bonus tab,where it says BONUS MONEY(the words should turn orange)Once you click there, click on the software of the bonus( BETSOFT ) *it is located at the left side column of the the page underneath where it says CATEGORIES.After that choose the game you want to play!


i was even thinking of depositing and playing another bonus, but i waited becasue support told me my next step was to ask for a withdraw after 9am

[Casino Rep]

I just checked your account and everything I just gave you the information you need to play them

if you want but you didn't play any freechip before

I'm sorry nothing that I can do


1:07 pm

thats what i did while playing last night. clicked bonus money every time. even watched the playthrough counter go all the way up to 100%

as you can see, support was rude. I'm just glad i found this out before depositing anything.

they even added another $100 bonus manually at the end, which makes me think they are trying to break the max freebie rule on their own so they can avoid payout and disqualify me if this gets looked into more.

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4 Responses

User icon
February 9, 2017

Hi TwR13 - welcome to!

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.



User icon
February 9, 2017

Thank you for taking the time to look into this. I really appreciate it. I'll provide more info on how it all took place for you. I don't really expect them to pay up either with the response they gave me. Either way I truly appreciate you looking into this. I know now that many users have had issues with Pamper casino, I just didn't look around first since it was a free bonus and i didn't have to risk anything.

It seems that either they are avoiding paying me true winnings, or the second support agent i talked to didn't know how to look into the situation correctly.

I know 100% that I was playing correctly with the bonus money and not play money that the support agent said i must have used. You have to go out of your way to click "Bonus money" every time you open the site to get on the betsoft games with the bonus money, so i was aware of that fact the whole time and made sure to be on the bonus money. (I even watched my bonus balance increase the whole time, this had nothing to do with any play money.) On the top right of their website, it shows your bonus amount and a progress bar for the playthrough requirement. I watched my number start at the $100 bonus and continue up to $1,500 at one point. I was at like 80% playthrough when I hit $1,500.

I kept betting and watched the progress bar inch its way to 100%. When I hit 99%, i started spinning a slot once, then refreshing the website to see if that one spin hit the 100% mark. It took about 3 times of spinning once and checking the progress to see it finally hit 100%. A few seconds after seeing 100%, I refreshed the page again, to see if my bonus balance was transferred to real money after completing playtrhough, but my balance disappeared and the progress bar was reset.I know a lot of bonuses have a max cashout so I wasn't expecting the full $400 to be transferred to my real money balance. They didn't have the bonus terms posted anywhere so i didn't know the exact number, but if its along the lines of other bonus terms they use, than it should have been around $100 max cashout. It looked as if nothing transferred and it all disappeared, so i talked to live chat.

At that time, the live chat agent i talked to told me I completed the playthrough, but that I would have to talk to support after 9am when their payment center was open. I said thanks, and waited patiently until after 9am.

When i talked to the next support agent after 9am, that is when I got the reply that I posted in the original message. All they would say is that they have no record of me playing, even though the first agent told me I completed the offer.

So that's where i'm at. played and completed the playthrough, then got shut down by a support agent. In the end, i didn't lose a deposit, but i lost the 5 hours of playing, and the earned money.)

Again, I really appreciate any help. Even if it doesn't work, I do appreciate you taking time out of your life to try and help another.

User icon
February 9, 2017

so i got ahold of the original person that I talked to and they are now following suit of the second support agent i talked to. new support chat: [CASINO REP] 12:37 am Welcome back! Please ask for today's deposit bonuses. P.S. Limited free chips allowed, per deposit. Client Are you the same agent I talked to yesterday? [CASINO REP] Can you please verify your username? This way I can be of better assistance. Client [EDIT] i think it said [CASINO REP] when I talked to support like 20 hours ago I asked about a bonus and the person i talked to told me to come back after 9am to request a withdraw [CASINO REP] with [CASINO REP] yes and what she say to you ? Client that I completed the playthrough and I had to come back after 9am to request a withdraw when i came back after 9am though, it was a different story according to that support agent i talked to after 9, my account shows no records of playing anything they said I must have been using play money, even though i know i was on bonus money, and i don't even see a way to use play money on the casino I'm not mad, I'm just trying to find out what's going on? [CASINO REP] may have been that person i talked to after 9 [CASINO REP] yes wel i am checking your acct here and i dont see you releaze the bonus to can Withdrawals Client do you see me adding a $100 free bet myself about 24 hours ago? not the one that [CASINO REP] added, but the one I added. [CASINO REP] 100FREE $100 free chip 87 x RO 2017-02-08 $100.00 $100.00 is on ur acct Client thats one that [CASINO REP] added when i talked to support after 9 am [CASINO REP] but you need to play and the Wagering Requirements is 87x Client i didn't ask for it becasue i had already played one [CASINO REP] you only have one in your acct Client ok, so you dont see the one that I played and had up to $1,500 at one oint either [CASINO REP] u dont have more the one Client the progress reache $100 with about $400 bonus left 100% [CASINO REP] you means to Withdrawals Client then it all went away. thats when i originally talked to you guys to see where it went, and I was told that I completed the bonus and to come back after 9 i honestly didnt even want to withrdraw yet the first time i came, i just wanted to find out why no bonus carried over to real money after i completed the offer, but i was told to come back after 9 for a withdraw, so thats what i did. [CASINO REP] you have 1 bonus on ur acct the you play with this bonus thats why still in $100 Client yeah, the one [CASINO REP] added after all the original playthrough was done. [CASINO REP] is like you did not play Client ok [CASINO REP] the bonus is there ur first one Client i watched it work all the way up to $1,500, so i know i did play on the original. and watched the progress bar build all the way up to 100% its okay though I was even patient throughout the whole situation. [CASINO REP] measn i dont know what i can to do. you tell me one thing and i see other things in the system ]i see one bonus on he system and if u check the day i give to u yesterday $100 free chip 87 x RO 2017-02-08 $100.00 $100.00 and i dont see like u play with thios bonus to can Withdrawals Client the first one i aded myself about 24 hours ago. the one you see now was added about 11 hours ago by gen after i was told she didn't see anything I'll stop taking up your time though [CASINO REP] i only see one bonus here no two Client i know nothing I say can convince you that I did I just know 100% that I did it right, even my girlfriend sat here and watched me do it. If you really don't see it, I dont expect you to believe me. [CASINO REP] im sorry but is nothing i can do i follow what the ystem say. Client you should really check on your system becasue there is an error somewhere. [CASINO REP] you still have there ur frist bonus the you can usen and u have other one is 2 welcome bonus Client I know there is another $100, but what play for hours hoping to get the playthrough if I know your system might now show it would have to do this all over again. I was going to do a deposit bonus too, but now i dont trust it. thats all from me though, I at least appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. [CASINO REP] I have no game history on ur acct Client if you do care about your players, you should look into what e=went wrong with the system. [CASINO REP] and you still have the first bonus on ur acct like u never play. i cant do anything Client thats a second bonus [CASINO REP] no its the first one how i say beofre is ur first bonus is like u never play i am no traying anythinf i am telling you what i see from here Client it's okay, you don't have to try convince me. i know what happened. i'll leave you alone, I'm not trying to bother you. have a good nit and thank you for your time. Read [CASINO REP] soemthing else i can help you with ?

User icon
May 3, 2017

Hi TwR13,

After a long time spent discussing this issue with Pamper casino the basic position is that Pamper casino are saying that you never actually played with a No Deposit Bonus and were only playing in free mode.

Having reviewed the chat transcript from the night in question the Live Chat operator does indeed tell you to come back in the morning and you'll be able to withdraw. Pamper's explanation for this is that the specific Live Chat operator in question has been let go because they repeatedly told players to come back later without ever checking the player's account.

They've offered a further No Deposit Bonus in way of compensation, but as this is what you were offered the next morning on the Live Chat I could entirely understand if you were unhappy with this.

The long as the short of this situation is that I can neither prove nor disprove that you ever actually played with a No Deposit Bonus in the first place, though I can't say that the operator's dealt with this in the way I would have.

I'm sorry that we cannot be of further help.


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February 9, 2017

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