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Panther Casino - I am owed £3,000, but no one would contact me


Found for the Player - Despite repeated efforts to contact Panther casino to discuss this players issue we received no response what-so-ever.

Player's Complaint

This complaint is against Panther Casino, but they are not in your list so I couldn't select them, but had to select one to be able to submit the complaint so took the first one from the dropdown list.

In July 2016 I submitted 2 requests for a withdrawal, both for £1500, so £3000 in total. A couple of days after my withdrawal request I got banned from the website. Every time I go­nth­erc­asi­ it automatically goes to https:­//w­ww.p­an­the­rca­sin­o.c­om/­ban­ned.html with a message on the page saying "We are sorry, but we are unable to provide you with access to our site. This may be because you are in a location which does not allow online gaming, or your account may have been made inactive. Please accept our apologies, and if you have any questions, please email support."

I have sent various emails, all with no response, to try and find out what is going on. They were sent to suppor­[email protected]­ant­her­cas­ and market­ing­@pa­nth­erc­asi­ as these were the only 2 I could find online as there is nothing listed on the banned page I get directed to.

I have also phoned them on 0845 299 3715 but never got an answer so after trying a few times, at different times of the day, I left a voice message with my mobile number asking them to call me back or at least reply to my emails.

I have heard nothing at all from them so am very suspicious as to whether they have gone bust....

Please can you help??

All of this had been going on for about 3 - 4 weeks from when I submitted my requests. I have been constantly checking my spam and deleted folders but there has been nothing from them.

I have also since been given an email address for [email protected] who has assisted another person recently to get her £750. I have sent 2 emails to him within the last week but have had no reply.

I have also contacted the MEIC in Costa Rica in the last week but they have now told me that they cannot help me.

I would really appreciate any help you can give me



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3 Responses

November 28, 2016

Hi mutley61 - welcome to!

I'll try to contact the operator and see what I can find out for you.



November 28, 2016

Hi, Thank you in advance for any help you can give me [EDIT]

January 6, 2017

Hi mutley61,

Unfortunately despite several attempts to contact Panther casino they have been entirely unresponsive to communications. We have no reasonable expectation of receiving a response at this stage.

Alongside this, Panther casino do not provide any licensing information, making suggestion that they are based in Costa Rica which would make them effectively unlicensed as far as player complaints go. As such we can't even direct you to anyone else to contact.

I'm sorry we couldn't be of more help with this issue.


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November 28, 2016

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