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PKR – doing everything they can not to pay


Resolved - After some delays due to issues surrounding verification of source of funds, PKR casino have paid this player in full.

Player's Complaint

Quite a few months ago I won quite a few thousand dollars playing at PKR. They requested loads of ID which I sent. For a proof of address I sent page 1 of my bank statement. They said they wanted to see page 2 and I refused on the basis that I only deposited with Skrill and Neteller so what has my private itemised statement got to do with them. I sent them an alternative proof of address but still they insist on my bank statement. Quite some time passed during this process because they rarely ever respond within 7 days (why?). So finally I gave in and sent them a complete bank statement. Did they pay? No. They are now asking to see screen shots of my Neteller and Skrill accounts showing money coming in to them from the bank account they have a statement for. They simply assume I would transfer the money from the bank to the e-wallet and then straight into my PKR account. The balance used in my Skrill / Neteller to play at PKR was won elsewhere. So what they are asking for simply does not exist. My username at PKR is [EDIT]

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5 Responses

May 02, 2016

Hi lh24 - welcome back!

Before going any further with this issue - this is now your 4th complaint submitted to this site. You alone represent 0.8% of all complaints submitted to this service. Yet this is the 4th complaint out of 4 that you've submitted against operators that we actively discourage players from engaging with. In fact we specifically list PKR as Not Recommended because of issues involving lack of explanations for fund confiscations. By continuing to ignore the information that this site provides you have to take some responsibility for the situations that you're finding yourself in.

As to the complaint itself, in the first instance I'd say you're unlikely to receive a positive result from this complaint as this particular operator has a history of being non-responsive with both this site and other dispute mediation sites. That said we will still try to contact the operator.

I also have some immediate concerns about your complaint. The reason that PKR are looking to see YOUR bank account funding YOUR ewallets is that it's a common strategy amongst groups/individuals operating accounts under multiple names to set up ewallets in names other than their own and fund those ewallets via inter-account transfers as this avoids the necessity to control a bank account in the name as well.

More than this, players that fall into a recreational category are likely to have to top up their ewallet balance from time to time. Simply put, most players lose, so their ewallet balances naturally trend towards zero over the long term.

It would be very unusual for a normal player to be unable to show any deposits to their ewallet from a funding source that also bears their name. While there are strategies that could be legitimately employed that would cause an ewallet balance to trend up the way rather than down, if there's no deposits from a bank account to provide the initial playing balance, this would look significantly suspicious, especially if the initial funding source was to turn out to be an inter-account transfer.

I'll contact the operator and see what I can find out.


May 20, 2016

Hi lh24,

Just to keep you updated regarding your issue - we have receive a (singular) response from PKR. Since we forwarded on the details of the complaint no further communication has been forthcoming. I will continue to pursue this for the time being and let you know what we can find out.



May 30, 2016

Hi lh24,

I have had a response from PKR.

They've explained the situation, which is essentially what you've described above. There issue at the present time is establishing where your funds have come from.

My understanding at the present time is that you have told them that the funds played with have come from win with other operators and what they're looking to see is screen shots of the withdrawal transactions from said operators. So you need to go back to your most recent withdrawals to Skrill from wherever else you've been playing and take screen shots of the completed withdrawal transactions from the banking sections of those operators. These should match the recent payments into your Skrill account.

My apologies - my previous advice regarding the original deposits to your Skrill account was clearly not what the operator was looking for.

If you could provide the above and let me know when that's done I'll follow up with the operator.



Jun 09, 2016

Hi lh24,

Can you forward on to me the documents you sent on approx 2 weeks ago? That was BEFORE my last contact with one of their management team and as such it would lead me to believe that what you've submitted hasn't met their requirements. If I can see what you've sent I can perhaps assist in understanding exactly what they are looking for. Please send the documents to [email protected]



Jun 13, 2016

Hi lh24,

Thanks for confirming that you have now received your payment. Could you confirm how much you received?


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