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Planet7 - Still owed $7000.00 casino will not communicate


Found for the Player - As has become typical of this group, Planet7 have failed to offer any response to this complaint, As such there is nothing we can do to help the player.

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Player's Complaint

I tried to file using your online forms but some of the information fields would not let me type so I sent an email with files attached. Since I got this to go thru online, I am submitting.

Casino: Planet 7

Username: [EDIT]

I have been attempting to receive my payout since early November. I filed a complaint thru and did finally receive 2 checks for a total of $5000, but they have stopped responding to all complaints on that site now and I cannot get in touch with anyone, including online chat, to continue pursuing the remaining $7,000.00. I was supposed to receive the checks for 5 weeks in a row until balance was paid to me.

I would greatly appreciate any and all help as me and my family really need this money. We have been more than patient, but afraid they will disappear since more and more people are complaining and not getting responses from the casino either.

Below is the information that I posted to in my complaints on

I have also attached proof showing dates and amounts of the 5 withdrawals that were approved.

I received a bonus offer from planet 7 Casino and deposited money and took advantage of the bonus. I subsequently won over $12,000 on a jackpot. After realizing that the bonus had no minimums no maximums and no playthrough requirements I began the process of requesting a withdrawal. The options that were listed were for a check to be sent or NetTeller. I requested NetTeller. After waiting several days and not hearing anything from the casino I contacted them to inquire about the status of my withdrawal. At that time I was advised that NetTeller was not available to me since I am a Us customer. They had me cancel the request for the $2,500 withdrawal request through NetTeller. They asked me to request for the money via the check option. Due to their weekly withdrawal limits of $2,500 they suggested that I request them all at one time in $2,500 increments. They assured me this would expedite the process. On November 7th of this year four of the five withdrawal checks were approved. On November 8th the final withdrawal check for $2,000 was approved. Since then I have been contacting them via chat every 3 to 5 days. I am constantly being told the same information is be patient they are experiencing delays. I was fortunate enough to reach one gentleman a few weeks ago by phone by the name of Giovanni who assured me by the Monday or Tuesday after Thanksgiving I should have my first tracking number on my first check. Then subsequently each week following the remainder of the four checks would be sent automatically. Everytime I speak with someone on chat I am just told please wait they are just backed up. Prior to sending this complaint I spoke with a representative on chat he told me that the payment processor needed to assure that they were sending me a check that could be used in the US. That was a ridiculous explanation I am sure I am not the only u.s. customer they have ever had. After being told numerous times that my case was escalated to get my check processing I'm still sitting here with no more information than I had yesterday. It's impossible to reach anyone by phone. I was fortunate enough to reach Giovanni the one time and then last week I called their VIP number and reached someone who assured me that I could not be assisted on that number since I am not a VIP. All I want is what I won fair and square. I have attempted every means of communication to get this resolved but when you cannot get through or your messages are not replied to it is impossible to handle this. I have been given numerous time frames and reasons as to why I have not received even my first check yet. Their time frame nowhere States it can take over a month to get your first check. All of my information was sent in and approved the night that I won the jackpot. I have taken pictures showing where my checks were approved with the dates and times that it reflects on their history under my account. At this point I am extremely frustrated and disappointed because had this been processed the way their website explained I would be close to getting the last of my checks in the next few weeks instead of sitting here wondering if I'm ever going to get the first one. This amount of money may not be a lot of money to some but to me it is. This was our family holiday money and I can't even get the first check. Having this many issues to get the first check it terrifies me to think that if I ever get that check what am I going to have to go through to get the Final Four. I of course was extremely happy with this win and the money couldn't have come at a better time. Unfortunately the money still hasn't come. What frustrates me more is that of course with winning that size of a jackpot and they had no minimum requirements no maximum requirements and no maximum withdrawal I recommended them to a lot of people. I have since had to go back and tell the same individuals I would not deposit my money in there because it this time I don't know if winning a jackpot with them will do you any good. Unfortunately the joy of winning a jackpot of this size has been severely diminished with the constant frustration of trying to deal with this casino to start receiving my winnings. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer on how to get this issue resolved. Thank you I read that if we have documentation to attach it but I do not see anywhere to attach it to this complaint.

My response for re-opening the complaint at

DID FINALLY receive 2 payments of $2500.00 each. However, no payment came this week as I have been told numerous times would happen. I would receive 4 payments of $2500 and one final payment of $2000.

I would greatly appreciate receiving my final 3 checks in consecutive weeks as I have been promised countless times by chat. U fortunately, I have not been able to reach customer service via any other type of communication. Phones always have a message - which I have left numerous messages - none have been returned. I have emailed every email address I can locate for them and again no response.

I contacted chat customer service again tonight and they have no other information since the 2nd check. Of course that is not surprising as no one ever has any answers. They just tell you that you will get your money, be patient. It's almost 2 months waiting, I think I have been more than patient by only filing complaints here so far to try and resolve this,

I would greatly appreciate this being rectified as soon as possible since my amounts have been approved for payment for almost 2 months.

This timed out as I was waiting on the casino to respond and did not know the complaint would close out automatically if no response was added. I was avoiding replying because it reset the time they had to respond on my complaint and I had read a few people said they did not realized the time was reset for the casino to respond if we, the complaintant, reply to the complaint.

Thank you in advance for your help and time.


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5 Responses

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January 10, 2017

Hi ladydawg71 - welcome to,

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you, but I do want to make you aware that we are currently experiencing a high volume of complaints against this group of operators and their representative has recently become non-responsive. While I will make every effort to help, I'm saying this so you have realistic expectations from the start.



User icon
January 11, 2017

I understand and appreciate you trying to help me. That has been my biggest concern since this group has been changing names of their organizations and they have already had criminal charges filed against them and some of themy went to jail. Then they just start a new group. I wish I had found all of that information before I played there.

My family is really counting on that money but I am very concerned they may have either gone, or getting ready to disappear. I have made countless attempts, along with alot of other people, and can't get a valid way to communicate with them, but I continue to try because I am literally desperate for this money.

Thanks so much for trying to help me.

Thank you again.

User icon
January 11, 2017

I know that [EDIT] and [EDIT] are who I saw was responding to the complaints. I did find 1 message from this year that one of them answered someone else on their complaint and said "the payment processors were really far behind, and they were getting caught up". But even those promised late December and early January their payment, no one has received one.

User icon
January 11, 2017

I did want to mention something else that was posted by [EDIT] and I was told this by chat several weeks ago, the last time I was able to reach them, that their finance department and payment processing was closed until the 2nd week of January.

Is this information true? If it's like every other bit of information, no, but had hope there is truth to this.

I did see that [EDIT] responded to a complaint on today 01/10. So at least I have seen some type of communication getting thru somehow.

User icon
February 6, 2017

Hi ladydawg71,

Unfortunately, despite continuous efforts we have been unable to get any response to this and a significant number of other complaints since the point you submitted your complaint. This includes contacting the team member you mentioned directly. At this time we have no reasonable expectations of receiving a response.

All I can suggest is contacting the team at They seem to be having greater success getting responses from this group at the present time.

Sorry we couldn't be of more help,


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January 10, 2017

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