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Poker770 - Purchased Via Neteller but REFUSED to refund via Neteller???‏


Poker 770 resolved this complaint once we alerted them to it, but should ensure to update their terms and conditions to reflect that they retain the right to change the payment method that the player receives funds by.

Player's Complaint

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to file a complaints on this website:

My details with them as follows:

Username : [DELETED]

Full name : [DELETED]

Email : [DELETED]

The Details as per the follow email correspondece,

Your kind assistance is highly appreciated.

My 1st email to them:

I have been your loyal player for the past few months and never encounter problem in withdrawal.

However, my recent cashout of GBP100 (which I purchased via Neteller and now I request cashout via Neteller also) is not approved. Instead, poker770 wants to sent the fund to me via wire transfer which I never requested so.

Since I need fund in my Neteller a/c, wire transfer is definitely troublesome as I have to initiated the wire transfer back to my Neteller a/c. This is going to waste time and money.

I have no problem to verify my ID (which I have done so with Poker770) and now their request to wire transfer is definitely ridiculous.

Please help, thanks!!

Poker770 reply:


We kindly invite you to consider that it is for security reasons that our payment agent decided to process your withdrawal request via wire transfer.

We assure you that this measure was intended to protect your transaction and we never had any intention to cause you any kind of inconvenience. We kindly invite you to consider that if our payment agent decided to process your withdrawal request via a different payment method than the one you opted for, it is for very solid reasons, as, above all, we aim to protect our players’ best interests.

Please note that your case is currently under the attention of our department in charge and you will be notified via e-mail about any changes concerning the status of your withdrawal request, including the payment method via which you will be refunded.

Hoping you find this information useful we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,


My 2nd email (which sent but no reply thereafter, because they are avoid responsibility and have no reason to argue with me)

Thanks for your reply but it is never put me in satisfaction.

You are saying that this is done to protect the player's interest. But all the while my withdrawal via Neteller is processed but why not this one? If withdrawal back to original purchase method is not protecting the player's interest, then, what the SH*T you are talking about? If your company is no more put in trust to Neteller, then, you should immediately remove this payment method in your cashier!!

Withdrawal back to original purchasing method is a common and standard procedure for all online gaming, your so-called "SOLID REASON" can't stand for itself!! You are definitely cause unnecessary inconvenience to me!! On the other hand, I also have been sending my ID to you when I opened account few months ago to take the Promotion Poker770.

If you really want to wire transfer to me based on your "BS" reason, instead of the GBP100, you should wire me GBP150? Why? To recover my losses of exchange rate, bank's charges and my valuable time. Would you do so??

Currently, my Neteller account is run out of fund. Neteller does not accept my country issued credit card. I have to initiated wire transfer to Neteller in order to fund my account. If you wire to me, then I have to wire back to my Neteller account. Losses in exchange rate, time and bank charges will happen. Dare you say that you don't mean to bring inconvenience to me in your email reply??

Furthermore, please understand what is there in your own website terms and condition:

9.5 Any requests for the withdrawal of funds greater than 5000 USD/EUR/GBP will be processed by wire transfer, regardless of the withdrawal method chosen by the player.

My withdrawal is only GBP100, not GBP5,000. Obviously, you yourself are violating your own terms and condition. What a ridicuolous poker site!!!

At last but not least, this should not be a problem or dispute between you and me. Let's me ask you a question, purchasing using Neteller and then refund back to Neteller, WHAT'S WRONG??? Tell me one SOLID REASON??? Please, don't tell me this is to protect player's right. You are making joke to the world.

I will continue fighting my own right on this what I call a "SHOULD NON EXIST" issue. I will also submit my complaints to other casino/poker mediation operator to get their assistance.

I am totally loss my confidence with Poker770's unprofessional, rude and disrespect manner in handling such a tiny matter by making my life so difficult and inconveniences.

My last wish, to refund the GBP100 back to my Neteller and please, please CLOSE my poker account immediately since you are no more serious and professional in solving this tiny matter.

Thank you.

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5 Responses

User icon
February 17, 2013


We've taken a look at the Poker 770 terms and conditions and do agree with you that there is nothing contained within the terms and conditions to validate the switching of payments methods under the circumstances you describe. We also cannot see how this can be a for player protection given the history of previous withdrawals to Neteller and do accept that this is likely to generate additional bank charges.

We are in the process of alerting Poker 770 to this complaint.

We do have to give a warning that some of the language used in the second email was unacceptable for a reasonable discussion and only makes mediation more difficult. Poker 770 will cite this as the reason they never responded to your second email and such aggressive language is a legitimate reason for them not to respond.

While we do understand and sympathise with your frustrations, especially given that no reason has been given for these actions and extra transaction fees are likely to be incurred, however if this sort of language was to persist in the following conversation we will have to close the complaint and find in favour of Poker 770. We genuinely do want to help and hope that you can understand that for mediation to be effective, social courtesies need to be maintained.

User icon
February 18, 2013


We assure you that Poker770 takes very seriously all complaints and strives to solve them in the best possible way. Poker770 is aware of the current complaints and the players’ cases are currently under investigation.

Moreover, we have already e-mailed the affected players, kindly requesting them to provide the necessary details that would enable us to clarify their situation. We have received no reply from them as yet.

We take this opportunity to assure everyone that we always bear in mind the best interests of our players, which is why our main concern is to offer them a safe and fair gaming environment.



Poker770 Representative

User icon
February 24, 2013

Hi SOFFTAYIB and Poker770,

Do we have any further update on this situation?

Two complaints of a very similar nature came in to this site about Poker 770 within hours of each other. This leads me to believe that the reason that Poker 770 are insisting on using Wire Transfer as the payment method is to ensure that you do actually have access to a bank account under your name. If this is the case, it means that some red flags have been raised that would connect the two (or more) account and that Poker770 are simply putting in place anti-fraud protection measures. As inconvenient as these are they are a lot less invasive than other venues, who may have requested Notarised ID.

Could I suggest to Poker770 that such a procedure was added to your terms and conditions, to clearly outline that 'Poker770 retain the right to pay via wire transfer' in certain situations.



User icon
March 2, 2013


Could you provide an update on this situation? The other similar case seems to have reach a conclusion in-so-far as a payment has been issued to the player's bank account, if not a satisfactory resolution regarding the choice of payment method. I doubt the outcome of this situation will be much different, but would again urge Poker770 to pass this issue on to their legal department to ensure they have clearly laid out terms to validate such security procedures in the future,

If I don't hear back from SOFFTAYIB by next Saturday, i will close this complaint and assume a successful resolution has been reached. Obviously i would very much prefer to hear this from the player than make that assumption.



User icon
March 7, 2013


As i've not heard back from you i'm going to close this account and assume that the issue has been resolved successfully. Please get in contact asap if this is not the case.

Poker770 – we understand the need for you to have security procedures in place to ensure you are sending money to the person named on any individual account, however if you retain the right to switch a player’s withdrawal method as a security process, we would strongly encourage you to state this clearly in your terms and conditions. This will avoid future complaints similar to this one.


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February 17, 2013

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