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Pokerstars - deposit mistake


Found for the Casino - Pokerstars are asking the player to engage in entirely legitimate verification of their identity and we would not request that they set this aside.

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Player's Complaint

This company Pokerstars have taken my money from card without my authorization and refuses to refund ,saying it's processed.There are many casinos online ,and I'm comparing their offers and what they have to offer ,and if they are trustable or not.I sign up to this company by their application ,in beginning it's only needed download of application ,i made it.Them I was trying to understand what they will really have to offer with a promotion they have called Portugal500 ,as in their website their are not clear for purpose ,you need sign up for understand.Without understanding the terms well as they are hidden,they just say will give 100% of amount deposited ,but the question how they will give this ,wagering terms ,etc And this was not clear.After I downloaded i fill the forms as they oblige me,just to see the promotion as it works,it was not my intention became their customer unless I understand their promotion was better them competition ,and they were a trustable company .For checking the promotion code I need put credit card details,what I have done it,and them I just added promotion code portugal500 and put amount 500Eur for understand what it's the offer and their terms,I was not worried doing this ,because I never submitted the payment ,i just submitted the code to check it and they don't confirmed nothing clear about code,them I go more forward after they ask my personal details ,which I added ,after added personal details,without me confirming first on submitting payment ,it gives information that payment of 500Eur was approved!!! I never confirmed this payment ,I just added credit card details ,amount and promotion code and personal details ,they never ask me to confirm if I want to make a payment / deposit of 500 EUR before it was made.Immediately after I see this happened ,I became shocked how they take my money without my confirmation first ,anyway I contacted them IMMEDIATELY less them 5mns after this error by all the means they have(they don't have phone or chat ,only email,contact form ,Twitter), I still was believing this was a trustable company at least the minimum was expecting it's a refund ,I mean there was a error made ,if they take my money without me wanting ,and if I contacted them immediately notifying the error.Even if is their fault ,I made everything to solve the problem immediately ,I have done what any honest person will do,contact immediately notifying the error,I sent several messages to emails,contact forms,Twitter ,all they have available, as a company in good faith they will understand I'm not wanting to use their services ,the registering process was only with the meaning of checking their offers ,their promotions and how they work ,and them only after I understand will decide if want be their customer ,comparing with other casinos.Even if was their fault ,if a company it's reliable and trustable and if it's in good faith ,will understand there was a mistake ,and will try to solve it .Even Anyone have the right to cancel a purchase by internet in Europe if less them 14 days ,and if not used the services,I have that right ,besides the error was caused by their application taking my money without my confirmed permission.If I contacted immediately after I check the amount was taken from card ,that means it's true that payment was taken without me knowing before it was concluded.So this company is there for sell their services and receive money for the services they supply ,or they are just there for [taking] the money from customers without their prior expressed authorization? If they take my money ,and in fact it was not without me wanting it ,as its confirmed by messages sent minutes after ,and if never tried to play or use their services ,i don't used their services never or played ,their minimum obligation was refund immediately,this what any honest and trustable company should do.So they take the money ,they don't supply me nothing because I don't want and never wanted in first place ,why they refuse to return to owner what don't belongs to them??? This was their answer after I requested refund :

"Unfortunately we cannot adhere to your request.

Your recent deposit request in the amount of 500 EUR made on 09/09/2019 has already been approved, credited to your Stars Account and sent to our processors.

Unfortunately once a deposit has been sent for processing we are no longer able to cancel it."

I asked cancellation maximum 5mns after, the refund can be always made by any company (if they really want) ,months after processing ,that's not true offcourse their excuse.

After I insisted with so many messages and no reply,them after long time after ignoring my emails, they give me a different answer now:

When I made the deposit ,they never care about asking me verification,I can be paying with a robbed card ,but they never care ,just accepted the payment ,and never asked any ID or documents or verification.Also for playing ,I could play and spend all the money there was no problem ,there was no verification needed too,I could lose it all ,they don't care,them after lose all they don't my ID for nothing .But if earned anything ,and them wanted to withdrawn they will start inventing problems and verification that never finishes,documents that I cannot supply ,for they have a reason for keep the money for them,as i don't comply with verification.The true is ,make any sense you can deposit any value even with a robbed card ,you can play it ,lose it all ,and no verification or documents asked ,all it's ok ? But only when you want the refund ,they ask you so many documents that you cannot supply ,just for motivate you to give up and also find excuses and delaying refund ? The verification have a purpose ,it's for confirm the origin and ownership of the money ,they never care about that ,and they let me spend it all if I want ,but I never used their services ,so offcourse I let the all money there,as I don't wanted to be their customer and I don't think im obliged to be their customer against my will.Theres a mistake and they assume it ,they have been notified immediately,I never used their services ,all I wanted it's mistake solved immediately,that means refund ,money return to same source of payment ,according to their terms,money should always return to same method of payment ,but now they are inventing ,I need withdrawn the money to other method ,I don't want ,I just want refund to card,that's all,so simple.They are complicating and they delaying too much ,and I'm already too much stressed ,and lost too much time ,now they are inventing problems ,verifications ,documents ,time for reviewing it all,when all I want it's something simple ,the payment was taken without my authorization ,I just want it returned back ,if they were serious they will return it back immediately ,not complicating everything.My case if was needed documents it was for deposit and for playing ,I never have voluntarily deposited anything or played or used their services ,I don't want to be their customer never,I have notified them immediately,I don't liked their promotion and their were not trustable .With them it seems there's 2 options : or you deposit all your money and you lose all (no verification asked) , or if you play and have luck win something ,they will complicate as much they can for not paying. The verification cannot be requested for a refund ,this is refund of an amount taken without my authorization !!! The verification will make sense for deposit ,for confirm origin and ownership ,the verification for a refund it's useless ,it's stupid ,don't makes sense and don't verify nothing that it's necessary for the law, if they don't care about verify payment why would care about refund?The.refund it's just a return of money to real owner , ,wheres the doubt?,this it's just for complicating and inventing problems for not pay or delay.

This company its prooved not serious,trustable or reliable ,they will always invent something for taken what don't belongs to them .I'm not their customer and don't want to be,I don't want their services or withdrawn money I play ,win or lost,I just a refund for my payment not authorized ,this is simple ,money returning to real owner ,what's the meaning of verification in this case ??? They are not gentle or educated ,they only answer you when they want ,they ignore your messages (no phone number or other direct contact) ,so they do wherever they of customers ,I see they like to ignore customers messages ,and this is really a lack of respect for customers.This company it's not trustable ,all I want from them it's just a refund of a money taken from my card without my authorization or by their system mistake ,wherever ,this is simple ,the money don't belongs to them,I'm right ? So it's not their obligation refund the money to the owner ,or they are correct keeping the money for them ,instead of just refund and inventing excuses and delaying ???Last message is again refusing refund ,they cannot refuse refund ,it's the only correct way of solve this ,money return back to owner directly ,and I don't want use their services and never used ,it was a just a registration for checking their offers ,not for playing ,and on that registration money was taken without me understanding before I give my authorization .

In their last message ,they confirm,but they still want complicate ,invent ,and delay .I don't want nothing with this company this is just troubles ,time lost,they ignore customers messages when they want ,we are treated like trash in this company ,I just want what belongs to me back: refund , why pokerstars refuse to return back to owner what don't belongs to them ? [EDIT]

Their message confirms I'm dealing with no trustable people :

"First of all, please accept our apologies for the delay in replying to your email. This is due to the high volume of emails we are currently dealing with, which has affected our response time.

Thank you for your emails.

We are very sorry for this unfortunate situation, which we understand perfectly it was a originated by some casual mistake.

Please note that due to internal procedures and security reasons we will need to verify your details and the method used to deposit, in order to help you withdrawing your funds.

Ensuring your account safety and security is a top priority for us, and we would be thankful if you could provide us with some additional information, just so that we can verify your details."

They complicate too much and ask too much documents,this is just for delaying and complicate I understand.

The only thing I want ,it's what is fair : refund


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1 Responses

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September 12, 2019

Hi game007 - welcome to!

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help you in this instance. If you wish to receive your refund you will need to complete the security verification procedures required by PokerStars. These are intended to prevent identity theft and fraud and not something we would ask the operator to set aside.

Sorry we cannot be of further help.


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September 12, 2019

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