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Propawin – confiscates my winnings


Found for the Player - Propawin would only provide a vague and uninformative response to this issue and despite admitting that this issue was caused by a mistake at their end would not accept responsibility for their mistake.

This complaint will result in the upcoming Propawin review being marked 'Not Recommeded'.

Player's Complaint

Maybe it was a stupid thing from me to trust these people again but I did anyway. On June 19th I was wondering why they blocked my account in the first place on May (because they never told me why) and thought it may be because I was at the time in Portugal. So I told them I am in my home country (Finland) now.

Soon after I received a reply that my propawin account is now unblocked so I can start using it again. So I made two separate 50 euro deposits, altogether 100 euros.

I won a little bit of money, mainly placing bets on live tennis games and the total balance on Thursday June 25th was 562.50 euros.

Suddenly my account is blocked again. I contacted them and got a reply:

Dear [EDIT],

Unfortunately it was not the reason it was blocked and unfortunately I did not notice that in your account description, your account has been closed, with no right no reopen it and possibility to play in our casino.

You have to wait for the decision from our payments department regarding this situation.

Your account has been closed according to paragraph 13.6 of Terms and Conditions.

Best Regards.


Your Support Representative

Then I received another email from them:

Dear [EDIT],

Please be informed that we reviewed your account history and found that 5th of May 2015 you has been informed about your PropaWin.com account closing according to Terms & Conditions paragraph 13.6.

Please be informed that your account will remain closed in future. You are allowed to withdraw 100 EUR. This is your deposits amount performed 19th of June 2015.


Payment Department

To me this looks like they intentionally re opened my account just to see if I lose my deposit, in which case they would have kept the money. But because I won, they blocked my account again.

If re opening my account really was a mistake, I don't think it's my mistake. Note that they never explained to me why my account was blocked in the first place, so I could only guess. That is also the reason why I contacted them on June 19th and asked them if they could reopen my account now that I am back in Finland.

Any help would be appreciated!

My username for propawin is [EDIT]

and email address [EDIT]

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4 Responses

Jul 29, 2015

Hi tommir99 - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

Could you forward on all email correspondence you've had with Propawin to [email protected] and I'll review it.



Jul 31, 2015

Hi tommir99,

Thank you for your emails. I've reviewed them and am awaiting a response from Propawin.



Aug 14, 2015

Hi tommir99,

To keep you updated - I have a very basic and unsatisfactory response from Propawin. When trying to ask further questions I've received no further response.

I've given Propawin until Friday the 21st of August to offer a more complete answer to this issue.



Aug 21, 2015

Hi tommir99,

Unfortunately Propawin have refused to offer any further response to this issue. Here is what I have received from them regarding your account;

This player was blocked about two month ago due to manipulation with coefficients in sports betting. After that he started to send letters to PropaWin support to unblock his account. On of our junior support team members unblocked his account by mistake. In the same way he managed to win this 562.50 EUR. After that his account was blocked straight away. He is blocked on all brands of our network and he was notified about that.

So, his winning was void and account will remain blocked on all our brands.

I have a couple of issues with the above statement;

1) "manipulation with coefficients" is a fundamentally meaningless statement. The player shouldn't be able to manipulate or change anything that relates to the odds a sportsbook offers. Presumably they mean that you were engaged in some form of arbitrage betting by placing other opposing bets at other bookmakers or were simply selecting bets where the bookmaker had wrongly offered odds that were too high. While sportsbooks may not like you doing that, and have every right to exclude you for doing so, it's essentially impossible to prove (unless they own the other sportsbook as well) and as such the individual bets would not be in violation of any specific rules. They have the right to exclude you, but not the right to seize funds.

2) Their payment department re-opened your account. Whether or not that should have happened, that makes all the difference here. If they didn't want you to play any further they should have ensured your account remained closed. Explaining this a way as a mistake by a "junior" team member simply isn't good enough. We all make mistakes from time to time, but when we do WE correct them. Admitting you made the mistake but punishing the other party cannot be seen as fair under any light.

I'm sorry there's nothing further we can do to help you.


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