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Raging Bull - delaying payment


Found for the Player - Despite repeated efforts to discuss this issue with Raging Bull Casino we have been unable to establish a dialogue on this issue.

Read our Raging Bull Casino Review.

Player's Complaint

on the 6th of june 2019 i withdrew $2700.00 australian dollars..i used no bonus...straight away i was sent congrats email and told i qualified for $750.00 express withdrawal..they sent me an email to fill out with every question in the world...swift codes address bank details , place of birth etc etc...i filled it out ...i was sent back a confirmation of the details they had received...then i had to verify myself,,,which i done immediantly, followed by a form i had to print out ..sign fill in bank details and return,,,all done... for the following two weeks i received no emails ...not even the promotional emails they had bombarded me with daily prior to my withdrawal... so i contacted live help....well no help... they just keep shoving there terms and conditions in your face and dont answer simple is my identification requirements ok and accepted. again the terms and conditions comes up ,,,stating the 7 to day wait,,,we are very busy and you will just have to wait...finally on the 21st of june after sending all documents several times...many of these emails..apparently not received by them...i was verified,,,my withdrawal was approved!!!...YAY.. on the 2nd of july i contacted live no money was recieved,,,usually the term express means ummmm fast,,,maybe faster...if almost a month means fast,,,surely this country runs backwards. once again i got the terms and conditions thrown at me,,,7 to 10 days after approval of documents ,,{not counting first day of approval} will your winnings be wired to your will just have to wait...thankyou is there anything else i can help you with..!!!!!....grrrrrr!!!!!....ok...i suffered thru it,,,thinking my god [EDIT] next time read everything u can find before you do this again.... yesterday the 3rd of july, i check my casino account,,,,wow...theres my withdrawal back in my casino account...tried to ring,,,but there call center is under doesnt tell you that,,,u just wait for 10 mins then told no one is available try again back to live help..i ask why is my withdrawal not in my bank...[EDIT] from live help answers me "Today we have paid as redeposit total of 2750.00.." WHAT!!!!... .[EDIT] tries to tell me i didnt produce my bank wire details,,,i told him i had and i received confirmation that i had,,,he said he could not see that anywhere , so i copied and pasted him the confirmation with all the details...(still no email or message on my casino app to tell me funds are reversed}...he then says ok i will fast track this to our processing i ask...will this take 7 to 10 days to approve,,,then 7 to 10 days after approval again to reach my bank...he said after long delay...i fast tracked it will take 5 business days ... im sure this means to approve,,, im poisitive i will be waiting at least 20 days only to find some other delay tactic to make me wait further,,,

MY mother passed away last week ..i was giving this winnings towards her sure my sisters think im lying to them ,,,always excuses of why i havent got it yet,,,now i have to tell them i could be 5 to twenty days or more so stressed this is dreadful behaviour,,,,i need help... thanks

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4 Responses

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July 5, 2019

Hi darkktichenwith - welcome to!

Unfortunately you've chosen to play with a group that are well known for taking many months to pay players and who are regularly non-responsive to complaints submitted to this service. While we will try to contact the operator on your behalf the chances of a successful mediation are low.



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July 23, 2019

[EDIT] sent email on the 22nd july...i also spoke to live help who said everything was in order on the 22nd of july... [EDIT] email said my wire details were not there again...i have confirmation from raging bull saying they are there...i have passed this on for the 3rd time is 23rd of july

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July 23, 2019

Hi darkkitchenwith, I can see that [EDIT] appears to be actively assisting you via email with regard to this issue. I'll continue to monitor this interaction but in all likelihood they are you best chance to receive your funds. Thanks, ThePOGG

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September 6, 2019

Hi darkkitchenwith,

Sadly we are no longer receiving any responses from the operator about this issue. At this stage there is nothing further we can do.

Sorry we could not be of further help!


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July 5, 2019

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