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Raging Bull - Fighting for the WIN!!


Found for the Casino - This player has submitted 3 complaints at once about this group of casinos. They have issued chargebacks against this group and as such there is nothing we can do to help them.

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Player's Complaint

Got an email inviting me to play $50 Click here and play instantly. That took uncomforting turns while the customer service chat person hit me with all kinds of things to get me to deposit instead of the just getting on with the $50 they offered. I was very polite finally got the $50 did good upfront played for awhile then attempted to cash out about $400. Was told I hadn't made the play through so I played up and down for a while and then cranked up the bet and got over a $1000 in first few spins. Tried to cash out really got the full effect of there tactics, Was told withdraws are for depositing players only and asked to make a deposit many times. I was very polite and got fed up with there business and logged out. Came back and was retricted from logging on and called the Customer service line to find out no one ever answers accept the old school sounding answering machine. So I came back with the same name, phone number, address but used a different email address. Logged on and played no luck. Found some different bonus and where to enter the code. Found out what I can and can't do. It didn't involve me taking any winnings. Raging Bull preforms incredible unscrupulous acts while holding it's customers accountable for getting by with an extra bonus like it was the crime of the century. I have done a lot of experimenting with Raging Bull and they keep sending me offers so I keep taking them. This time I got my screen shots. When I put in the bonus code the pop up said if you make play through all your winning will be taken accept for what you have left at the time the play through is met and that's what you will be left to play with. I crushed it. I made several play throughs on one game alone betting $20 and $30 a spin got up to $7617.00 Witch is about what I won altogether and was avoided being paid whatsoever. So I stopped while on one heck of streak to hold some integrity and feeling satisfied that I got my proof with screen shots. Went to cash out and got a pop up that said my bonus was $7619.00 and I still had $3017.00 play through. I didn't get that screen shot. And it said I must contact customer service. So I logged out returned a few hours later to log on not expecting to be able to and This time my original log on " [EDIT] " that I was originally locked out of. I cleared it entered the [EDIT] user name and this time id just said invalid user name. So I entered [EDIT] to see and got right in to see $0.00 balance and 1 message. The message read this advertisement like deal that highlighted, "It's Story Time" and offered a an infamous $1000 Amazon gift card, " witch is widely used on the web to lure people in" to tell them a casino story and make them laugh. Got that screen shot as well. I have experienced this play through deal were they instead of letting you cash out there max they delete most of it and leave you to play the rest. Witch usually never wins.

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3 Responses

User icon
June 28, 2018

Hi ajbgotme - welcome to!

Unfortunately I'm afraid there's nothing we can do to help you in this instance. Raging Bull Casino carry the following term:

"5. Only one real account per Player is permitted. Multiple accounts will be closed. Players who register multiple accounts (including accounts with different personal details) will not be eligible to receive any winnings, and all withdrawals will be cancelled."

If you've opened more than one account with Raging Bull Casino you have violate this term.


User icon
June 28, 2018

Yes I understand this, but didn't they break there policy by not honoring the cash out and play through as well as giving my wrong information and locking me out of my account.

User icon
July 2, 2018

Hi ajbgotme,

I'm afraid at the point where you've opened multiple bonuses, allowing you to claim bonuses you are not entitled to, no cashout on any account would be due to be honoured.

I also notice that you've responded to 2 out of your 3 complaints, not responding to my question about whether you've charged back deposits at Silver Oak casino. All three of these casinos are operated by the same group. Charging back deposits that you've played with would be considered fraud. If you've issued charge backs it's very unlikely you will be paid by any operator in this group regardless of other factors.



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June 28, 2018

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