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Redbet – Misinformed about self exclusion


Resolved - On review of this player's complaint, Redbet casino have refunded this player's deposits in full. We consider this issue resolved.

Read our Redbet Casino Review.

Player's Complaint

Upon joining Redbet casino via a recommendation from ThePogg.com, I made several deposits in their casino totalling £150. However, on the 26 June 2017 using their chat facility, I queried why their company had not asked for security verification documents before a withdrawal or during a new player account, and also if it was safe to withdraw any future amounts, I was told by their customer representative 'Emma' that I had already joined an online casino affiliated with theirs called winningroom. There are thousands of websites on the internet and not once was I approached by redbet management or the customer or security department informing me that since I self-excluded an account at one of their sister casino (of which I did not know It had anything to do with Redbet or how long ago I joined) that I could not play in their casino, due to the fact that I had already self-excluded myself from a casino which I did not know was affiliated with theirs. Whilst I was using their online chat, they also closed my account. I then emailed them again to ask them to provide an update to why they have not responded to my complaint. At the end of the day, it was me who was being honest by bringing this matter to their attention. That Redbet failed to pick up on this until I informed them about it, which is when they checked and found out about a self-exclusion on one of their other casino sites is evidence that they failed to provide me with any information regarding this. Other online casino operators have software in place which informs you if you are self-excluded from their other sites. Why is it that Redbet cannot do the same? I have initial deposits totalling £150 and would like a full refund. I have also evidence in the form of saved chat transcripts.

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6 Responses

Jun 28, 2017

Hi ladge1 - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out of you.



Jun 28, 2017

Thank you. May I also add that I have sent several emails to their security department, firstly on 26 June 2017. This was followed up by another email to their department on 27 June querying why no response was given to my first email on 26 June. I have not received any acknowledgement from them at all or any response. Instead, I have received the 'silent' treatment which is totally uncalled for. Furthermore, since they have blocked my account, I don't know what to do anymore.

Jun 28, 2017

Transcript 26 June 2017 (Please note, I have ommited my email and my surname for security reasons if published on here)

Department: Redbet INT
Full Name: larry
Your Question: as a new player do you need any documents from me or can i just withdraw?
Operator: Support Emma
22:48 Your Question: as a new player do you need any documents from me or can i just withdraw?

22:48 Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
22:48 Support Emma: Welcome to our LiveChat support. I'm happy to assist you in either English or Swedish.
22:48 You are now chatting with Support Emma - Redbet INT
22:48 Support Emma: Hello Larry
22:48 Support Emma: Our security department will send you an email if anything is needed :)
22:49 larry: is that before or after withdrwal?
22:50 larry: ?????????????????????
22:50 Larry: pls answer my question?
22:51 Support Emma: I can't tell, if they need anything they will contact you
22:51 Support Emma: I can't see that we requesting anything right now
22:51 larry: Lastly, I just want to make sure I can play here, and am not tied up with previous casinos you RE ASSOCIATED WITH
22:52 Support Emma: Checking :)
22:52 Support Emma: You have a self excluded account on Winningroom
22:52 Support Emma: So you have to reopen that first
22:54 larry: redbet.com and we can take a look on your errand
22:57 larry: As I said you have made it very difficult to know who you are affiliated with, you did not provide any lists of casinos.
22:57 larry: I am kindly sking for my deposits back
22:58 Support Emma: I can't refund anything
22:58 larry: Since you are associated with ThePogg
22:58 Support Emma: For any complaints you have to contact us via email
22:58 larry: which states that all deposits are protected
22:59 larry: ThePOGG offers a Deposit Guarantee for a select few online casinos. If you are unfairly treated by one of these casinos, we will return your deposits! This list of casinos hold the highest recommendation that ThePOGG can give.
23:00 larry: Your casino is listed as one of those
23:00 Support Emma: You can tell me how much you want, but i am not even allowed to refund you, you need to contact us by email so our security department can take a look on it
23:00 larry: I will also provide a strict definition of your casino
23:01 Support Emma: I'm sorry but i can't help you anymore
23:01 Support Emma: For any complaints, send an email so we can forward it to the right department
23:01 larry: I am saving this transcript for evidence
23:02 Support Emma: Do it
23:03 larry: You have provided an unsatisfactory response. I will contact your supervisor and provide them with your customer response which is very unsatisfactory
23:04 Support Emma: Ok you can do that. I'm sorry i can't help you more :)
23:05 Support Emma: But the support isn't the right department for this kind of errands, so we need to forward it.
23:06 larry: can you tell me the total amount of deposits I have made since joining?
23:07 Support Emma: 150 gbp

Transcript (Dated 27 June 2017)

Department: Redbet INT
Full Name: Larry
Your Question: Please update me with regards to my recent emails
Operator: Support Emma
22:00 Your Question: Please update me with regards to my recent emails
22:00 Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
22:00 Support Emma: Welcome to our LiveChat support. I'm happy to assist you in either English or Swedish.
22:00 You are now chatting with Support Emma - Redbet INT
22:01 Support Emma: Hello Larry
22:01 Support Emma: I will check
22:02 Support Emma: Your errand is still in que, i'm really sorry for all the waiting
22:06 Larry: And why did you close my account without informing me first? Your company has many failings which will be dealt with by the proper channels including the online gambling commission. Your company has not dealt with my case as a matter of urgency
22:06 Larry: Thanks
22:06 Support Emma: I'm really sorry that i can't help you more
22:07 Support Emma: Hope the security department will contact you soon
22:07 Support Emma: With an answer. They are still checking the case
22:08 Larry: Why did you close my account. You are there to provide assistance and answers . You get paid to help and all you keep saying is you don't know?
22:09 Larry: You disabled my account yesterday whilst I was having an on-line conversation with you. Why?
22:09 Support Emma: Because you had a self excluded account on our sister site
22:09 Support Emma: That not allowed
22:12 Larry: And why was that bought to your attention? I will tell you why. It seems because you failed to pick up on this until I informed you about it. You have many failings and I have exposed one of them as well as old custome service where the agents do not properly address customers concerns.
22:13 Support Emma: Our security department are checking your errand. I can't help you anymore with this
22:13 Support Emma: For any complaints, send email or contact Gambling commission'
22:14 Larry Jerome: Yes I have no more questions for you. You have absolutely no grasp of how to treat your customers. This transcript will now be used as evidence as well as the others to get my full deposits back totalling £150
22:15 Larry: As well as evidence that this casinos customer agents need retraining

P.S If you need the originals, I will happily forward them on to you.

Jul 14, 2017

Hi ladge1,

Redbet has informed me that you should now be able to withdraw your funds. Could you check this and confirm for us?



Jul 14, 2017


I am happy to say that my original deposits were returned to me. With your assistance and verb, this has turned out to be a positive one for me. Thank you once again for 'stepping in' when all else failed.

Jul 17, 2017

No problem at all ladge1 - I'm glad we could help!


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