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Reel Island – Delayed withdrawal


Resolved - Reel Island Casino inform us that this player has been paid. The player has become non-responsive to our requests for updates so we assume they've received their funds.

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Player's Complaint

I would first of all like to state i have been a customer of reelisland for around 2 years. I have used there site correctly always. I recieve emails about promotions and use them accordingly. All of a sudden i recieve an email 01/09/2019 saying i have been banned from any future promotions for abusing bonus promotions. I emailed them back asking for an explanation as i am extremely confident i have not breached any rules as i mainly play minumum stakes and restricted games cant be played with bonus money and i dont do any dodgy business i just play for fun. I contacted live support to try look into this further where i was told this matter is being looked into and allow them 28 days. I said i thought thats ridiculous and asked if it would affect my pending £120 withdrawal where i was told no the withdrawal department is its own department and dealing with that . I done some research online and found a high amount of white hat gaming customers had recieved this same email just after making a large withdrawal. I contacted live chat once more to mention this and felt i had been treated unfairly as i have gambled with them for couple years. I was just kept being told they have to look into this and it would take a while which i cant understand how you can email someone telling them they have broke rules but it will take weeks to tell you which rules. Anyway i asked if my withdrawal would be processed today as it was coming up for the 48 hour limit of the withdrawal process. I was then told my withdrawal had to be looked at with this other issue after being told by the last member of staff this wouldnt be the case and it doesnt say anything in my email about my withdrawals being affected it just states i cant create accounts anywhere else at white hat gaming or use there promotions. I am really frustated and pretty disgusted how ive been treated especially just out the blue. I am not willing to wait 28 days for an explanation of something i feel i havent done and i am certainly not waiting 28 days for payment. The withdrawal i made was with my own money and not converted from any bonus money so therefore they have no right to hold it from me.

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6 Responses

Sep 01, 2019

Hi aeden2019 - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

While I understand your frustration promotional incentives are not a right. Operators are free to pick and choose which customers they want to offer incentives to and if they do not feel that your play is profitable enough to warrant further promotions they are free to restrict them even if you have not broken any rules.

We will contact the operator about your withdrawal, but there is nothing we can do for you regarding your promotional entitlement.



Sep 01, 2019

I totally understand this and thats fine. I just dont thinks its acceptable to take 28 days to give me an explanation. But thanks for getting back to me and look forward to hearing from you about my withdrawal.

Sep 02, 2019

Further to my complaint i spoke to staff again today as my withdrawal still to be processed and is now late. Where i was told by a member of staff withdrawals dont get processed on weekends which i knew was a lie and then she ademently stuck hy her lies claiming to not be allowed to lie. This one woman has made me fear for my wellbeing in future as how many times have i been lied to by casino staff. I asked to speak with a manager as the woman then claimed using the word rubbish was profanity obviously trying to avoid abswering my questions. The manager immediatley apologised for the staff member attitude and how she treated me still not acceptable. I was then told there were still further checks going on with my withdrawal which makes no sense as there was no bonus money involved.

Sep 06, 2019

Hi aeden2019,

I've spoken with Reel Island Casino regarding this matter - they inform me that your withdrawal has been processed. Can you confirm receipt of your funds?



Sep 13, 2019

Hi aeden2019,

I'm following-up on the above?



Sep 20, 2019

Hi aeden2019,

If we haven't heard from you by Friday the 27th of September I'll assume you have received your funds and close this complaint.



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September 1, 2019

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