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Rizk – Verification issues


Found for the Casino - We've explained why the player's documents are likely being rejected but the player doesn't seem keen to address the issue.

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Player's Complaint

Before joining Rizk I read through their terms and conditions to check what evidence they would accept as proof of address knowing that I only had a telephone bill to use. I have attached the part of the terms and conditions which EXPLICITLY states that you can use a telephone bill. I live at home with my mother and all the other utility bills are in her name.

I proceeded to deposit and play with their welcome bonus and I completed the wagering requirements with a balance of £1044.

As part of the withdraw process I was asked to send in a proof of address. I sent in the official bill sent to me by my telephone provider, Three. It should be noted that Three do not have any colour in their logo, or use any colour in the rest of their bill. But this has not been mentioned to me as the reason as to why it was rejected. I have attached the three pages of the bill here.

Once this was rejected with absolutely no explanation beyond, "send something else". I did not want to argue at this point so I requested a bank statement from my bank Santander to be sent to my house in the hope that showing them the exact deposit on the statement would suffice as a proof of address. I have attached that here too. Finally, this was rejected as well with no sufficient explanation.

So I am asking for help in finding the actual answer as to why these pieces of evidence cant possibly be accepted as proof.

Thank you.

(I have mentioned the places that I have evidence to attach but obviously I have not been able to here)

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8 Responses

Apr 04, 2018

Hi itsmeyorkey - welcome to!

Before we go any further I need you to send the proof of address you've submitted to Rizk to [email protected]

You should be aware that a mobile phone bill generally will not be accepted as valid proof of address.



Apr 06, 2018

Hi itsmeyorkey,

Thanks for your email. Having reviewed your documentation I'd suggest there's a clear reason that it's not being accepted.

The phone bill is a mobile bill and as I stated above they are generally not considered valid.

The bank statement is for a 'Top-Up Debit Card'. That's not considered in the same way as a bank account. You would need to provide a statement from a traditional bank account to verify your address.



Apr 07, 2018

Without meaning to beat the same drum, I fully understand that mobile phone bills are not generally considered valid, but when you have the word telephone written in the terms and conditions you are not making this anywhere near clear enough. In addition I have played at many casinos in my time and only 1 or 2 have not accepted a mobile phone bill, and in these cases it was made extremely clear in the terms.

My bank statement is for a completely legitimate bank account, this is just what Santander have chosen to write at the top of it. I can get proof from Santander that this is a normal bank account with all the normal functions.


Apr 07, 2018

Hi itsmeyorkey,

With the greatest of respect, this is a fraud prevention policy. We're not going to quibble with the operator with regard to semantics. And as you state you're aware that mobile phone bills are not accepted you haven't been misled in any fashion by this term.

And with regard to the bank statement - I'm sorry but a Top-Up Debit Card is not the same as a standard bank account. From the Santander site:

"For those times when you want the flexibility of spending money in shops or online, you'll also get a Top-up Visa debit card. This is linked to the Basic Current Account and you can top it up by transferring money from your Basic Current Account, allowing you to keep the money you’ve set aside for your bills and your spending separate."

It may be "linked" to your Basic Current Account, but it is external to that account and requires money to be transferred to it to be used. Get a statement for your Basic Current Account rather than the Top-Up Debit Card and this problem will likely be resolved.



Apr 08, 2018

Sorry but I am not conceding that I was aware that mobile phone bills were not accepted.

Through this link to the Santander site you can see that I set up a basic current account. Unbeknownst to me this actually means that they create two accounts for you, one is called the cash account, and the other is called the top up debit account.

The top up debit account is the only account that I can use to make card transactions online. Further, if I were to print the statement from that second cash account as you have requested, it would say "Cash card account" at the top of this statement.
In this sense neither account is called a basic current account, yet in combination they are known as such. Overly complicated stuff by Santander I know, but there is absolutely nothing I can do about how they have set up their accounts.

What do you propose I do now if they won't take my mobile phone bill or accept either bank statement? This is a genuine question I don't want to argue, I just want my money back!

Apr 09, 2018

Hi itsmeyorkey,

I've been clear regarding our position on the phone bill. This is a non-starter.

I appreciate your Santander account may be confusing, but moving past this to the practical realities here this is in my opinion very likely to be the root cause of your issues.

In the first instance, printing ANY statement is not going to work. These documents are provided as PROOF OF ADDRESS. That means that not only do they have to show your address, generally the operator will look for the document to actually have been posted to that address.

In your position what I would suggest is one of two options:

i) Contact Santander, explain the situation and ask if they can post out a statement that isn't going to look like you're using a disposable card. Their paper statements may say something different to your printed statements.

ii) Set up a new bank account, set it to paper statements and wait a month. You can get a free account with most of the highstreet banks and it shouldn't take more than a half hour to set one up. You can probably do this online though you may need to go into the branch to provide ID.

I understand that ii would be inconvenient, but given the size of the balance in question a little inconvenience could result in a big payment.



Apr 10, 2018

This statement in question was requested to be sent in the mail to my address.

Im away for 2 weeks now so I guess this case will have to be closed.

I thank you for your correspondence but I cant say that setting up another bank account is a satisfying resolution.

On a final note if this is to be read publicly. Rizk do not have a support service which are looking to support, all of their replies have been of no help. If you have the patience to follow a third parties advice after a month of poor feedback, just to get hold of rightful winnings, then sign right up.

Apr 11, 2018

Hi itsmeyorkey,

Firstly the comment regarding the statement being posted to your address was in response to your comment about printing off further documentation, not in relation to the document you provided.

Secondly your absence is no barrier to your complaint. If you still want our help we're happy to provide it after you return. Let us know.

While I appreciate your frustration, the document you have provided is unlikely to be accepted. This appears to be a disposable card rather than a traditional bank account. While that may not be the case, that is a concern when it comes to fraud prevention as these types of cards are used frequently by people looking to mask their identity.



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