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Royal Panda - Accused of fraud, deposit returned winnings confiscated


Found for the Casino - In opening an account to allow their partner to play Roulette this player have both breached multi-accounting rules and inadvertently circumvented their partner's self-exclusion.

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Player's Complaint

So on Thursday my boyfriend and I decided to have a play at roulette. He signed up to Royal Panda and deposited However due to having a closed account they refunded the deposit and closed his account.

The next night I set up an account in my name (I did not have an account with royal Panda) and deposited using the card we both use. I played for a few hours (not accepting any bonus). I got up to around £9000 at one point but then started losing so decided to withdraw at £5500 and place a temporary lock on my account.

The next morning I received emails asking me to provide documentation proving who I was. This was fully expected as I am aware they have to do checks. One of the statements was

'A scan or clear photo of your depositing credit/debit card, showing the front and back of the card. Just to be safe, please ensure you obscure the middle digits of credit card number so only the first six and last four are visible (front and back if the numbers are embossed), and please obscure the CVV code on the back as well.

Please note that if the credit/debit card does not belong to you, we will also require the ID of the cardholder.'

As Royal Panda allow 3rd party deposits providing I have permission to use the card I also expected this.

The card is in my boyfriends name however we both have access and permission to use it.

The next day I received this email confirming my identity had been confirmed successfully.

Dear [EDIT],

Thank you for supplying us with the documentation we requested from you, and for your patience while we verified your identity using them. We have good news – we were able to verify your identity and address successfully.

Unfortunately our verification department was unable to accept the back of your credit / debit card as all digits are distorted.

To complete the verification process, we kindly ask you to provide us with the following :

• A scan or clear photo of your depositing credit/debit card, showing the back of the card. Just to be safe, please ensure you obscure the middle digits of credit card number so only the first six and last four are visible (front and back if the numbers are embossed), and please obscure the CVV code on the back as well.

Please note that if the credit/debit card does not belong to you, we will also require the ID of the cardholder.'

[EDIT] had advised me the front picture of the card was ok however the rear of the card I had mistakenly obscured all of the digits instead of the middle digits.

I responded with:

'Hi [EDIT]

I apologise, I was under the impression all digits had to be covered.

Please find a picture with only the digits advised obscured, I hope this meets your requirements.'

As I had successfully been verified, 3rd party cards were allowed and I had sent proof of the card, along with the photo is of the name of the cardholder I had met all their criteria so expected the next email to confirm my withdrawl would be processed.

The next email I got advised I had been committing fraud, my account closed and winnings confiscated however deposits returned.

Dear [EDIT],

Following a thorough investigation of the activities on your Royal Panda account, we have decided to close it permanently and with immediate effect.

In order to offer our players a safe, enjoyable online casino experience, Royal Panda treats any instances of fraud very seriously.

Following an extensive investigation, our fraud team has concluded that your actions constitute a clear and serious breach of our terms and conditions 5.4 and 5.8:

As a result, the management of Royal Panda has decided to close your account permanently. Winnings have been confiscated and the deposits have been refunded back to the depositing credit/debit card, as a sign of good will.

This decision is final, and no further correspondence shall be entered into.

• Ticket: [EDIT]

• Status: Closed

When replying, please ensure that you include the ticket ID in the email subject heading at all times. This helps us to track your previous replies, which means we can help you all the quicker.

Tip: you’ll find answers to many questions in our FAQ (frequently asked questions) section.

Customer service hours of business

Should you have any questions, our customer service is on hand to help. Royal Panda’s customer service is available every day between 09:00 and 00:30 (CET). Never hesitate to contact us with any further questions you may have – we’re always happy to help.

Have a royal good time!


Royal Panda customer service'

I have contacted them numerous times to gain more information on why they made this decision however they will not disclose anything. Also what I don't understand is if they are saying I am committing fraud, why are they refunding 'fraudulent payments' and also advised me they will not be contacting the authorities.

I feel that they are doing this to withhold winnings. I didn't break any terms and conditions. If they could advise me where they feel I have done I could provide an explanation which we could possibly resolve, however they are washing their hands of this situation unfairly I believe.

If I had lost money and was requesting a refund I don't feel the outcome would be the same.

Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


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4 Responses

User icon
August 20, 2018

Hi Kerrim27 - welcome to!

Before we go any further:

i) Why was your boyfriend's account closed?

ii) Did you claim any bonuses?



User icon
August 20, 2018

Hi He closed his account around a year ago as he was taking a break from gambling. They advised him that he would be able to reopen it as there was a 6month exclusion on it however it would take 24hours to reopen it. Instead of reopening it he decided to keep it closed as he didn't want to fall into bad habits, so I opened one with a password so that neither of us could play without me being there. This was the email received by him: 'Thank you for contacting Royal Panda's customer service. We've checked your account and we're sorry to inform you that your account has been locked due to a breach of our Termsand conditions linked to your account. All the winnings have been confiscated and your deposits refunded back to the credit card they were deposited with. According to the point 5.7 of our terms and conditions: “Multiple accounts for the same player are not allowed. In case it is noted that the player holds more than one account, Royal Panda will have the right to: Close or block the member accounts held by the player; and/or Seize any funds remaining in the player’s duplicate account(s), including deposited funds and winnings won by the player using said account(s).” We recommend that you refrain from opening further accounts. We would like to remind you that you locked your original account on 01/01/2018 by applying a self-exclusion. Please keep in mind that the minimum self-exclusion term is six months. Under UK gambling laws, we are not allowed to unlock a self-excluded account under any circumstances. If you decide you wish to play at Royal Panda again after your self-exclusion period has ended, you will need to contact us and instruct us to reactivate your account. You will then enter a 24-hour cooling off period, during which you can change your mind in. Your account will be unlocked after that, unless you instruct us otherwise.' No bonus was accepted Thanks [EDIT]

User icon
August 20, 2018

Also the card which was used was not linked to his old account as it was a new card. The account which was closed due to a self exclusion (which had expired and was allowed to be reopened) had an old card on it. Thanks [EDIT]

User icon
August 21, 2018

Hi Kerrim27,

I'm afraid there's nothing we can do for you here.

Your partner closed their account under a self-exclusion. By UKGC regulations a person who has completed their self-exclusion will remain excluded for a further 7 years unless they take "positive action" to re-open your account. A request to re-open the account has to be followed by a 24 hour cooling off period. As you stated in your complaint submission:

"my boyfriend and I decided to have a play at roulette"

By opening an account to use with your partner you were facilitating them circumventing Responsible Gambling policies that UK licensed operators have to adhere to. Your account would have to be closed as soon as the operator became aware of its existence, all transactions on it voided and deposits returned.

In this situation the actions of the operator have been correct.

I'm sorry we cannot help you further.


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August 20, 2018

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