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Royal Panda - self-exclusion


Found for the Casino - Where the player takes action specifically intended to get round a self-exclusion the operator cannot be held responsible for the consequences.

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Player's Complaint

Hi. I personally self excluded myself from royal panda about 2 months ago. I'm a moment of addiction on Saturday I opened a new account with them in a fake name and fake email address which was totally unverified. I used the same bank details and own name on the card to register as the ones which should be self excluded. I lost £1900 and I know it's my own fault but after contacting them they tell me that I will not receive any money back as the account was fake. Surely this cannot be right as like I said to them if I had won a million pound jackpot and they found the account to be in a fake name from a player who is self excluded they would certainly not pay out and it would be nil and void. I feel the same should be the case for my deposits and they should be returned as like a said to them the controls they have in place to stop problem gamblers don't work not to mention I was gambling within 5 minutes with a fake totally unverified account. Can you give any advice/help on this?

Best regards


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2 Responses

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December 12, 2018

Hi markbck59 - welcome to!

Where you enter into a self-exclusion agreement you are entering into a two way contract. The operator is agreeing to take reasonable measures to prevent you re-accessing their service. You are agreeing not to try and circumvent those exclusions.

In this situation you have specifically looked to circumvent your self-exclusion agreement by registering an additional account under different details.

I'll speak to the Gambling Commission but this will be a slow process and I would say at the start that this would appear to be a rather weak claim.



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February 8, 2019

Hi markbck59,

I've had a discussion with the regulator regarding this type of situation. Where the player has altered their details to circumvent the restrictions placed on them and allow them to create a new account, the regulator has indicated that they would not automatically expect the operator to refund deposits. Instead the operator would expect that deposits be passed to some gambling related charity.

I need to stress that this is my understanding of a general opinion (i.e. not specifically about your case). As such the regulator may take a different position based on the specifics of your case. As this stage all we can recommend you do is contact the regulator directly.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


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December 12, 2018

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