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Royal vegas - casino tries to over charge you when making a deposit sometimes.


Resolved - While the player is unquestionably frustrated with Royal Vegas casino, they did not want us to actively mediate a problem and as such we don't consider this something we can help with.

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Player's Complaint

It's pretty much in the title but the fact is the first time I went to play RV they charged my credit card twice for my first 2 deposits if I made 2, I may have only made 1 and I tried to contact them about it and they wouldn't respond so I had to cancel my credit card which is very tedious. I joined a sister casino and then got badgered in phone calls about owing RV money. Anyway I didn't play at RV for many months until I got enticed to make another deposit which was only $10 and I built that up to just over $200 and then the RV claimed that money as a bill payment. To finish off my friend said he just started playing at the same casino and they charged his card twice as well and wouldn't give an answer to him either so he had to cancel his card too. Just thought I'd let you know to warn others hopefully.

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2 Responses

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March 18, 2015

Hi Frenzal - welcome to!

I'm not really sure what you want me to do here. This service isn't really intended for the posting of warnings by players - before I'd issue any warning about a group of casinos I would want to have properly investigated any claims made and as far as I can see you're not looking for me to do that.

Regarding your complaint - without question sometimes mistakes happen with both deposits and withdrawals. I've had this happen to me several times at different groups, though never with the Fortune Lounge group. This isn't entirely uncommon and - as sounds to be the case - if you've charged back your deposits rather than bringing the issue to a service like this one I can say that the casino are going to be very displeased. I understand your frustrations, but charging back deposits is a quick way to get your account blocked at any online casino.

Finally with regard to your comment on another complaint - I'm not going to publish that there as it's unrelated to your issue but I will publish it here;

The Pogg may I suggest that maybe the casino made the adjustments to the identification? Just a thought. I have noticed the person never made any more fuss about the issue. Plus it’s 2 years old. ;)

I'll address several points you've made;

1) There are actually many complaints across the site closed for similar reasons that appear to receive just as little response from players. I intend no offence but given that you chose one against Royal Vegas - the same casino you're complaining about - the comments don't seem rooted in an independent assessment.

2) The age of the complaint and the lack of response make very little difference. Just because a complaint does not receive further comment after the point it is closed does not mean no further comments have been made. As with your own comment, I have ultimate moderation control and if a complainant has been found to likely be involved in fraudulent activity it's highly unlikely that I'll allow any further comment on their case.

3) The casino tampering with the documentation doesn't hold any water in this specific issue. I remember the details of this case and while I cannot discuss them I can say that it's highly unlikely that the specific problems related to anything the casino had done.

Unfortunately somewhere around 1 in 10 of the cases that are submitted to this site result in similar findings for similar reasons. There are a very large number of players engaged in the operation of multiple accounts and many of them end up forging documentation. The Fortune Lounge group are far from alone in finding substantial workload in preventing said people.

While I can't say with 100% certainty that a casino has never handed over documentation that they have tampered with, I can say that I will often (depending on the specifics of the case) ask the player to submit their documents directly to me as a verification procedure. This rules out this particular issue.

Returning to your issue - if there's something that you actually want me to pursue here please forward your details (username and email address) and I'll contact the casino, otherwise this complaint will be marked as Resolved on Friday the 27th of March.



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March 18, 2015

Hi Frenzal, In response to your email; What I would suggest doing in the first instance where a problem develops with a casino would be looking to a complaint service like this site. I appreciate that you weren't aware of the complaint mediation sites at the time of this issue, but that being the case the casino's regulator would be the next best port of call. The MGA regulate Royal Vegas and while they have been slow to deal with complaints historically (this appears to be changing at the moment) they do generally resolve genuine complaints in the end. Regarding the cancellation of the card - I'm not saying you did anything wrong. There are perfectly legitimate reasons to issue a charge back or cancel a card. However, there's a huge amount of player fraud within the industry where the individuals involved make a deposit via a card, play and if they win cash out and if they lose they charge back the deposit. As such casinos understandably view anyone who issues a charge back as a potential security risk from the outset. It does sound to me that you may have lost your first deposit which will have been cancelled at the same time as the second erroneous deposit. That seems likely to be what has lead Royal Vegas to try and reclaim it off of later winnings. Finally, regarding the blocking of accounts - as a standard across the industry security checks are done at the time of cashout. I completely agree that on a surface level it would make sense to do this at registration, but a lot of the information involved comes through during play and transactions with various financial bodies. As such restriction of accounts by and large happens the first time that someone who has broken terms and conditions attempts to withdraw funds. That's not just Fortune Lounge, it's every online casino. I would suggest - just from our brief conversation - that your relationship with Royal Vegas has broken down substantially. I'll say that it sounds like there's good reason for this, but at the same time I'll say that what I've read so far reads more like a poor service experience than malicious intent. Either way, I'd say that trust is very important to any player's relationship with an online casino - if you're at the point where you believe the casino's being dishonest with you I'd recommend finding somewhere else to play to allow you to have that feeling of trust again. While there are many bad casinos out there, there are also good ones. Just like people there's a spectrum to the experience you'll receive ;) ThePOGG

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March 18, 2015

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