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Ruby Slots – Cannot Possibly Win


Found for the Casino - The player's claims that they games have been unfair cannot be mathematically substantiated given the small sample size.

Read our Ruby Slots Casino Review.

Player's Complaint

6/22/2017, starting balance $975, play Bubble Bubble, go through literally hundreds of spins with not single feature - other than features, only way to make ANY money is very small amount occasionally from spin screen. As such, I just watched the spins go and eat up my money. I reported this to support, tried another of same game, did same, reported. Explained that in total 505.00 wasted, it only did spins, NO GAME. Explained very clearly amount spent and amount remaining that I was going to play different games with (470.00). Reports got auto acknowledge replies, said would contact me, never did. Next day, went in to play with current balance, played rather freely or loosely, played it down, not worried because I was confident that they would take care of what happened the night before. No real replies from support, chat said they can see report, no problems, insulted me with comments like Once you play your balance down you cannot just get more, etc. Offered me a free 75 chip with max 100 value. I explained that all that money was from my deposit and a no rules and no max cash out bonus, and that I had played quite a while working on getting it up that high. They talked to me like I was trying to get something for free. I turned down the 75 chip. Explained that surely others had encountered the same issue on the game, perhaps figured it out sooner than I did and didn't lose as much money. I gave support every detail possible, confident that when they saw that there truly was no way possible for a player to win anything at all in that condition, that they would want to take care of it. I NEVER would have allowed the game to continue if I had any idea that no matter how many spins I did that nothing would be triggered and that I did not stand a chance of winning any money as many times before that I had played the same game. I asked them to go in and see for themselves, the screens, etc., that for the entire time, the only things I ever hit was bet and spin, nothing else. The person on chat that insulted me mostly was [EDIT] (really), who, in closing, told me to do whatever I have to do but that they are one of the very best online casinos. Ironically, I mentioned to chat and support that I would have thought a successful company such as their's would not only NOT insult their players, but that they would want to make an effort to make it right in a big way. As I told them, I am perfectly capable of playing too much, not cashing out before I blow it all, etc., and I am also perfectly willing to take responsibility for that, that sucks, but that is absolutely not the case here! The fact is that I planned on playing all of that on their site, hopefully building it up more and cashing out, possibly spending it all again, but it would have been on games that I actually played and enjoyed playing, and where I actually stood a chance of winning money, not simply watching it take my money, period. Upon learning that the support apparently means nothing, and that they were not willing to treat me like an actual person who had made many deposits and played quite a bit on their site, I spent the remainder of the day with a headache and literally sick to my stomach at times. I do hope you can help me. Thank you for your time. [EDIT]

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1 Response

Jun 26, 2017

Hi jjbaragone - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

Unfortunately there's not going to be anything we can do to help you in this case. Simply put slots are a high variance game. This means that you can win a lot, but you can go through extended losing periods. To establish fairness requires millions - not hundreds - of spins.

All we can suggest is that if you no longer trust the games at Ruby Slots that you look for an alternative casino to play with.

Sorry we can't be of more help,


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