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Ruby Slots – Withdrawal Issue


Resolved - After a significant delay in receiving payment this player has now confirmed that they have received their full balance from Ruby Slots.

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Player's Complaint

Good Afternoon,

I had requested a withdrawal around 10/11 for $1500. I have been checking on the status regularly and today noticed that it’s still in pending status. I sent customer service two emails, one on 10/12 and one on 10/23 requesting updates and have had no response. I can forward you the emails if you need to see them. I’m hoping you can assist me with this.

Thank you.

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5 Responses

Oct 25, 2017

Hi diamondlilkd - welcome to!

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.



Nov 15, 2017

I have an update. Please see below (I’ve had no response so far from either email group, and I sent the information to both about twelve days ago).

Where winning is easy
I had requested a withdrawal a couple of weeks ago for $1500. Why was it rejected, and now the money’s gone?

Chat started

Casino Support Center
Welcome to Customer Support. While we take a moment to assign the best agent to assist your needs, can you provide your username and phone number so we can locate your account?

[CASINO REP] joined the chat

Hi there, sorry to hear of a denied withdrawal ... may I have a moment to review your account?
Yes thank you.

Am I reviewing your $1500 request?

It was denied so the excess bonus funds can be removed the approved for $1416.

Both events happened Oct. 31.

$84 was removed from playing RUBYSTAKES4.
Ok so the $1416 has been approved for withdrawal?

Yes, that's correct.

And it looks like complete documents are on file too, is check still your preferred payment method?.
Ok. When

i would prefer bank transfer if possible.

If you prefer bank transfer may I request you send wire details to payments[@]
Sure will do so now.

Would you like required wire info.?
Yes please.

If you would like to be paid via Bank Wire, please take note of the following:

*IMPORTANT: Please enter the information exactly as requested below. All information is mandatory. Incomplete information will engender a delay. You will have to re-submit the information until we have everything necessary to process your withdrawal.

•Bank Name:
•Bank Address (Physical address of the branch you visit):
•Exact Name registered on the account(*):
•Place of Birth (City/State): Use State Abbreviation letters, Example: CA=California
•Beneficiary address Registered on the bank acct: (Your physical home address)
•Bank Account# (**):
•Swift Code: Capital letters only
•ABA/Routing# (9 digits # for International Wires):
•Checking or savings:

(*)If it's a joint account please provide all names registered on the account.
(**)NO Business accounts allowed.
(***) Bank account must allow processing of both FedACH and Fedwire payments. If you are not sure, please verify with your bank.

- We cannot use Intermediary banks
- We cannot transfer funds to BB&T Bank (Branch Banking & Trust), IBC (International Bank of Commerce), BBVA Bank, Credit Union Banks, National Pennsylvania, Oklahoma bank, USAA, Mellon, Citizen Equity First or Eastern Bank.
- The Bank's address cannot be a P.O. BOX.
- The SWIFT code is an alphanumeric code and is used for international transactions; we cannot send a bank wire without it.
- Please DOUBLE CHECK all the information before sending it. In case there is a problem due to mistaken Bank account information we cannot guarantee that the payment will be reissued, and if it CAN be done, an administrative fee will be assessed.

*Please be aware that as this will be an international transaction, your bank and the other banks involved may charge additional currency conversion and processing fees.
**Inaccurate or incomplete information may lead to funds sent to an incorrect account which will be impossible to recover. Please also make sure your bank information is 100% accurate since fees will be charged for returned wires which must be covered by the account holder if the information provided is incorrect, including additional fees assessed to resend the transaction.

Please email this information to: eft[@]

And I'm sorry, I provided incorrect address ... the correct address is just above.
How do I get a swift code from my bank?

I would contact your bank or possibly check your bank account online.
Ill do that then. Thank you!

I'm glad I was able to assist you today and thank you for stopping by.

Before we go is there anything else I can assist with?
No I think that’s it. Thanks very much.

My pleasure, enjoy your day.
You too

Sent from my iPad

Nov 24, 2017

Hi diamondlilkd,

Can you confirm whether you've actually received your funds at this stage?



Nov 24, 2017


Yes I did. Thank you.

Nov 24, 2017

Hi diamondlilkd,

Thank you for confirming this - it's always appreciated when players make that effort!


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