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Sky Casino - Player Points not paid


Found for the Casino - The player's claim related to the comp points that they'd earned being worth more than they've received if they'd been upgraded to the top level of the VIP program. As the VIP program requires a manual review prior to players being moved up (as is apparent be the delayed rather than automatic upgrade), the player's account was restricted prior to the upgrade being made. That being the case the upgrade never actually happened and the casino are within their rights to pay out at the lower comp point value.

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Player's Complaint

I had an account with SkyCasino, and played over £20million worth of bets, and lost about £70K in the process. This was for their Christmas promotion. One of the reps confirmed via email and advised I would get all the free gifts they had on offer, as they were cumulative, which was clearly on the site initially, however towards the end of the promotion, they changed the terms without notifying the players, and then didn't want to pay ALL the gifts out, only the top in the tier I was in. After a discussion, they agreed they had made a mistake, as I had proof in the email, but they decided to close my account.

My account was closed, even though I had not done anything wrong, but since it was an error in the casino department, I was penalized. They said things like "spirit of promotion", (and they still use those terms, which is an unfair term in the casino industry, in their current terms and conditions), and business decision.

When my account was closed, I had £25,000 worth of player points in the casino, which only £20,000 was paid out, and am still owed another £5K, which I cant seem to get anyone to assist me with. Since I played over £20 mil, they should have upgraded my Player status, however they constantly stalled, until they decided to close my account. I had over 2million com points, which convert at the top players club to £25K, however they only paid out £20K.

I would appreciate it if you can assist, as I feel really badly done and penalised for something which was an error on their side

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2 Responses

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March 23, 2015

Hi theplayer - welcome back!

This sounds like a particularly complicated issue. I'll need you to provide me with the full email history that discusses this problem ([email protected]).

The impression I'm getting is that the missing £5k is down to the difference in conversion rates at the different VIP levels, i.e. had you been moved up to the Level 4 VIP rank you would have been able to convert your available comp points at a better rate and received £5k more. If this is the case then I do see an issue with your complaint. Having looked at the Player's Club terms and FAQ to sections appear substantially relevant;

To be promoted to level 2 you need to earn 5,000 points, to reach level 3 you need a total of 20,000 points and to reach level 4 you need a total of 50,000 points. Entry to the Priority level is by invite only.

My presumption would be that you feel entitled to move to Level 4 as you earned more than 50k comp points. However if that's the case the following is relevant;

Should you earn enough points to be promoted to the next level your account will be upgraded on the first Monday of the following month.

Membership to The Players Club is at the sole discretion of Sky Casino. Sky Casino reserves the right to either refuse or revoke the membership of any player at any time.

The first of the above 2 quotes tells us that moving between levels requires a manual review (i.e. it doesn't happen immediately when you cross the point threshold).

The second of the above 2 quotes entitles Sky casino to revoke a player's membership for any reason.~

If the issue here is that Sky casino have revoked the comp points that you have previously earned then I'd certainly want to discuss that with them. If the issue is that you feel you should have been upgraded to the top VIP level, making your comp points worth more, I don't see much I could do to help. While you have earned enough points to be considered for a Level upgrade, when a review of your account took place Sky casino clearly felt that you were not the type of player that they wanted to move up a Level, to the degree that they've decided to revoke your access to their comp point program. The delays in question clearly came about while a review of your gameplay was ongoing and management were deciding what action to take.

Whatever details you can provide will help me decide how to manage this issue.


User icon
March 24, 2015

Hi theplayer - thanks for confirming that my assessment was right.

I'm afraid I can't agree with you on this issue at all.

Upgrades are clearly done manually. At the point where a manual upgrade was required they've reviewed your play and decided that they want to restricted your account rather than upgrade it. Your claim depends on an upgrade that's not yet happened and assumes that it has to happen before they decide they don't want you to be part of the program any more. If they'd intended the upgrade system to be automatic, it would have been just that. It would be a simple task code wise to change the account status automatically when points earned surpassed a specific number and it would have reduced manual workload. Many other casino have just this sort of automatic system. The stipulated delay defines that they want accounts reviews prior to upgrading.

Had this been based on your current VIP level rather than the presumption that you were going to be moved up I could support you. But in this situation I can't.

Sorry I can't be of further help.


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March 23, 2015

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