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Sky – Unpaid winnings on roulette


Resolved - While SkyVegas were non-responsive to us, they have paid the player the win that their software should have paid in the first place.

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Player's Complaint

I was playing live roulette on skycasino. I placed a bet,and the correctly picked the winning number. The amount of £7641.00 should have been credited to my balance but it was not. I contacted skycasino, and was called by a technician saying that he has checked the spin in question, and had confirmed that the value of the spin had been taken from my account and that I had correctly pick the winning number and that the winnings was not placed on to my balance. An email screen shot was sent to me of this. The technician has said that the game is still open on the server. I have contacted skycasino on multiple occasions, each time saying that they are still waiting for playtech to get back to them. They are not obliged to give a time frame to when this is to be secause of the sorted out. It has been three weeks now. From what I understand and know, skycasino have taken the money out of my account for the spin of the roulette wheel, I have correctly guessed the right number, no winnings have gone on to my balance. I have a screenshot of the spin and amount that left my balance and no winnings placed on to my balance. I also have the email sent to me by the technician saying this. Why am i having to wait so long for this money to be returned to me?

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4 Responses

Aug 25, 2017

Hi equalizer76 - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

While we'll be happy to look into this issue for you, I do have to give some feedback that may not make you entirely happy.

Your complaint is obviously very serious. It relates to a large sum of money and a technical error with a game. Unfortunately this type of error is rarely resolved quickly. I understand that this will be very frustrating for you - through no error of your own you've suffered a significant financial loss and no-one is giving you the answer you want to hear immediately.

The reality of a situation like this one is that progress is going to be very slow. Firstly the game error has to be verified in house, then if the operator sees a potential issue they have to contact their platform provider, in this case Playtech. Playtech as a standard will not talk directly to players. A lot of the time they will not talk directly to us. Their standard procedure is to direct everyone back to the involved operator. So the operator will deal with Playtech and the player will deal with the operator. Until Playtech actually conclude their investigation the operator won't be able to do anything.

The operator may want to move quickly to ensure a happy player, and by the sounds of things you're the type of player they'd want to keep, but Playtech don't have the same incentive and will likely take a slow and measured approach to any investigation.

The short of the above is that while I entirely understand your frustration, I don't see it as unusual that this situation is taking a while to resolve.

The short version of the above is that it's likely it's going to take a few months before your issue will be resolved by the operator. If the operator have identified that there has been an issue that's a very positive start, but they will not be allowed to take any action until Playtech authorise it.

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.



Sep 25, 2017

Hi equalizer76,

Unfortunately all our efforts to discuss this issue with SkyVegas have gone unanswered. This isn't hugely surprising. Since the submission of your complaint SkyVegas have closed their affiliate program AffiliateHub and this was the channel that we previously used to discuss complaints.

At the present time we have no reasonable expectation of this situation changing. All I can suggest is that you contact SkyVegas' UKGC approved ADR IBAS.

Sorry we couldn't be of more help,


Sep 29, 2017

Hi Pogg.
I am happy for this case to be closed. I can say that when I phoned their customer service (whom are very might I add) I id speak to a manager and told him I have been in contact with Gamcare, which I did, they were not very helpful mind you, but did not let this on to SkyVegas. The money was put into my casino account with a message saying that my account has been credited with £7641.00 as a goodwill gesture!! I would like to thank you for taking the time out and trying to help me. Keep up the good work, having you on side, GIVES YOU THE CREDIT for my winnings to be returned.

Oct 02, 2017

Hi equalizer76,

That's great news and I'm really happy to hear you've received your funds! Given SkyVegas's non-responsive approach to this complaint I'm not sure we can take any credit for this outcome, but I'm glad you found our feedback useful!

All the best,


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