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Slot Hunter - refuses to withdraw $30000


Resolved - The submitting complainant has become non-responsive to our repeated requests for additional information. As such we assume they have resolved their issue on their own.

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Player's Complaint

On July 19, I made a $2500 deposit at, after which I won $28193 in a NetEnt slot, and my final balance was $30693. It should be noted that I played without using any promotions. I requested a withdrawal, and that’s when the problems began.

1. In order to withdraw my funds, I was asked for account verification: identity confirmation (passport or driver's license), address confirmation and a screenshot of my Skrill account, where the user ID and email are shown. When my documents were checked, I requested a withdrawal. It was rejected because in the bank statement that I uploaded to confirm the address, the date of issue was written by hand, although in all banks of the Republic of Belarus the date is written, not printed.

2. I had to upload a new address confirmation and request a new withdrawal, which was also canceled. In the live chat, I was told that I also needed to upload a proof of income.

3. I provided a bank statement for the dividend payments for 2021 in the amount of $204,674.89 (that type of statement can only be issued for the past calendar year). The document was rejected with reference to the fact that they can only accept a document that states income for the last six months. It turns out that if dividends were the only source of my income, I would not be able to withdraw my winnings, considering the fact that the profit on them is almost 82 times greater than the initial deposit?

4. Then I sent a certificate of salary, which indicated my average monthly income for the last year, which is $16190 at the current exchange rate, and asked in the live chat if I can now withdraw my funds. I was told that they would now approve my withdrawal.

5. I requested a new one, but it was rejected again and they said that I also needed to upload a Skrill statement for the last six months and a selfie with a proof of identity! I absolutely do not understand the request for such a large number of documents and what does the information about the movement of funds on my PERSONAL account have to do with account verification.

6. I sent those documents as well, and this time I got a response that their finance department is asking for another pay slip in the last 6 months(THE THIRD PROOF OF INCOME) as well as an explanation of some of my Skrill transactions! This is simply outrageous!

7. I can't take it anymore. I will not send them new documents, I will only send them to you if you consider it really necessary.

I can’t get rid of the feeling that the casino is trying to find a reason not to pay me my money, or this is their way to deliberately complicate the withdrawal process.

I have played and won in many online casinos with a MGA license, but this is the first time I encountered this behavior. Therefore, I want to complain about the casino and find answeres to the following questions:

Is it legal to require all of the above documents? I am especially interested in the legality of the requirement to provide information about the movement of funds on a personal account and a selfie.

Where can I find information regarding the documents that the casino is entitled to require?

Is the request for such a large number of documents an initiative of the casino or a requirement of the licensor?

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6 Responses

User icon
August 1, 2022

Hi processio - welcome to!

Please ensure you have read our Complaint Guidance to ensure that you fully understand how our complaint management process functions.

As we are the ADR for the N1 Interactive Ltd license under the Malta Gaming Authority license there is certain information we have to provide you now.

You can find all the relevant information about this service here – and the terms of use for our complaint service here -

To summarise.

– Use of this service does not preclude your seeking redress through court proceedings .

– This service is free to use for both the complainant and operator.

– At any point during the procedure the submitting party retains the right to withdraw their complaint. This does not preclude our right to continue the discussion with the involved operator of general issues related to the complaint (i.e. insufficiently clear terms and conditions).

– You are not obliged to obtain independent or legal advice or representation, though you may choose to do so.

To put this matter into some context:

- You have made what would be considered a very large deposit.

- You are submitting a request for a very large withdrawal.

- You have submitted documents during the verification process that are non-standard in nature and appear to have had sections hand written, raising questions about their authenticity.

- You are resident in a jurisdiction that is currently subject to significant international sanctions.

Even without speaking to the operator we can state with certainty that each of the above factors individually would be considered a risk marker. When taken in conjunction there is no question that the operator legally required to conduct full and enhanced due diligence before processing the requested transaction. This is not a license issue. This is a matter of the laws in place to prevent money laundering, fraud and the funding of crime/terrorism that all sectors processing financial transactions are required to abide by.

The above is not an indication of a belief that you are engaged in any wrongdoing, but in the circumstances the responsible individuals withing the operator's business can end up facing jail sentences if they do not ensure that they have conducted these checks.

With regard to "the movement of funds on a personal account" and the requirement to provide selfies with ID - these are entirely legitimate and standard requests during these types of checks.

Please provide the rest of the documentation that the operator has requested and let us know once you have done so.



User icon
August 4, 2022

1. I do not dispute the need for account verification, especially when it comes to depositing and withdrawing thousands of dollars. What worries me is that they keep asking for more and more documents. Like you said, I sent them a new bank statement showing my salary for the last six months. And this document did not suit them either! They ask for a new one, where only salaries are visible, without other transactions. I have no idea what this document is. Previously, I’ve already sent them a salary statement from an accountant.

2.What do sanctions have to do with me personally? Despite the refusal of some casinos to provide their services in Belarus, no political position is expressed on the website. They do not ban players from Belarus from registering and using their services. Their terms and conditions also do not mention anything about the complicated verification process for Belarusians.

3.What if all my income consisted only of dividends? If I was physically unable to provide other proof of income, would I not be able to withdraw my funds?

4.You say that the casino's actions are legal, but do not provide a link to the document in which it is written. Can you give me a clear answer as to what legal acts govern this?

User icon
August 4, 2022

Hi processio,

1. If you are unclear regarding what the operator has requested, feel free to quote the request and we will clarify.

2. The sanctions impact all financial transaction with any party, private or business, in your country. Whether or not the sanctions are targeting you personally, they raise the risk factors that all businesses have to account for when engaging any substantial transaction to or from your country, meaning that high levels of due dilligence are required.

3. Hypothetically speaking, as you are posing a question rather stating as fact, if you could not prove that you are the legal owner of the funds you have transacted with, that would be an extremely serious situation that would require referral to external legal authorities for further investigation.

4. Within Malta you can look to the AML regulations issued by the FIAU in Malta. However, this may also be subject to the overview of a number of other similarly remitted agencies depending on which countries the various 3rd party payment processing organisations involved are located.

As indicated previously, you will need to comply with these requests. We are happy to assist you in understanding what is being requested, but you will have to comply with the requests before we can assist you further.



User icon
September 10, 2022

Hi processio,

Have you provided the requested documentation?



User icon
September 17, 2022

Hi processio,

I'm following-up on the above?



User icon
September 24, 2022

Hi processio,

If we haven't heard from you by Friday the 30th of September we will assume you no longer need our assistance and close this complaint.



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August 1, 2022

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