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Slots of Vegas - Slow Payout


Resolved - After some delays, Slots of Vegas inform us that they have issued this player's payment. The player is non-responsive to our requests for updates so we assume they've received their funds.

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Player's Complaint

I did a very stupid thing, going through a very messy time in my life, with my ex partner abducting my children late last year. I cannot communicate with them or see them. I have Epilepsy Gran Maul seizures, resulting in a car crash late last year, when i almost died whilst having my first seizure. I cannot work, and about to lose my house. When i mean a stupid thing i meant gambling on your website. But i stopped once i realised how it all worked and calculated i should have won enough against what is spent. Your website will take a deposit within seconds yet i have a pending withdrawal request from early July, and an approved check that should be wire transfer still outstanding.I ham fed up with waiting. I cant work, i have no money and due to ongoing injuries. So with my background in Marketing i am going to make sure i get an email of this chat conversation, and use it in all forms of social media, forums, blogs and websites to discredit Slots of Vegas.

Chat started

Casino Support CenterWelcome to Customer Support and we hope you're enjoying your time with us! So we can best assist you, can you identify the purpose of your visit today?

[EDIT]Complait, I am fed up with waiting on getting my money back I won.

[EDIT] joined the chat

[REMOVE]Jordan Litt[REMOVE]Thank you for contacting Slots of Vegas Casino, I'm here to provide you excellent service today!

Allow me a moment while I check your account. Thank you for your patience!

[REMOVE]Jason Lawrence Haskins[REMOVE]Yeah, yeah, same old story. Every time I chat.

[REMOVE]Jordan Litt[REMOVE]I'm still reviewing the details of your account, I'm terribly sorry for the wait, just another moment and I'll be right with you, thanks for your patience.

[REMOVE]Jason Lawrence Haskins[REMOVE]The chat will end in i will escalate this, but we cant address your $600 withdrawal Pending Withdrawals

Request ID: 3166139

Method: Wire Transfer

Amount: $-600.00

Date: 7/1/2018 1:02:40 PM 1/5/2018 before we process your transfer approved request08/03/2018 09:53 AM Check Withdrawal Approved! -$328.00 which was after the pending $600 request. You will tell me it wont be long, and you have a lot to process and you will escalate the matter. Which is a load of crap. Same crap differnt day.

This crap has been going on for months and months. What lousy excuse will i get tonight!

[REMOVE]Jordan Litt[REMOVE]I am going to escalate your approved payment of $328.

am working on this with my manager, please check back in 30 minutes or I will send you an email.

Is that ok for you?

You can comeback on chat and ask for me.

[REMOVE]Jason Lawrence Haskins[REMOVE]OK.

[REMOVE]Jordan Litt[REMOVE]Thank you for your patience.

Is there anything else I may help you with?

[REMOVE]Jason Lawrence Haskins[REMOVE]NO

[REMOVE]Jordan Litt[REMOVE]No Problem.

Thank you so much for playing at Slots of Vegas Casino!

We really appreciate your loyalty. Have fun and good luck!

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4 Responses

August 23, 2018

Hi August71 - welcome to!

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you. However you need to be aware that this operator is part of a group that consistently take a long time to both respond to complaints and pay so this is unlikely to be a quick process.



October 1, 2018

Hi August71,

I've spoken to the operator and they have informed me that the payment of $301.50 (with a $12.50 transaction fee) was paid to you by bank transfer on the 4th of September. The remaining $600 was made up of bonus. If that's the case the bonuses at Slots of Vegas are sticky, meaning that they can never be withdrawn and will be removed from your account at the point of withdrawal.

Can you confirm receipt of your withdrawal?



October 8, 2018

Hi August71,

I'm following-up on the above?



October 15, 2018

Hi August71,

If we haven't heard from you by Friday the 26th of October I'll assume you've received your payment and close this complaint.



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August 23, 2018

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