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Slottica - False advertising misleading promos unfulfilled Cashback and bonus Obligations and blatant neglection from Chat personel


Found for the Player - After providing this player with a bonus the operator enforced a 24 hour expiry on the bonus funds that is detailed nowhere in their terms and conditions.

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Player's Complaint

Hi there Slottica failed to deliver the majority of there so called promo deals they clearly lured me in with.firstly there software fails to erase bonuses when clearly theres no bonus left so it should be erased but no they continue to enforce gaming restrictions and bonus restrictions without you knowing and you suffer as you dont recieve your bonuses as they say after the deposits have been made your prior bonus is still in effect....?How when you have lost it ?Also They didnt add 50 fs on sign up I had to hound them through JIms affiliates they also didnt add key bonuses as 2nd and third deposits they then used there languagew barrier to basically fob me off and deny the friday 30% cashback bonus i deposited $800 euros to take advantage of.Im sick and tired of these people dangling carrots then ripping them away after they take all my money.Its very infuriating when you have spent laviciously in there establishment I would go further to say its the ultimate insult when you have cheeky smug chat operators who do nothing at all to help you when they say straight away im going to help you.I shouldnt have to go to an affiliates account manager or go to these lengths to have my money and bonuses added it should be dealt with in house and swiftly and fairly.Overall these people and there casino and gaming experience was horrible and extremely down percentage wise on the game win ratio...I even beg to say that some people are using cracked softwares and games.I just want what they advertised 30% cashback my welcome bonuses added properly due to there software and setup failing customers by stalling the closing of old bomuses and still having their restrictions in place....and by having the absolute most unhelpful customer support in the universe.Pay up Slottica!!!

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4 Responses

July 29, 2019

Hi luckestar - welcome back.

Unfortunately you've created a situation here where it is very unlikely we'll be able to help you. When you experience a problem, you need to stop playing an contact either the operator and failing that us. When you experience a problem and decide to play on regardless - as you appear to have done several times here - you make it very difficult to unpick what should have happened where.

While we will try to contact the operator on your behalf, the chances of a successful mediation are going to be slim.


August 16, 2019


August 30, 2019

Hi LuckEstar,

I've discussed this issue with Slottica who have pointed out that your deposits, while within the promotional time frames in your own location, were outwith promotional times where the casino was located and that the terms do clearly stipulate that their location time shall be used to determine promotional cutoff times. So your deposits did not quality for these promotions.

However, prior to your submission the operator had discussed this issue with you and opted to manually credit the bonus funds to your account anyway. They then provided a 24 hour window for you to complete the necessary wagering, which you did not, before voiding the promotion. The problem with this is that no where in the promotional terms does it given any information regarding a 24 hour validity/expiration for this bonus. And they didn't tell you about it. So how specifically were you supposed to know about this restriction?

Unfortunately they have decided that their position is final. As such there is nothing further we can do for you.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


December 21, 2019

Thank you for trying to help me slotwolf us really the one who should be paying me close this case please.if I dont get desired results I'm going to the highest hardest level to ruin their reputation as they are unethically preying on problem gamblers and definitely not doing anything under their so called pitch to the public

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  • Slottica

July 29, 2019

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