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Slotty Vegas - Account closure


Unresolved - Information came to us during the investigation of this and 20 other cases that is considered inadmissible. In agreement with the UKGC this case has been passed to IBAS.

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Player's Complaint

I opened an account with Slotty Vegas and deposited £150. I lost all of this and the new player bonus. They then gave me a bonus but unfortunately I cannot remember how much. Nevertheless I played this amount in keeping with their terms and eventually turned it into withdrawable cash of £52.02. On 12/10/16 Slotty Vegas requested verification docs which I provided. I kept asking them when will my account be verified but to no avail. Then on 1/11/16 they sent me an e-mail saying that they have closed my account and confiscated my funds due to fraudulent behaviour. They told me to complain to the Malta Gaming Authority, which I did, but MGA told me to contact yourselves. Please advise

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5 Responses

November 19, 2016

Hi allanb58,

As a UK citizen and as we are the officially appointed Alternative Dispute Resolution service for Slotty Vegas Casino there is certain information we have to provide you now.

You can find all the relevant information about this service here –

To summarise.

– Use of this service does not preclude your seeking redress through court proceedings .

– This service is free to use for both the complainant and operator.

– At any point during the procedure the submitting party retains the right to withdraw their complaint. This does not preclude our right to continue the discussion with the involved operator of general issues related to the complaint (i.e. insufficiently clear terms and conditions).

– You are not obliged to obtain independent or legal advice or representation, though you may choose to do so.

The above is somewhat clunky but a necessary part of the process for any complaint that comes in under ADR procedures.

If you have any questions about the above, let me know.

There is a significant volume of complaints coming through about very similar issues at the moment and having had a preliminary conversation with the operator regarding the reasons for these account closures I can say at this juncture that this is a complex issue that will require liaising with a number of external agencies including regulatory bodies. As such, and as an effort to ensure you have reasonable expectations regarding the time frames that are likely to be involved, I would suggest that you should be prepared for this process to take several months while all the necessary information is gathered and reviewed.

Thanks in advance for your patience.


December 7, 2016

Hi allanb58,

I can now confirm that the complete complaint file has been received from the operator and reviewed and that there is now an ongoing dialogue with the UKGC regarding various issues raised by this situation that needs to be concluded before a final ruling can be made.

I'll provide further information as/when it is appropriate to do so.

Thanks for your patience.


January 18, 2017

Hi allanb58,

Unfortunately while our investigation has concluded there is still an ongoing dialogue with the UKGC regarding this issue. As such it seems unlikely at the present time that we will be able to deliver a final decision within the standard allotted time frame for ADRs (90 days from the point of receiving the complete complaint file - though we are counting from the submission of the complaint in this instance) and as such are obligated to provide you with that information and a proposed time frame within which we feel we should be able to reach the end of this process.

It is our objective and intention to bring this issue to a close as soon as possible. Your complaint already vastly exceeds the average complaint time for our service. However, given the involvement of outside agencies it is impossible for us to give an accurate assessment of how long the wrap up of this issue will take. On that basis we will extend this deadline by a further 90 days with the hope of reaching a conclusion far sooner.

I will keep you updated as and when we receive actionable information from the UKGC.

Thanks for your patience,


March 28, 2017

Hi allanb58,

After extended discussion with the UKGC’s legal team related to your complaint alongside over 20 other complaints related to this same issue with the same operator in the same time period it has been agreed that some of the information that has been gathered in relation to these complaints is inadmissible in terms of the ADR process.

The above being the case, at the suggestion of, the UKGC has agreed that the most appropriate course of action in this situation is for an alternative ADR who has not been party to the inadmissible information to review the involved cases. As such has made arrangements with IBAS to review and conclude your case. NRR Entertainment has already agreed to this proposal. The IBAS service is free to consumers and as such there will be no financial burden on your part. However you need to be aware that in order to provide IBAS appropriate time to review all the information related to this issue they will require to start the review process from the beginning, meaning that the time that has spent reviewing these issues cannot be offset against the time that IBAS would have as standard to manage a complaint under the ADR arrangements.

If you are happy to go ahead with the transfer of your complaint to IBAS you need let us know so we can forward the initial complaint submission to the relevant personnel at that organization.

Please also be aware that we will not be able to engage any discussion in regard to the any part of the complaint package due to the need to ensure that the integrity of the IBAS review of these cases is not inadvertently subject to any of the issues that have arisen here.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused, but would state that this action is being taken to preserve the integrity of the ADR process and ensure a fair and unbiased conclusion is reached.



April 3, 2017

Hi allanb58,

Thanks for your email.

Just to keep you informed, I can confirm your case has now been passed to IBAS and I've requested that they contact you directly via email once they've completed an initial review.



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November 19, 2016

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