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Sloty - Refusing to pay winnings


Resolved - The submitting complainant has become non-responsive to our repeated requests for additional information. As such we assume they have resolve their issue on their own.

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Player's Complaint

This network of casinos is intentionally withholding my winnings for absolutely no reason. I got my winnings from their network during last Friday-Saturday night and after that they immediately closed all my accounts so that I can't log in anymore.

First they send me this email:

Dear [EDIT],

We would like to inform you that your account at Genesis casino, Casinocruise, Casinogods and Sloty has been temporary limited as per a standard routine check.

We'll keep you updated and contact you back as soon as possible, once the check is finished.

As part of our “Know Your customer” procedure in conjunction with the gaming commission, we kindly request that you provide:

-Proof of Identity

-Proof of Address

-Proof of Payment Method

- ID confirmation photo: is a picture of you, the account holder, holding your ID document and a note next to your face to allow for facial confirmation of the ID document.

The ID must be the same used to verify this account.

The note must say: "Only for use on GenesisCasino account user id _______"

Must be handwritten, not typed.

Must be in English.

Must have the current date.

Must have your signature.

None of the text in the written can be covered.

- Card confirmation photo: is a picture of you, the account holder, holding the front and the back of the card and a note next to your face to allow for facial confirmation

The card must be the same used to found your account.

The card must show the name of the owner, and the first 6 and last 4 numbers of the card (you should cover the middle digits and the CVV code).

The note must say: "Only for use on GenesisCasino account user id _______"

Must be handwritten, not typed.

Must be in English.

Must have the current date.

Must have your signature.

None of the text in the written can be covered.

Please ensure that the image is sent in a good resolution (images less than 2MB in size will be rejected).

Please ensure the documents are not cut all 4 corners are visible and the quality of the picture of a high quality.

Documents can be sent by email to [email protected]

For more information on the types of documents needed:

Once we receive your missing documents, we will process them as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via live chat, email or phone.

Best Regards,

Genesis Casino Verification Team

[email protected]

I went to chat to ask whether it would be enough upload one set of documents as I only got one request which stated all of the Casinos involved. Not only I got "yes" as an answer, the chat also said it is probably enough that I had already uploaded all of the requested documents to another casino of their network before, Vegas Hero. So I uploaded all of the documents to Genesis casino immediately and then haven't heard a single thing from them for now 3-4 days.

2 days ago I got a phone call from a weird number and email after that stating that I need to upload to basic documents (proof of ID, proof of address and proof of payment) to another casino of theirs, called Casino cruise. I went to chat and they said they can't give me any more information, I only need to deliver the documents. I can almost say for sure that these three documents that were asked by Casino cruise are not going to be enough for them anyways. They will most likely wait the maximum of 72 hours before sending me another email stating they will need some selfies with ID and written note as well.

I also still have two pending withdrawals from two more of their casinos, Sloty and CasinoGods, which I haven't yet heard anything at all. Most likely going to be the same sad story, first wait week -> after that get asked for the basic documents -> then wait another week -> get asked another set of documents and so on.

I have contacted them with email and on live chat every day now and don't get any answers anywhere. When I go to live chat I just get moved around to next person and after some time they all give the same answer which is this:

"Unfortunately it can take longer than 72 hours as you account is under routine checks at the moment. As soon as those checks have been finished we will have more information. Unfortunately at the moment I do not have any other update."

Yet it has been 5-6 days now, not 72 hours.

The internet is full of similar stories about their casinos and how they like to "bully" their players with this ridiculous rally. I know 4400€ isn't a lot of money for some huge casino network, but for me as an individual it is a lot of money. It is that much of a money that I've lost sleep several nights over this and it really affects my work and studies.

I would like to know if it is stated somewhere that how long can casinos hold my money for no reason. I uploaded a file containing some screenshots of the actually winning from these casinos (I'm missing the one from Sloty). I wish there's something you can do as and organisation to help me out here. Hope to hear from you soon.


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4 Responses

February 27, 2020

Hi esterkasweet98 - welcome to!

With the greatest of respect you need to give the operator a reasonable amount of time to resolve this issue internally before seeking the intervention of a 3rd party dispute mediation service and ensure that you engage fully with the KYC process. If you are concerned that they are going to ask for this additional documentation at each property, proactively submit it now.

If you are still experiencing issues on Friday the 13th of March let us know and I'll contact the operator on your behalf.



March 13, 2020

Hi esterkasweet98,

Are you still having problems?



March 20, 2020

Hi esterkasweet98,

I'm following-up on the above?



March 27, 2020

Hi esterkasweet98,

If we haven't heard from you by Friday the 3rd of April I'll assume you no longer need our assistance and close this complaint.



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February 27, 2020

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