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SpinIt - Winning confiscated due to inaccurate "fraud" accusations with no evidence to suggest so.


Found for the Casino - SpinIt casino have provide enough evidence to demonstrate that this individual is highly likely engaged in the operation of multiple accounts under names other than their own. This is a clear violation of terms and conditions and will take no further part in the representation of this individual.

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Player's Complaint

On the 15th of November i did the spinit 200 for 200 welcome bonus, i went on to come out with £3,200 which needless to say was over the moon with, however i tried to withdraw and got an email saying my winnings had been confiscated. I went on live chat immediately and asked why and got "your account has been linked to fraud i have no further information on this and the manager is currently unavailable you will receive an email"

no suprise, no email. i went back on chat to be told the exact same thing, but this time i waited for over and hour for the manager to come back as the woman couldn't see why my winnings were gone on her screen, the manager came back and i got the told the same thing.. "your account has been linked to fraud this is a management decision and is final" so i asked for evidence as how it was a fraud account?

no evidence was provided. a couple days later i went to sign in to see if i had my desposit back to find my entire account has been blocked, again on live chat, and again to be told "management decision and thats final i have no further information" so i asked for the managers direct email.

I then got in contact with the rep for spinit and no suprise once again all the email said is "your account was linked to fraud no further information on this is available management decision is final"

I then received an email from management! saying.. shock horror... the exact same thing! so i sent a reply asking for evidence on how this is a fraudulent account.. this was 8 days ago and no suprise again, i have had no reply.

Since then i put a complaint on "ask gamblers" on the 1st of december and received the following reply from them..

Hi [EDIT],

We are still looking into this complaint and will get back to you as soon there will be any updates.

Thank you for your patience.

Best Regards,


Which contradicts every response i have had so far since no one has ever told me they were looking into it, the reply was sent on the 6th of December.

I wrote a response and no surprise no reply, since then i have tried contacting them asking what is happening and have heard nothing.

However if you look online at the amount of people this have happened too it looks like they like talking the talk with offers but when it comes to paying they like the whole "fraud" excuse.

This is an absolute shambles.

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6 Responses

January 6, 2017

Hi cjackson2402 - welcome to!

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out.



January 18, 2017

Thank you, this has gone on far to long now with no explanation!

February 1, 2017

Hi cjackson2402,

We have had feedback from SpinIt regarding your complaint. Given the complex nature of the case we are waiting on feedback from the UKGC regarding how they want this and similar cases managed.

At the point where I have further information I can share I will let you know.



February 14, 2017

Still no further information about this from my end, still just been fobbed off the whole time!

Thanks for the update.

March 3, 2017

Just been back onto chat with SpinIt to see where my "update" is that they promised..after being passed from 2 different people and waiting 15 minutes i got told to "email support and i will be contacted that way" so yet again another email will be sent that no suprise will get ignored or i will receive the same "your account was found to be involved in fraud so it has been closed" response with still no evidence,no facts, and no actual reply to my questions.

April 22, 2017

Hi cjackson2402,

We're currently awaiting feedback from the legal team at the UKGC regarding the management of cases where the operator has used suspected fraud as a justification for non-payment. Once we have received clear guidance from the UKGC we'll provide a response to this issue.



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January 6, 2017

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