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StayBet - winning confiscation because of a single human mistake


Found for the Casino - This ruling is a technicality only. The player in question placed a single bet over the maximum allowed bet with a bonus. This single bet lost. Regardless of this not matching with an abusive pattern of play, not having had any impact on the win generated and having actively been to the detriment of the player/benefit of the casino, Staybet have decided to void the entire win.

Staybet are technically within their rights to do this, but we view this as opportunistic and predatory behaviour and strongly advise players to look elsewhere for a casino to play with.

Player's Complaint

Hello there.

About a week ago I registered an account with the casino and received their welcome bonus. I paid attention not to place bets over 5 euros (according to the bonus terms). However one time I clicked a wrong button by mistake and the bet size changed to 10 euros. I won nothing from this bet and fixed it right away. I placed hundreds of bets according to their bonus terms but because of this one mistake they confiscated my entire winnings money - over 1500 euros.

I tried to explain them the situation but they refused to accept it. With all due respect we are all humans and just because I once clicked on the wrong button doesn't mean I violate their terms.

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4 Responses

October 3, 2016

Hi mirkabar - welcome to!

Unfortunately I can't agree with you here. If you've bet over the limit you've bet over the limit. Even if it's just once it is a violation of terms and conditions.

However, if this single bet has not contributed to the win I do agree that this would be a very harsh confiscation.

I cannot guarantee anything, but if you provide me with the username and email address you use at StayBet I'll contact the operator and see what we can do.



October 23, 2016


i have sent you my account details by email

a long time ago but haven't heard from you since. just want to be sure they were received



October 24, 2016

Hi mirkabar,

You haven't had a response from us yet as we haven't been able to get a response from Staybet. We did receive your details. I'll let you know as soon as we have any information for you.



November 2, 2016

Hi mirkabar,

I've now had an extended discussion with Staybet. Unfortunately they're of the opinion that no-matter that the single bet violation was detrimental to you rather than them and had no impact on the win, they will not ignore it.

While StayBet are technically within their rights not to pay, you have broken one of the bonus terms, we find the decision in this instance to be predatory. This isn't a case of the operator having been harmed in any way by the violation, it's simply an operator taking an opportunistic approach to get out of paying a win that was created 100% using funds from bets within the limits.

I'd strongly encourage you to look elsewhere for a casino to play with - I know from experience that many of the higher quality operators that we work with would have overlooked this single bet violation.

Sorry we couldn't have been of more help.


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October 3, 2016

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