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Syndicate.Casino - False hope


Found for the Casino - This player has deposited using a payment method in someone else's name which is prohibited in operator terms of use.

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Player's Complaint

LET IT BE KNOWN THIS COMPLAINT IS FOR SYNDICATE CASINO I COULD NOT FIND ON YOUR LIST and I am making this complaint on behalf of my mother as she is in hospital after trying to take her own life after she won over 8000 dollars playing SYNDICATE CASINO , she was made to run around getting all the necessary documents to verify her account and given false hope by the employees ( we have proof in the transcripts ... We also found out that once the account is closed the money gets written off by the casino it's self and goes back to the casino ... She was still made to run around for about 3- 4 days after the account was closed before she was informed that she will not get her winnings , it was so sad to read my mother begging these people for the money and even after I forming there employees Bruce she had used her partners credit card ( with his consent ) she asked him where does she stand and he informed her everything was going to be fine and did not once tell her that that was going to be a problem. , The man knew the rules and the fact that the account was closed there for the winnings are written off ( which [EDIT] would have known this ) she was still given hope by not just Bruce but others that worked there ( we have the transcripts of the live chat ) SYNDICATE CASINO gave my mum false hope and kept for nearly a week she ran around sorting out the necessary documents and basically pushed her to breaking point and I want them help accountable for ... You can read the desperation in her live chat and still they did not inform her ... My mother should have been told from the start it was not going to happen ... I want justice for my mother and I want them O be help accountable, she now has medial bills she ant afford and still not out from hospital , please he'll me I don't know what else to do it or where to turn too

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4 Responses

November 11, 2019

Hi suicidehigh - welcome to!

I'm sorry to hear about your mother's situation. Unfortunately however there is nothing we can do to help you.

When registering an account your mother agreed to the terms of use of the operator which includes:

"4.1.10 You are not allowed to use any payment methods that belong to a Third-party or person;"

If your mother has deposited via a payment method that belongs to someone else then she has violated this term. At that point the operator are entitled to consider the account and all activity on it void.

Sorry we cannot be of further help!


November 11, 2019

Hello thanks for your reply and yes we have established the violation but what about how my mother was made to run around for another 5 plus days on the false hope she was receiving the winnings , I have transcripts from herself and bride where she asks where does she stand after admitting to using third party card and not at anytime was she told that using that is going to be a problem and was told to send in documents of my step bank statement etc ... She should have been shut down right there and then instead they made her believe it was going to happen ... Also there is a little but if entrapment as in why was the use of another's card even allowed to go through ... And I myself was given a employees word the winnings would be paid just last night and I even said to the bloke that he does not have the authority to make that decision but he did not listen and Gabe me his word only to be disappointed as it did not happen ... I am in the process of speaking with media out let's whom are very interested in this story and I will not stop until I am heard .. they have bought so much misery to my family and they will be help accountable for ... How do I attach the proof of transcripts and one more thing when my mother was finally told she will not get her winnings it was because of a totally different reason altogether ... So my beef is the false hope and not shutting her down and the humiliation and the desperation


November 11, 2019

And let's just remember the account itself had already been closed so technically the winnings had been wrote off to the casino

November 12, 2019

Hi suicidehigh,

I'm afraid that doesn't make any difference.

That a support agent has not identified the violation does not change the violation. The terms are clear and easily understood. Where a breach has occurred the responsibility lies with the player.

Even if support were aware of the violation they still would not have the final say in what action is taken. That decision would be made by the security team in the final stage of reviewing the account's activity before any cashout was authorised.

As stated previously, there is nothing we can do to help you in this instance.


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November 11, 2019

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