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Tipbet - max win problem


Found for the Casino - This player's winnings were derived from a bonus that had a maximum allowed win of €50. As such they've received the maximum they're entitled to.

Player's Complaint

Hello players friends, I am having difficulty solving a subject occurred on website

Below, I will tell you what happened, in detail and with printscreens that will facilitate understanding. With this, I humbly ask you to help us to get in touch with the staff of the site or its supervisors, with the intention of reaching an honest resolution to this

I am an old site user, depositor and with thousands of bets made. I had never made a withdrawal before. However, recently I participated in a promotion where I would win a bonus and would have to meet the conditions of playing his value multiplied by 10. The maximum winnings after the rollover was 100.00. OK no problems

So I started playing, I stayed days, weeks, months playing. Normally. Until I was able to fulfill the difficult and heavy rollover. My account balance was, now after the rollover ended, 119.56 (according to the print screen attached here, which shows the value after the rollover and below shows the bets made that fulfilled the rollover). In other words, the 100.00 of maximum gains 19.56 extra that I left in the account without using it, because it was not mine and the site should remove at any time. This balance was now withdrawable money balance

Perfectly, everything okay up here. I did not want to make the withdrawal of 100.00. The terms and conditions of the promotion or website did not report anything about this. I decided to continue playing on the site. Using those 100.00, using values deposited by me, using new bonuses offered by the site, using new deposit bonus, and all this mixed in a single balance, obviously

I spent more days, weeks, playing, without asking for any retreat. By the time my balance was now at 522.56. So I decided to make a withdrawal of a small part of this amount

But here the problem began. While I was happy to have had some profit after weeks of playing, I imagined that the site would only withdraw the additional extras 19,56, I was taken by surprise: the site removed 464.00 from my account! Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly and without speaking, nothing

Immediately, I contacted the support to complain about this, reporting the error, to remove only the 19.56 and not 464.00. And the site claimed that the maximum earnings was 100.00

In other words, the site has the thought that all my thousands of bets was still with the bonus. The site disregards that I made deposits, won new bonuses, fulfilled the new rollovers of the new bonuses, I used therefore real money that were not bonuses, but only because all this mixed with those 100.00 coming from that bonus, the site is in the right to consider everything as arising from the bonus

It's an absurd. They claim that the user would need to make the 100.00 withdrawal as soon as he rolled the rollover. Wait to receive the withdrawal. And re-deposit the 100.00 to continue playing. However, this does not follow an honest logic, this does not exist in any site. The user must withdraw a value, by obligation, having to stop playing on the site while waiting 1, 2 or 3 days to receive, and then re-deposit that. This is unacceptable. On the contrary, I liked the site and decided to continue playing on it, including depositing and making thousands of other bets, participating in new promotions!

If there was really this obligation, after the rollover, to stop playing, withdraw the value 100.00 immediately, wait 1, 2 or 3 days to receive, and then re-deposit, to just now continue to Play the account, they put this on the terms and conditions, expressly and clearly saying: after the rollover, stop playing, withdraw the 100.00, wait for payment, deposit again the 100.00 and start using your account again! Or that the site had contacted me by email to report this! But, no, none of this was on the terms and conditions, nor did anyone on the site contact me to warn about this, which made me continue to Play on the site without making any withdrawals, make deposits, win new deposit bonuses, fulfill your rollovers normally , make everything real money cash withdrawable, so only after all this try to withdraw some part of the balance

Attached, it follows the image of print screen that shows the moment that I finished the rollover:

119,56 = balance in account made with the bonus

150.00 = rollover required to comply with rollover

150.20 = the sum of the bets I made and rolled

0.20 = remaining value to end the rollover (negative because I did more than needed)

Below, in Bonus Stake History, follow the bets that I made and that counted to fulfill rollover

I humbly ask your help and respectfully ask for the understanding and fair Play by the Tipbet team to return my balance of $ 464.00 to my account so that I can continue playing on the site or pay me this amount as withdrawal so that I re-deposit and continue playing because there was no reporting withdrawal obligation after rollover



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4 Responses

February 14, 2019

Hi samuel - welcome to!

As we are the ADR for the Tipbet Limted license under the Malta Gaming Authority license there is certain information we have to provide you now.

You can find all the relevant information about this service here – and the terms of use for our complaint service here -

To summarise.

– Use of this service does not preclude your seeking redress through court proceedings .

– This service is free to use for both the complainant and operator.

– At any point during the procedure the submitting party retains the right to withdraw their complaint. This does not preclude our right to continue the discussion with the involved operator of general issues related to the complaint (i.e. insufficiently clear terms and conditions).

– You are not obliged to obtain independent or legal advice or representation, though you may choose to do so.

If you have any questions about the above, let me know.

Before we go any further I need you to confirm that you consent to us sharing your information with Tipbet Limited and the Malta Gaming Authority and that you give permission for these groups to share any information they have relating to you with us?



February 14, 2019

"Before we go any further I need you to confirm that you consent to us sharing your information with Tipbet Limited and the Malta Gaming Authority and that you give permission for these groups to share any information they have relating to you with us?"

Yes. Absolutely. Thank you for assistance

February 14, 2019

Hi Samuel,

Firstly, I've removed several posts you've made as they were simply reiterating information you provided with your original post.

Secondly - this service is not intended to allow players to try and leverage negative publicity to obtain the outcome they want. Complaints are managed privately to allow both parties to present their case prior to any ruling or publication.

Thirdly, at the present time I am not convinced of the legitimacy of your claim. Where you have accepted a bonus that has a maximum allowed payout, this is the maximum you are allowed to withdraw from that deposit transaction. If you have continued to play after completing the wagering requirements, you have likely been placing bets with void funds. Those bets would subsequently be void. At that point if you have made further deposits this only complicates matters further. You may have a valid claim, but much will depend on the specific terms associated with the promotion you claimed, the order of events and the results of bets placed at critical points.

We will contact the operator and discuss the issue with them. I will revert to you when we have more information for you.



March 4, 2019

Hi Samuel,

I've now received your full transaction history, the terms associated with the bonuses you claimed and your full wagering history for the period from Tipbet. Unfortunately we cannot uphold your claim.

On the 12th of September at 7:30:02pm server time you received a €15 bonus from Tipbet. You proceeded to wager with this bonus until you had completed the wagering requirement associated with the bonus on the 14th of September at 3:45:25pm server time. At that point you had a balance of €221.19. The maximum you would have been allowed to withdraw from this promotion - by the terms of the €15 bonus was €50. You wagered the entire balance and won at 4:35:35pm taking your balance up to €431.32. The maximum you were allowed to withdraw from these funds was still on €50.

You then proceeded to place a total of 22 wagers for the amount of this entire balance.

With your balance at zero you deposited €14.50 and received €14.50. As your balance was at zero when you made this deposit, it is possible to track which of your subsequent wagers were placed with funds that derived from your deposit and deposit bonus and which tied back to the €15 bonus (and hence would be subject to the €50 max withdrawal).

Unfortunately you were not lucky with the wagers placed with your deposit/deposit bonus funds and the last of these funds was put into play in a wager that mixed your deposit/deposit bonus funds with funds that were derived from the €15 bonus at 7:06:01pm on the 14th of September. As this bet used funds that were derived from the €15 bonus, any winnings from it are subject to the €15 bonus terms. As such, from this point on all funds are derived from the €15 and the maximum you would be allowed to withdraw is €50.

Sorry we cannot deliver happier news.


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Samuel consented for ThePOGG to act on their behalf and share the personal information that they provide to ThePOGG with the following agencies for the purposes of resolving their complaint:

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February 14, 2019

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