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UK Casino Club - Haven't recived my winnings


Unresolved - UK Casino Club claim that more than two accounts have been set up at the same location, though they would not provide the supporting evidence that is standard practice when disputes have arisen at other eCorga regulated casino.

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Player's Complaint


My wife has got the gift card from UK Casino Club by the post,what she have used. On the next day I got same gift card just on my name and with different amount, I did signed up to and have won £400 what I requested to be delivered by post and by courier what should cost me £30. On the next day i was trying to log in to my account,but it was blocked. Obviously i was worried about my money i registered again from same pc and had the chat online to see if everything is fine,the girl in the chat said everything is fine and i just need to be sending the identity proof,what i have been requested after few days. I have sent all the proof what they asked and been waiting for my check to arrive. After the week i received the e-mail from risk management group saying i am not entitled to it and it is necessary in order to reduce the casino's exposure to online losses. So far i have only received 2 e-mails from them and they are not responding to me.The second e-mail is saying i have been using my wife's account but i have been using mine as i registered from different pc and my wife from her pc.

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5 Responses

October 20, 2013

Hi Karla1 - thanks for getting in contact.

This is obviously a difficult issue - it is clearly stipulated on the UK Casino Club website that;

"5. Player's Casino account

vi. All customer offers are limited to one per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, debit/credit card and shared computer, eg. school, public library or workplace. We reserve the right to withdraw the availability of any offer or all offers to any Player or group of Players. "

As both you and your wife have accounts with UK Casino Club, that's a clear breach of this term and as such I think it's unlikely that we'll be able to get your money paid out.

What does concern me about this issue is that you've stated that this promotional offer was sent to your household twice - addressed to your wife the first time and you the second time? Is that accurate? If that's the case there is an argument to be had that UK Casino Club were - by inviting two different people at the same address to participate in the same promotion - encouraging players to break this rule.

I will contact UK Casino Club tomorrow and see what I can find out.



October 23, 2013


Yes that is correct we have received 2 gift cards on our adresse,one on my wifes name other on mine...

October 23, 2013

Hi Karla1,

Just to keep you in the loop, I have heard back from the UK Casino Club team and am currently discussing this issue.

Please bare with me.


October 25, 2013

Hi Karla1,

Can I ask you if there are any other people staying with you and your wife or using your computer?



October 25, 2013

Hi Karla1, Thanks for your email stating that you and your wife are the only resident of your address. Unfortunately, as far as UK Casino Club are concerned this issue is not specifically related to you and your wife's accounts, but rather that there are other accounts that show identifiers that prove them to be set up from the same location. We have asked their management team to provide evidence to support that claim, but they have stated that due to the conditions of their eCorga accreditation, they are unable to provide the requested evidence. As always in a case where I don't have enough evidence to make a decision favouring one party or the other this complaint will be marked as 'Unresolved'. Personally, I see fault on both sides in this issue. It's absolutely standard for online casinos to limit to one the number of accounts available to a person, household, computer or IP address. Regardless of whether you used a different computer to your wife, you are part of the same household. I'm not aware of any online casino that allows this without specific permission being granted beforehand. As such I would strongly advise you not to repeat this in the future, it will only create issues. On UK Casino Club's part, they've asked us to refer you to eCorga to submit a complaint, who will mediate the dispute from this point on. You can submit a complaint at the following address - hxxp:// (replace hxxp with http). Where I would be critical of UK Casino Club is firstly in their reliance on eCorga - eCorga are a dispute mediation service that were set up and are funded by the casinos that use their service. To my mind that represents a substantial conflict of interests, though I would be quick to point out that they have ruled for players on several documented occasions in the past. The second issue would be UK Casino Club's handling of the evidence. They are prepared to forward me the details of the accounts that are related via an email, but not prepared to provide screen shots showing the same details in their system due to eCorga regulations that are supposedly in place to protect players. Given that a) other eCorga venues have had no issue providing this type of evidence in the past as long as the correct Non-Disclosure Agreements were in place and b) they're prepared to provide exactly the same information, just not in the form of a screen shot of it on their system, I can't view the eCorga restrictions - if they are being correctly interpreted in this case - as in place specifically to protect players. As they are willing to share all the player information anyway, this would seem to be more about protecting the security of the software platform's back end system than protecting player information. So between the nonsensical rules and the inconsistent approach compared to the higher profile eCorga casinos we've worked with in the past, it seems more likely that the Casino Rewards group are the ones misinterpreting the rules here, rather than everyone else. As such this group will be flagged up as an Amber group from this point on, meaning that they are willing to discuss low level issues, but are not prepared to share evidence to support fund seizures. ThePOGG

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October 20, 2013

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