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Poker 770 - Unfair treatment by Poker770


Poker770 responded quickly to our communication and to all appearances have resolved the issue with the the player despite disagreement over the method of payment.

Player's Complaint

I opened an account with by the username of [DELETED].

I have made a deposit by Neteller and made a withdrawal back to Neteller too, but the casino requested for ID document and utility bill in order to validate my account, however, after I sent my Identity Card and accepted by them, they switched my Neteller withdrawal to wire transfer. As I have to bear for currency exchange losses and service charges for wire transfer charged by my bank, I request them to transfer the withdrawal back to my Neteller account, but they insisted that they will only wire transfer my withdrawal due to security reasons, I ask them what is the security reason about and will my future withdrawal will also make through wire transfer, they said they cannot inform me the security reason and also they can't guaranteed that my future Neteller withdrawal will not switched again.

As their standard period for Neteller withdrawal is only within 96 hours, my withdrawal has been pending since 11/02/13 because of this issue.

I would appreciate if you could kindly help me to resolve this problem.

Their website address is hxxp://

Thank you for your kind assistance.

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7 Responses

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February 17, 2013

Hi eddielow,

Another complaint very similar to this one was submitted a matter of a few hours before your own.

We have already alerted Poker 770 to the existance of these issues and are awaiting their response.

When we hear back from Poker 770 we will address this issue further.


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February 18, 2013


We assure you that Poker770 takes very seriously all complaints and strives to solve them in the best possible way. Poker770 is aware of the current complaints and the players' cases are currently under investigation.

Moreover, we have already e-mailed the affected players, kindly requesting them to provide the necessary details that would enable us to clarify their situation. We have received no reply from them as yet.

We take this opportunity to assure everyone that we always bear in mind the best interests of our players, which is why our main concern is to offer them a safe and fair gaming environment.



Poker770 Representative

User icon
February 24, 2013

Hi Eddielow and Poker770,

Do we have any further update on this situation?

Two complaints of a very similar nature came in to this site about Poker 770 within hours of each other. This leads me to believe that the reason that Poker 770 are insisting on using Wire Transfer as the payment method is to ensure that you do actually have access to a bank account under your name. If this is the case, it means that some red flags have been raised that would connect the two (or more) account and that Poker770 are simply putting in place anti-fraud protection measures. As inconvenient as these are they are a lot less invasive than other venues, who may have requested Notarised ID.

Could I suggest to Poker770 that such a procedure was added to your terms and conditions, to clearly outline that 'Poker770 retain the right to pay via wire transfer' in certain situations.



User icon
February 27, 2013

After several emails have been sent and explained, but they still insisted to wire transfer my withdrawal.

They kept on insisting me to send that a bank statement showing my bank and my particulars, SWIFT and IBAN code although I told them I never received any statement from my bank as I only maintained a "Savings Account", finally they agreeable to waive the requirement of the subject bank statement after my several explanations. I have forwarded all my documents to them included my bank account passbook, but few days later I received an email notification that my withdrawal will be processed via credit card, how can they credit my credit card as I never deposited using credit card ?

As the request for switching the method of withdrawal would causing their members have to bear additional costs, they should indicate such of their rights of this requirement in their terms and conditions, and they are suppose to bear all the additional charges incurred as it is their requirement, I believe the reason people using online transfer method is for cost and time efficiency.

Moreover, they cannot confirmed whether will they again request to switch my future withdrawal to wire transfer, I think no reasons and purposes if they still insist to switch my future withdrawals.


User icon
February 28, 2013

Let me get back in contact with them and i'll see what i can find out.


User icon
February 28, 2013

I've just received this response from Poker 770 support;

"Dear ThePOGG,

We thank you for your real interest in the welfare of Poker770.

With reference to your message, we would like to inform you that the case of the player has already been handled properly which is why the cash out was processed directly into his bank account via wire transfer and not by credit / debit card as you mentioned.

What is more, the player was informed about the date on which his transaction was approved as well as the standard delays used for inter-banking transfer of funds.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Best regards,


eddielow - can you confirm that this payment has been made? If it has not yet been made can you confirm the timeframe that the casino quoted you to expect payment?

User icon
March 6, 2013


Your last communication state that you had received confirmation that the payment had been sent to your bank account, but did not confirm whether you'd received the payment yet or not. For the time being we are going to assume you have received payment - if you have not, get back in contact with us asap and we'll reopen the complaint.

Poker770 - we understand the need for you to have security procedures in place to ensure you are sending money to the person named on any individual account, however if you retain the right to switch a player's withdrawal method as a security process, we would strongly encourage you to state this clearly in your terms and conditions. This will avoid future complaints similar to this one.


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February 17, 2013

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