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Vegas2Web - baited back to playing after excluding for addiction


Found for the Player - Vegas2Web removed the only responsible gambling protection they offer as a 'VIP perk' for this player.

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Player's Complaint


Earlier this year I initiated a self exclusion from this casino on the basis of losing control of my gaming. I was contacted about a month later following up and I felt (wrongly) that I would be able to return to gaming responsibly. I asked to be reinstated and the host did not try to discourage me but instead offered me a 1000 free chip to play if i returned which baited me back in to playing I initially set limits on my account, which were initially honored. A few months later, i was told that my host would get me funds i lost during a promotional error, but in order to recover them (about $7500) i would need to lift the limits, which I agreed and signed off with. I did not receive the $7500 but the limits were still lifted, which appears to be a classic bait and switch. As per before, my gambling got out of hand without the limits and I feel the casino was complicit in not honoring my attempts to recover from my addiction.

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5 Responses

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June 9, 2019

Hi jaykay - welcome to!

Unfortunately you've chosen to play with a operator that are negatively listed with this service, inconsistent in their response to complaints and who are unlicensed. While we will try to contact the operator on your behalf, the chances that we will be able to help you are low.

I would also suggest you consider our free Responsible Gambling app BetBlocker that will allow you to restrict your device from accessing over 6.7k gambling sites for anywhere between 24 hours and 5 years.



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June 25, 2019

Hi jaykay,

I've reviewed this issue with Vegas2Web.

Firstly, with regard to the "promotional error" - there was no error. You participated in a promotion where players were awarded points, which would at the end of the promotion be converted into cash prizes, for each withdrawal that they reversed and subsequently played down. The fact that you had to play the deposits down to receive the points was clearly detailed in the promotional terms. You initiated a series of withdrawal reversals without playing down the balances. The reversals did add points to your points counter. These were simply adjusted afterwards to respect the fact that the balances were not played down and as such did not qualify for points.

The subsequent cash bonuses you were given were issued to keep a valued customer happy - a goodwill gesture - not because you were entitled to a larger prize than you initially received.

Moving on to your issue with account closures/self exclusions - the communication records I've provided do not show you clearly informing the operator of a gambling problem. What I can see is that you express dissatisfaction with your tendencies towards reversing withdrawals and you do self exclude (using that language) at one point but subsequently request to re-open your account. The re-opening of your account is provisional on the completion of a cooling off period (the agent you were dealing with delays the account being re-opened to the next day) and requires the completion and return of a consent form.

Vegas2Web are an effectively unregulated entity, but even within better regulated markets for an account closure request to be considered a 'self exclusion' in responsible gambling terms requires the player to be clear in informing the operator that they are closing their account due to gambling addiction issues and - to my current knowledge - all other than the UK still allow for the re-opening of accounts as long as certain criteria, like cooling-off periods, are adhered to.

While I do have some concerns regarding whether closing your account due to being frustrated with repeatedly reversing and playing down withdrawals could be interpreted as indicative of a gambling issue that I may raise in a well regulated market, it is not a clear statement. In a market of poor/no regulation if you want the protections that a responsible gambling closure offers you do not have the luxury of being ambiguous.

So the question I have to ask at this juncture is do you have record of any communication where you clearly informed the operator of your gambling issue?



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July 2, 2019

Hi jaykay,

I#'m following-up on the above?



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July 4, 2019


My self exclusion was made on the site, under the self exclude button there is a reason code, i chose "i have a gambling problem" as the reason. There is nothing ambiguous about that. I restrained my playing until i was contacted by former host on feb 21 2019. When i had "cooled off" i had limits imposed on my account. My host further contacted me saying she would approach management about the promotion issue for 8000 usd of i agreed to have the limits removed. At that point i was not compensated by the limits were still removed and i reverted to my old addiction.

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August 6, 2019

Hi Jaykay,

We've concluded an extended discussion with Vegas2Web regarding this issue. Sadly we've been unsuccessful in resolving the matter.

As a standard, after a player has self excluded at Vegas2Web, the operator requires that they complete and return a printed form stating that they are requesting their exclusion be lifted and that they are now feeling okay to play. Comparatively this is a relatively weak barrier to return to play compared to those required by more stringent regulatory authorities, but within the regulatory grouping this operator is part of this is reasonably normal.

In this instance the operator chose to set aside this requirement for a VIP player and viewed this as being a perk. We have a significantly different view of this action. While the form may be an inconvenience, that is exactly what it is intended to be to provide a barrier between a vulnerable player and re-accessing gambling services. By removing this requirement Vegas2Web have actually offered you - a player they claim to consider a VIP - lower protections than any other player would received.

Beyond this, it is impossible to ignore the fact that in this circumstance "VIP" equates to "highly profitable player for the operator". So in this case the operator has chosen to offer reduced responsible gambling protections to a player who they know as fact to have informed them of gambling addiction issues specifically because the player has generated a lot of profit for them in the past. This fact cannot be viewed in isolation and certainly strongly implies that the decision to remove the barriers between yourself and play was financially motivated.

In all fairness we do have to acknowledge that the operator has assured us in future that even VIP customers will be required to meet self exclusion requirements and have indicated that you have disputed the deposited you've made via your payment provider, but this does not change the fact that we view this to be a fundamental failure by Vegas2Web to offer any protection to a vulnerable player.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


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June 9, 2019

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