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Video Slots – complaint


Found for the Casino - This player provided a false phone number at time of sign-up. This is clearly prohibited within the Video Slots terms and conditions which lead to extensive delays and discussions. Despite this clear breach of terms, Video Slots decided to accept a phone number later provided and verified the account successfully. As such the player's account was reopened and they have been allowed to withdraw their funds.

It should be noted that we have significant concerns about this complaint and 2 other complaints of a very similar nature that came in during a short time frame, all from similar geographic areas, none signed up through this site. In short, while we don't have enough evidence to prove it at this stage, we suspect that the involved complaints came from non-genuine players.

This site is not entirely comfortable with the decision made by Video Slots in this instance. If the player was not going to be paid due to providing an incorrect phone number, there was no point in asking them to provide a genuine number and complete the phone verification. This consequently created a lot of unnecessary stress.

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Player's Complaint

Username: [EDIT]

Email: [EDIT]

I joined videoslots on the 16th June 2015. Immediately it was requested i sent in the following documents

  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Payment proof

After I have sent in my passport, council tax bill and screen shot of my payment method i received an email explaining they had tried to call to ask why there was differences from my passport ([EDIT] not [EDIT], and [EDIT] NOT [EDIT]) as my name and date of birth. They were unable to contact me at the time on the number given as this was a fictional number due to late night call and texts from various third parties so i choose to not share a contact number with anyone other than family. I further explained I did not want my husband to find out about my online gambling so calling wouldn't be a solution. The reasons for the differences was simply a typing error from my passport which i emailed and was accepted and my account was "fully verified" so at this point i made my first deposit. I then played and ended up £214 in profit after various bonus's. I left my money in the account to play at a different time.

When this time came maybe 5 days later my account was "locked" without no notification from video slots at all which i found rude and unprofessional.

Various emails conversations took place regarding a phone call which i had explained previously I had already told the customer services advisor the number was not a real one and that he knew that before verifying my account and allowing me to deposit and play. It was then forwarded to the "security team" who took over two weeks to reply. The reply was a simple one that the account would remain blocked with no return of funds as it failed security checks and they would only call the number on the account. I have explained on numerous occasions the number on the account is not a real one and could not understand what would be achieved by simply speaking to me on the phone AFTER i had provided more than enough official documentation. If i wanted to chat to somebody on the phone about my gaming surely i would just go to a casino.

.They are flat line refusing to call any other number should i change my mind and will not even return the initial deposit.

Please help.

Kind regards,


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7 Responses

Aug 13, 2015

Hi shazswift58 - welcome to!

As I explained over email, Video Slots have very clear terms and conditions regarding the requirement to provide a valid phone number. Having looked through the communication you forwarded, at no point did the Video Slots team exempt you from this requirement.

I tend not to provide valid phone numbers to commercial entities myself for similar reasons. Unfortunately this is as a trait shared by many people engaged in the operation of multiple accounts under different name. Combined with differences between the details submitted and the documentation submitted and this starts to paint a rather concerning picture.

I realise that there may be nothing more to the above than unfortunate coincidence and that's what I'm going to look to establish when talking to the casino.

In anticipation of your complaint coming through I've already contacted Video Slots to find out if there's more to this issue. I will hope to have a response within the next week.



Aug 21, 2015

Hi shazswift58,

To give you an update on this issue, I am currently discussing it with the VideoSlots team.

3 complaints have come in from different players that are all are about exactly the same phone number issue.

To be clear - we have sent a large number of players to VideoSlots casino and never had a single complaint surrounding the phone call verification procedures at VideoSlots casino, so having 3 come in over such a short space of time is a little unusual.

It's also unusual that none of the 3 complaints come from players that signed up through this site, meaning that this isn't a case of players who frequent the site returning when they had an issue.

As complaint mediation sites go, we're by far the smallest of the 3 substantive complaint sites (probably by a factor of 100 in comparison to both CasinoMeister or AskGamblers). That 3 complaints all of the same nature, none of whom used this site to sign-up, all end up at the lowest profile of the dispute services while there are no recent similar complaints at either of the larger dispute services is substantially unusual.

Obviously the above isn't conclusive in any regard, but it is usual enough that I do intend to provide the casino with the necessary time to put together a complete complaints package to justify their actions.

I'll get back to you when I've reviewed the casino's submission.



Sep 03, 2015

Hi shazswift58,

Firstly apologies for the delays. Our previous contact with Video Slots has moved on since we last needed to speak with them. As such I've had to spend some time opening up a new channel of communication with the right people within the group to discuss this issue.

That appears to have happened now and I hope to make progress with this complaint shortly.



Sep 08, 2015

Hi shazswift58,

I've spoken to VideoSlots regarding your issue. They've informed me that you are refusing to comply with their phone verification requirements.

While I understand the reason you are not wanting to do this, this is a clearly defined requirement of opening an account. If you don't wish other people to find out about your gambling I would suggest arranging a time when you know you'll be alone to receive the call.

The bottom line here is that if you do not comply with the security verification requirements there's nothing I can do to support you.



Sep 16, 2015

Hi shazswift58,

Have you contacted VideoSlots to arrange for phone verification?



Sep 21, 2015

Hi shazswift58,

If I've not had any response from you by Friday the 25th of September I'll assume that you're not prepared to complete the necessary security verification procedures and close this complaint.



Dec 14, 2015

Hi shazswift58,

I've spoken to Video Slots again about this issue. While I have concerns about your account, I don't feel that providing a false phone number at time of sign-up is enough to justify non-payment if all other verification policies have been met without issue.

As such the casino have agreed to reopen your account and allow the withdrawal of your funds. I would suggest however that regardless of your account being reopened, you probably want to choose an alternative operator to play with in future.

If you could confirm when you've received your funds I'd appreciate it.



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