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VideoSlots – Winnings Voided


Resolved - On review, VideoSlots casino have reversed their decision and have paid this player in full.

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Player's Complaint

I joined Videoslots a few weeks ago, and immediately was prompted to send in ID and proof of address. The first proof of address was rejected so I got something more recent and this was accepted. I then deposited £200 using Skrill. At that point I was prompted to upload a screenshot of my Skrill account which I did and this was also accepted.

They have a joining bonus of up to £200, which is added in chunks of £20 for every £400 you wager. So I decided to have a go at the wagering. I did pretty well and completed most of the wagering mid-week, but then left it till the weekend to finish it off.

The slot I was using was called Cinema Classics; it was the top slot on site at the time and I enjoyed playing it. However when I went back to finish the wagering the game would not allow me to wager, saying it was ineligible for the bonus. I thought okay, and tried a couple more until I found one (Bloodsuckers) that worked. This was also a ‘top played’ slot.

I finished the wagering and had a series of really good wins, and also a £10 cash reward from the casino. At this point my balance was £997, so great I thought, and withdrew it!

A few days passed with nothing so I asked them why it hadn’t been processed, and they said they required a phone call verification. I said this was fine and gave them my number to call. An hour later and no phone call; I went back on live chat and the person said they called, but somebody else answered and they wanted an explanation. The live chat agent took a pretty aggressive tone with this.

However in the original live chat conversation I’d given them the correct amendment so they were able to phone me. However the live chat agent said it was against their terms and conditions and would have to go back to the security team.

A few days later I was told my account was closed because I breached terms and conditions. I would like to re-iterate the only thing I’m guilty of is not giving my correct phone number. My phone number is private and I already dislike the way my information is shared, so I was not happy to give it to a casino as well. However, when they said they would need it I did immediately tell them on live chat.

They tried to withhold my deposit as well, but I argued the case and they returned my deposit. At this point I asked for a settlement of the winnings, because I won them completely fair and square. Confiscating £797 of winnings because I put a digit wrong in my phone number (as is common) seems extremely heavy handed.

I offered them to partially settle my winnings, and in exchange I would not go to an independent mediator and potentially negatively impact their rating (which was very high, this is why I joined). However they rejected this, and so here I am emailing this to you.

So to summarise, I joined and complied with all their verification requests, I won £797 and was delighted with this, and then had it withheld for changing a phone digit (as well as my deposit). I only got my deposit back because I kicked up a fuss.

I’m seeking the full payment of my legitimate winnings, in exchange for not dragging their reputation through the mud. I don’t feel it’s an unreasonable request, but if they’re the kind of company who would take £800 of my winnings because of an incorrect phone number which I had a good reason for doing, then I want people to know that so that they don’t sign up as I did.

Kind regards


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6 Responses

Jul 31, 2015

Hi janenapier8 - welcome to!

Before I can assist you with your issue I need you to provide me with your email address and username at VideoSlots casino.



Aug 03, 2015


My email address is [EDIT], and my username was [EDIT]

Thank you


Aug 07, 2015

Apologies janenapier8,

I've only just seen your response - I'll contact the casino now.



Aug 21, 2015

Hi janenapier8,

To give you an update on this issue, I am currently discussing it with the VideoSlots team.

3 complaints have come in from different players that are all are about exactly the same phone number issue.

To be clear - we have sent a large number of players to VideoSlots casino and never had a single complaint surrounding the phone call verification procedures at VideoSlots casino, so having 3 come in over such a short space of time is a little unusual.

It's also unusual that none of the 3 complaints come from players that signed up through this site, meaning that this isn't a case of players who frequent the site returning when they had an issue.

As complaint mediation sites go, we're by far the smallest of the 3 substantive complaint sites (probably by a factor of 100 in comparison to both CasinoMeister or AskGamblers). That 3 complaints all of the same nature, none of whom used this site to sign-up, all end up at the lowest profile of the dispute services while there are no recent similar complaints at either of the larger dispute services is substantially unusual.

Obviously the above isn't conclusive in any regard, but it is usual enough that I do intend to provide the casino with the necessary time to put together a complete complaints package to justify their actions.

I'll get back to you when I've reviewed the casino's submission.



Aug 23, 2015

Hello Pogg

I'm happy to say that Videoslots have contacted me and refunded all the money, as well as reopening my account for future play. Although I was disappointed in the proccess, I'm glad that I've got my winnings back.

Re using the Pogg, I've never joined the Pogg before but I've always used it as a guideline for where is safe to play. I was aware of the other sites but had no ideas that Pogg was the smallest (I thought it was the other way around!), so apologies if I've put extra work on your plate. When I had an issue this was the only place I knew to go to, but I will remember about the other sites if I'm unlucky enough to ever have to go through this again.

Kind regards


Aug 24, 2015

Hi janenapier8,

That's great news! I'm a little concerned that I haven't received any explanation from Video Slots yet.

It's not about work on my plate or not wanting you to submit complaints - that's what we're here to do so all work is good work. However, due to the sheer volume of player fraud within the industry - approximately 1 in every 5 complaints that comes to this service is confirmed as being involved in multi-accounting, syndicate play or, most seriously, identity theft (doctoring of identification or use of someone else's identity) - where unusual patterns start to show they have to be investigated fully.

Your complaint by itself would not be concerning to me in any serious fashion (other than trying to resolve the complaint). While we may be the smallest of the mediation services, a good number of players still choose to use us.

However when a pattern emerges where several players all with very similar complaints choose to come to us over the bigger and better known entities, yet have not signed up through us, this does represent an usual pattern. If the players were using our service before they encountered issues they likely would have signed up through us. That they haven't signed up through us suggest they found our service after the issue occurred. That multiple complainants who were not using the service beforehand all happen to find the smallest of the complaint services while there are no similar complaints at our larger competitors (i.e. we're not just seeing our 'share' of a large number of complaints, every complainant is specifically coming to us) that is a significant pattern and does warrant allowing the casino additional time to compose their case.

Anyway - I'm glad you've been paid and that we can close this complaint as Resolved.



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