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ViggoSlots – Breach of responsible gambling, GDPR, general rules and privacy policy


Declined - This complaint relates to compliance with a Freedom of Information request. We can say that ViggoSlots are obliged to comply with this, but enforcement had to be dealt with by the relevant agency.

Player's Complaint

Hi. This casino has since the 3rd of aug refused to send me a "data subject access request" This is to be read under their privacy Policy:

"You have a right to request a copy of the personal information we hold about you, known as a data subject access request. You also have the right to request that information we hold about you which may be incorrect, or which has been changed since you first told us, is updated or removed. These requests are free of charge and can be sent by email or by contacting Customer Services"

They claim that I will have to pay for paper, work hours and shipping!!!???

I did send them a request to close my account January 2017 but from my gmail, not from the email that my account and this was discovered the 1st of aug this year. What lead to this discovery was that I the 23rd of july got a promo sms from them. I logged on and lost 14000 sek. I decided to close this account and no, I didn't remember to have closed this account since I have had accounts at very many casinos. When I start write the email address it comes up a used before address. I did send them a permanent closure request and started to look in archives and found another request for permanent closure for january 2017. 25 something emails back and forth where this casino tells me that "only if the casino can see an indication of gambling problems they will allow a permanent closure, otherwise the account will only be blocked for 12 months. This rule is nowhere to be found on their webpage and they tell me that the person who sent me the confirmation of closure forgot to give me information about this. They also tell me that they have gone thru all communication and didn't see any indication of gambling problems( I later found a chat from march this year where I tell them 7 times that I have gambling problems)

Not one word about this other account.

The 1st of aug I filed a complaint to askgamblers who accepted the casinos version that I deliberately had created 2 accounts to put myself in a win win situation and rejected my complaint.

I was very surprised but had not one clue what was going on. No explanation from AG or the casino. It was then I discovered that my request was sent from my gmail and not the email I used when opening the account. I always use the same password for all my casino accounts and try to log on to this account that I didn't know that I had. I was provided, from the chat, with a username I never heard before. He also asks me If I want to reopen the account. I try both username and my gmail. Wrong username or password. I try to log on to the account that I knew that I had opened. Log in denied, pls contact the support. I tried a third log in with totally random credentials that couldn't be associated with any account. Wrong password or username. Same as the first attempt.

The 2nd of august I receive a mail from them to my gmail. "Your welcome bonus is waiting for you". I have never before received any email from them to this address. It was then it tried again, with the same credentials as the day before, to log on to the account I never had and I expect it to be wrong password or username. Surprise surprise. "Your account is closed, pls contact the support." After this I receive a personal email from a member manager who says " I have noticed that you have not yet used your welcome package so thats why I am contacting you today. Let me explain"

Usually these offers are sent to new customers, not to an account that has been closed for 1 year and 8 months, correct me if Im wrong. Now they come up with an explanation that it was technical issues that "by accident" these promo emails were sent to closed accounts. Then I find it remarkable that I didn't receive this fantastic welcome promo to my account that I actually closed.

Not one proof has been presented that I had 2 accounts.

Therefore I have requested all information that they have associated with my person but they refuse to do this. I have filed a complaint to the issuer of their license, Curacao Egaming and they have answered emails and to [email protected] but it has been very quiet from them.

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9 Responses

Aug 23, 2018

Hi brickman - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

Your complaint appears to be rather complex and there's a lot of information I need to provide you with before we do anything else.

Firstly, ViggoSlots are Blacklisted with this service. As such the chances of us being able to help you are pretty small.

Secondly, regarding your subject access request - this is something that would fall outside of the remit of this service. While ViggoSlots are required to comply with such a request, I can say - based on the rules in the UK, which I believe reflect across Europe - that they would be entitled to charge a fee if the request would be burdensome for them to meet. Within the UK that fee would be a maximum of £10. By the sounds of things agreement to pay this fee may be what's holding this process up. If you have agreed to pay the fee and the operator still refuses to comply with the request you would have to address this issue to the relevant body within Sweden. Unfortunately I couldn't identify which body that would be from the UK.

Secondly, if you have made a request to close your account from an email address other than the one registered to your account, your account will not have been closed. This type of request HAS to come from the email address associated with the account.

Finally, if you have opened multiple accounts with this operator this would immediately be a violation of casino terms and conditions and there would be nothing we could do to help you.

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you but you should understand from the outset that the chances of success are low.



Aug 24, 2018

Hi ThePOGG. I have now received a mail from them that they will provide me with all information regarding both accounts and it will be sent to my email, free of charge and it will take 30 days. The first time I requested the information was the 3rd of aug so it should be in my inbox very soon.
I also find it strange that they closed an account not associated with the actual email the request was sent from and this information came up about a week and 25 emails later that this account "existed". But this support tend to "forget" and "miss" to provide their clients with information. It has happened before to other clients. I read that a client asked for deposit limits but the chat agent "forgot" to set the limit. The client had to ask again and the chat apologized for misstake but also said that responsibility is on the client.
After a month with communication with this casino very many, even stranger, things has appeared.
The support has claimed in multiple mails that only people with obvious signs of gambling problems are allowed to close a account, otherwise the account will only be blocked for 12 months and will be open automatically after this period.They were sorry that the agent "forgot" to inform me about this. I find this remarkable since, according to a chat agent, the account was only open for a couple of days and no deposits were made on this account (the one I didn't know existed).

Lets talk about the account that had open. During this investigation I came across more information found in my email. One thing is a chat from the 16th of march where I ask them to close my account du to gambling problems. I informed them about my gambling problems 7 times in this chat which included 4 different chat agents. I said in this chat that I have sent them a request, via their contact page, and asked if this would work. The answer to this was Yes. Long story short.I asked them to freeze my account and they told me if they that it will not be possible to close a account permanently that is frozen. Thats why I op out this alternative. I was told in this chat that they had blocked me from making deposits while
waiting for the request to close the account to be processed.
What the chat agent "forgot" to tell me this time was that this block would be released. I also ask what options I have to minimize the risk of loosing money. Freeze the account was my option. I ask if there is an option to set deposit limits but the answer was freeze the account and op out from the possibility to permanently close the account.

There is much more to this case. Arbitrary rules, made up rules that are nowhere to be found in this T&C´s, different rules depending on who you talk to. One agent apologizes for another agents forgetfulness but the responsibility always falls back on the client regardless what has happened. Excuses and explanations that are tailor made just as the situation occurs just to solely hold the client accountable.

Aug 27, 2018

Hi brickman,

This group of operators has been Blacklisted specifically because of frequent issue like the ones you describe. It's always a shame to see players choose this group of operators.

I would suggest that you wait and see what comes through from your subject access request then you can revert to us with what you find.



Sep 04, 2018

Hi again. As I predicted not one response from them. From the 1st of jan 2019 all operators that want to have their business in Sweden have to apply for a license from a authority, Lotteriinspektionen. I am actually already in contact with them and I will do whatever it takes to stop [them] from having a Swedish license. [EDIT]

Sep 05, 2018

Hi brickman,

My assumption would be that the 30 days would begin from the time they sent you the email, not the time of your first request. What date did you receive the email?



Oct 01, 2018

Hello. As I suspected there would be a problem. What they have sent me is screenshots of my deposits in the account that I created. I have, yet again, requested all information stated below found on their webpage.

Information about your online browsing behavior on Viggo’s website, mobile apps, and other Viggo’s content online – please see our Cookies Policy for more details;
Information about any devices you have used to access our Services (such as model, operating system, IP address, browser type, mobile device identifier)
Customer service interaction – we archive conversations we’ve had with you. We might do this to check that we have carried out your instructions correctly; to resolve queries or issues; for regulatory purposes; to help improve our quality of service; to help us train our staff; or to help detect or prevent fraud or other crimes.

I have to wait another 30 days. The information I receives contains another proof that they created an account with my email. Im so upset with them right now. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Oct 08, 2018

Hi brickman,

If they operator are failing/refusing to comply with a freedom of information request you need to contact the body responsible for the regulation of data processing in your country. They will be the body with the power to make a ruling in this type of situation.



Oct 15, 2018

As expected, they fail to provide me with relevant requested information. This time they send me screen shots of the dispute that started in august. Nothing else. I requested information from january 2017 but no. This casino is by far the worse bunch of idiots.

Oct 15, 2018

Hi brickman,

As stated above, as this case revolves around failure to comply with a freedom of information request you would need to take it to your local advertising regulatory authority to investigate. This is beyond the remit of this service.



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