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The Virtual Casino – The UnVirtual Casino


Found for the Casino - This player has submitted 3 complaints at once about this group of casinos. They have issued chargebacks against this group and as such there is nothing we can do to help them.

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Player's Complaint

Used bonus code played high out the gate switched to Double Your Luck with about $450. Played it down to about $150 $7.50 bet amount hit dice role got 50x wager x3 spins. All 3 spins hit triple diamonds. After the first hit it was like the brakes got put on and winnings amount was fighting to get past $387 and was glitchy. Only received 1 of the three wins. Played a few more spins and contacted customer service. They attempted there avoidance tactics. I got them caught up in there methods. Trying to pass me around and ask for a deposit. Got the manager and he first tried to avoid it then said he had no record of that. I got screen shots of the conversation and I maybe certain there on high alert.

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3 Responses

Jun 28, 2018

Hi ajbgotme - welcome back!

I'm afraid to say I'm not following your complaint at all.

Firstly, looking at the game Double Ya Luck it does not appear to be possible to place a wager of $7.50.

Secondly, your claim is for $1300. If you were wagering $7.50/spin and you won 50x$7.50, that would be a win of $375. Triple Diamonds pays 3x your line bet, so even if your line bet with $7.50 (I couldn't find a configuration that resulted in that wager) that would be $22.50 per spin, so over three spins would be $67.50. In total that makes $442.50. Where is the rest of this claim coming from?



Jun 28, 2018

I must apologize I am trying to do many things at once. I value you in put. The bonus round Double Ya Luck. I had like $150 when I hit the bonus. So $375x3=$1125.00

Jun 28, 2018

On top of that they told me in cust. serv. chat they had not record of that transaction. So right there that's violating policy. It would be complete nonsense if any business could not or do not keep that data. Especially casinos. They use that super sophisticated quantum calculation and such. Beside I have had one place I played look at games I played and reimbursed for the for glitch.

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