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WikiWins – confiscated my winnings wrong gaming Patten internally


Found for the Player - WikiWins response to this complaint was to accuse the player of fraud without even knowing which player the complaint related to! Their hostile tone was entirely unprofessional and unhelpful in terms of managing this complaint. When this was pointed out to them communication ceased.

Player's Complaint

Dear sir i am player your casino www.wikiwins.com this casino licences by you..made a deposit 70usd 25-11-2016 ..this casino provied me 250% bonus and my total fund showing my account 245$ ..after i start play and complete waged requerment with in 3 days..and my cash balance is 1460$ ..after casino ask me for account verfication document they say after the verfication you made withdrawal ..i say ok ..after i send my all document they ask me..after 24-48 they verfied my all document and account ..after i made a withrawal 29_11-2016 amount 1460usd..and after i contact this casino and ask how much time my fund arrived my neteller account they say me 24-72 hours...what today i check my casino account there is not showing any pending withdrawal..i contect casino chat agent and ask where is my fund ..they say your fund is reject..and they only able to refund me my deposit amont..i said to him why ..they answer me not clearly ...please ask this casino why they don't pay with the customer...if customer loss they happy..if the customer win they reject...i asking you why you licences this like of casino they not take care of the customer right and winning and rejects winning without any reason..please verfiyed it ..i play casino last 7 years and vip member of other casino and neteller...so you understand why i am do this....i have all avedence regarding my withrawal deposit profile email chat ..if u want i provide you why email ..what first ask this casino ..

Thanks for sending me email...what my gaming Patten is not same for other player..because i completed all documents verification after i goging to withdrawal my money ...if u are a legal authority of casino so check these operator my account all informations..because i am legally played my casino game without any illegally actively ...what if u are unable to help refunds my money..so send me email..i goging to court against your operator and you...and file a case against this [EDIT] with me with all avedence of casino playing ...i am not responsible that there casino any other player try to fraud...because if this casino is many other departments kind of finance risk and you...so why any other player try to fraud..this is online software system with high security...so please dont believes this operator stuped execuses..please find all details and evidence of my winning..if casino is right...so that i am responsible and casino has right to file a case against me for this fake winning..if i am right and my winning is true so casino give me 100 time of my winning..so please find all is my request to you....if you unable to this ..i goging to court of justices , wold online gambling commission and human right...because i am legal player online casino last 7 years...

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3 Responses

Mar 07, 2018

Hi gugu2525 - welcome back.

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you but I have to state in advance that if your account is unnaturally associated with other player accounts we will not support your claim.



Mar 07, 2018

Dear sir

My account is not associated with other player accounts ...casino said to reason me you ask again and again your waged request out and ask for many time of chat agent to how much my withdrew is process ..

I am asking you sir this is not a right to customer according the casino gaming commission law customer has any time ask to his account information regarding the bonus waged withdrew ....that's the duty of casino they answer the customers query any time every minutes..if customer is completed his all legal request according the term of casino ....

And I am giving you final reason that is I am withdrew my all money after all waged requirements bonus complete and verified account. I am asking you that is not a customer right make a withdrew after account verification and meet the waged all bonus ...why casino objections this ..

I have all evidence of my wining profiles and withdrew and deposit ...casino think customer has deposit small amount and win height amont 1460 usd..

And casino has not any reason to stop my Payment because I am playing my game according the term of casino ..and that theirs is not any way to stop my payout then after they put a stupid excuse ..that is your account is showing other casino player account according this players they fraud the casino ... I asking this casino why they stand me on same Patten of player..if I am deferment of this my playing my account and my winning ...

If u want I am sending you all evidence of my Account ...what am sure and challenge operator is not going a right way my cashout ..that is not a justice of gaming law and his gaming license authority ...casino has done a big mistake they thing all player is fraud ..and they are all done same...I am also feel a wager ....because online gaming is so respect in world and people has investment the online casino world wide because they trust is rule of gaming authority and justice of gaming's laws ..what some casino has try to break his trust and they are not done
good treatment of his client.. In the 7 years playing history of casino these are 4 casino has rejected NY night wining without any reason... In the 7 years playing history's I loss 70000 USD and win 20000usd ..what I am happy other casino they take care of me and cashout ...and I respect all gaming's authority and special you ...you all take care of customer ....


Maybe if you believed I am wrong ...please send me comments ...

Legal player India

Apr 16, 2018

Hi gugu2525,

Unfortunately, while WikiWins have offered a response to this issue they have refused to discuss any details of your complaint. In fact, prior to receiving more than our generic notification that a compliant had been received, which contained no details of the user or complaint, they sent through a response that basically asserted that any complaint was bogus and that it would be "unfair" of us to publish lies. This was a very unusual response especially given that the operator did not have the details of the complaint at that point.

Unfortunately I no longer have any confidence that WikiWins will change their position on this in the near future. As such there's nothing further we can do to help you.

Sorry we could not be of more help!


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