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Windetta - Account closed after winnings because of a "gambling addiction"


Found for the Operator - This player had a clear understanding of the terms of use, knew the properties an exclusion would apply at and their interaction with the support team were rightly classified as a self-exclusion.

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Player's Complaint

Hello ThePOGG team,

I appear to be the latest victim of the WinDetta Casino "account closed due to a gambling addiction" tactic.

I will be providing a detailed overview of my case below. I can back most of these up with attachments if needed.

January 12th - I signed up to WinDetta casino, I made a deposit of 75EUR, and activated a bonus of 125% the deposit amount; I then wagered this bonus completely and ended up with a balance of around 1000EUR.

January 13th - I sent my verification documents on their automatic verification page, as well as at [email protected]. I kept playing using the balance mentioned, and I eventually reached a balance of 2000EUR, which I decided to withdraw.

January 14th - I looked up WinDetta casino on some review websites, and I was worried when I found some cases of players having their accounts closed when trying to withdraw money. Knowing I had previously played on Altacore casinos and self-excluded there, I sent them an e-mail reclarifying that I NEVER self-excluded in their casinos due to a gambling problem/addiction etc. I never received an e-mail answering my verification status, or to the aforementioned e-mail I sent to them.

January 15th (around 14:30 GMT+1) - I was trying to log into my account, and, of course, it was blocked "due to a gambling addiction". The casino refunded my deposit of 75EUR on my Skrill account. I did not receive any e-mail regarding this closure. I tried to contact them via Live Chat (which pointed me to their support team at [email protected]). I sent an e-mail to that address, with no reply as of now.

Further details:

I have previously played on Altacore casinos, and I have self-excluded from some of them, mentioning the reason as "too many losses", which can be interpreted in many ways, but what I meant was simply that I was losing too much on these casinos without getting any wins, which made gambling on such websites no longer desirable to me.

I last played at an Altacore casino in 2022.

I have used a different e-mail address to register to WinDetta than to the casinos that I registered to in 2022, as I was simply using a new e-mail address.

I have used a new home address as well as I moved places in 2023.

Now for the kicker:

On January 11th I also created an account with Wintopia Casino, which is another Altacore casino. This casino shares most of the terms and conditions with WinDetta, including article "7.5. If a player closes his casino account due to "problems with gambling" / "loss of self-control over the game" / "gambling addiction", in this case, the player is prohibited from playing on the sites of the casino partners, which are indicated in the license of this casino.".

I quickly won a sum of 500EUR and requested verification and the withdrawal of that sum, in the exact same methods and documents as on WinDetta.

On January 12th, the Wintopia team notified me that my account was successfully verified.

On January 15th (around 8:30 GMT+1), my withdrawal of 500EUR was processed and in my Skrill wallet.

At the moment of writing this, my Wintopia account is still accessible.

I can accept my account being closed, as it is in their rights to not accept me as a player, but I think closing my account with such a significant sum in it is just predatory behavior, and I am concerned about how many people they are profiting off of in this way, while they still have a positive rating on this website.

I am hoping for a favorable solution, as I have seen WinDetta can do right by their players and come around and eventually pay their winnings. I am hoping that the sum of 1925 EUR (my withdrawal requests - the 75EUR they sent back to me) will be in my account as soon as possible.

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4 Responses

User icon
January 18, 2024

Hi Mkhitaryan27 - welcome to

Unfortunately there's nothing we can do to assist you in this case.

Ordinarily, we would view term 7.5 as insufficiently clear as it requires the player to know which sites are run by Altacore NV without providing this information, but it is clear based on your submission that this wasn't a problem to you and you were aware that both you had played with other Altacore sites and which sites they were.

On top of this, while we understand the arguement about how you closed your previous accounts, it's prefectly reasonable for a gambling operator to view a player closing their account due to "too many losses" as a problem gambling issue. In fact, we'd fault any operator for failing to do so based on this language.

In short, we view the operator viewing your previous closures as responsible gambling related as correct and you've been clear that understanding term 7.5 was not as issue here.

There's no case for us to pursue here.

Sorry we could not be of further assistance.


User icon
January 18, 2024

At the time of registering with WinDetta, I was not aware of article 7.5 in their T&Cs (I know the casino can't be faulted for this, even though it is not immediately clear which casinos are their partners).

I only learned about their sister websites and found out I played on some of them on January 14th when I looked them up on some review websites and saw some of the complaints.

I gathered all that information before making my complaint to be able to provide an honest and well-informed case, but I guess that hurt my case instead.

Thanks anyway for having a look at my complaint. I still think that closing a player's account with such a balance still on it is the sign of a predatory casino no matter what way you look at it, unless there is some serious foul play involved from the player.

User icon
February 13, 2024

Just so you know, the casino reversed its decision and paid my winnings.

So, there was in fact a case to pursue here and your "resolution" is factually incorrect. The casino even ended up changing one of their T&C's following my complaint on CasinoGuru.

I have my doubts that you are actually here to help players since you didn't take the time to properly understand my case.

User icon
February 14, 2024

Hi Mkhitaryan27,

We're glad to hear that, but our position on this matter stands. This is not a lack of understanding of your case, it's a matter of disagreeing entirely that you were entitled to a refund in this instance.

We're sorry to hear of your questions about the practices of this service and would recommend if you feel that way that you look to an alternative service in future.


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January 17, 2024

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