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Winner – missing balance


Found for the Player - As has become standard for the group that Winner Casino belongs to, they have refused to discuss any player complaints submitted to this service.

Read our Winner Casino Review.

Player's Complaint

I think Winner is taking my money.while playing Pharoahs secret i had 0ver $2000 then i got. into some. connection problems then magically my mkney disappears thinking maybe. the play through is over. leaving. me. 596 of real money now. ? so i go to check and it said are you. sure. I want. to withdraw. canceling. my bonus....then I was shocked about. it and quickly went to chat.things were lagging slow response. And this is not the first time it's happened to me.last time. they said my bonus expired.i said ok and. now this again.. they took 2000 and. live chat couldn't. be straight up with me. on what happened first operator told me. to check it. my. self. And was telling me the wrong. symbols. of the history he confused. me. all I see. was. transactions on the left nothing. on the top right. of a history book second. live chat operator tells me. I played. all $2000 and. I remember. myself. that I played. only 10 mins. of it because for some reason I couldn't. see my balance.but. I can see how much I bet which was. 40$ a spin on Pharoahs secret... And. so couple. hours later. I go on chat again and. this time the guy doesn't. even say his name and. he seems to know. my problem. already..so as. I mentioned it. he has told me. that Ive canceled my bonus but. I don't. remember doing that I did after. I was left. with 596 I checked. And. he said the last time. I checked. it was when I canceled it which I checked. it after the money is missing.so there's no way and. yes also I wasn't. able to withdrawal that 596 because. I was. in bonus still all though 2000 is missing. already. how much. is the play through for a lousy$15 bonus?? million? winner casino is not a fair casino please. help as they all got their. stories. wrong and does not make sense to me. cause. I was. playing. small amount bets.

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6 Responses

Jul 30, 2018

Hi joffy - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

Before going further:

i) Where you accept a bonus it is your responsibility to understand the rules, including wagering requirements, that are associated with that bonus.

ii) Betting $40/spin - as you state you were - is not betting small amounts. Losing $2k in 10 minutes playing at this stake would not be remarkable.

iii) I'm familiar with the bonus cancelling system at Playtech software casinos and the almost universally includes a pop-up warning detailing the consequences of cancelling before you've met the conditions of the bonus.

Taking into account the above can you please clearly explain what your complaint is?



Aug 06, 2018

Hi joffy,

When contacting us please use your complaint thread. Emailing is only used for submitting information that cannot be contained within the complaint thread.

Having read your email I simply don't see much of a case here. You claim in your email that you were playing without being able to see your balance. In your original post you state you were betting $40/spin. Far from being unusual, losing $2k playing like that would be very easy.

You also state that you tried to withdraw. If you still had an active bonus at the time then you very likely would have been shown an alert warning you that withdrawing would cancel your bonus and any associated winnings.

Winner casino are as a standard non-responsive to complaints posted with this service. We can contact them and ask them to provide your play history, but if their system logs show you cancelled your bonus or played your balance down there would be nothing further that we could do to help you.


Aug 09, 2018

yes can u please. check my. history if i did bet. all 2000 because at first they said I played my balance. then after they say. I cancelled my bonus. they change their story. all I wanted. that time. was proof I played the money. and they. couldn't. even give it. to me the proof and. it's also odd the next day they gave me a 130$ no deposit bonus I was thinking because. u guys. the.POGG has. reached out to them and so they gave. me that $130 no deposit but 130 is not 2000

Aug 09, 2018

my balance. is. covered. but I was able to set. how. much I can bet. and. I made. sure. it. was. low. which was I think 1.50 coin all the lines...I actually hit a bonus and.won 500 was annoyed. I couldn't see my. balance. so after. 10 mins only. of playing I restarted. the game it snowed my balance for. 596 after. I won 500 ?? I was actually thinking I was. winning...but when I looked. 596 did not. make. sense. so after. I tried. to withdraw. that. 596 and. it' said I was. still in my. bonus. so there's actually. no way. I cancelled my. bonus and. the next day. the chat. told me. that. I cancelled. my. bonus so can u check that also that I tried. to withdraw. my funds. after I saw. 596 was left over. yet. I. couldn't withdraw. that although they told e I cancelled my bonus that's why .. doesn't make sense. I have a. screenshot. of them replying. I cancelled my. bonus which I didn't. cuz I tried to withdraw

Aug 13, 2018

Hi joffy,

Again, 1.50/line or $40/spin is not a low bet. That's a very high bet and comparitive to a $2k loss is only 50 units (i.e. far from a surprising or significant loss). If you have not been able to see your balance during this time, regardless of how you 'feel' you've been doing, there's very little we can do to argue a case here. Your loss is not out of proportion with your bet size.

I'll let you know if we hear back from the operator.


Aug 27, 2018

Hi joffy,

Unfortunately Winner casino have responded to us informing us that they will not discuss player complaint issues submitted to this service. As such there is nothing further we can do to help you with this issue.


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