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Winward - Won't payout


Found for the Casino - Winward Casino have provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate that this player has opened multiple accounts.

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Player's Complaint

Such a frustrating headache. Still haven't had my winnings paid or a secondary technical problem even addressed. They make every possible excuse not robots you and then just stop responding. I'm quite sure they have even blocked my ip address claiming "sure maintenance". Very poor casino. [EDIT] Stay away.

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3 Responses

April 1, 2021

Hi shannabanana666 - welcome to!

You would have to provide a far more detailed explanation of the problems before we could assist you.



April 2, 2021

Well I was awarded my twenty five free spins via email. Which I spun and won a small amount, can't remember a

How much exactly. Around seven dollars. Which I proceeded to play and won a large amount. I met the wager requirement and they bumped m back to 25 as per the terms and conditions. That was to be free and clear my money that I could cash out as I wish to a maximum of $100. I played it up to 132 and Began the process of cashing out. First step I needed to verify my identity. They were just very difficult about it refusing documents that in my opinion shouldn't have been. The instructions say a government issued letter would suffice, I sent a leter from Alberta regional housing with the correct address stating an up coming rent increase dates March forth ( because the first document I sent was too old). That wasn't sufficient either. Then I tried the top portion of last month's bank statement, the same bank saying they needed the full page. By this point I was Leary to give them that much information so I blanked out anything important and sent it away. I said is anything else. They said no now you wait 48 hours. They were declining my documents in like twenty minutes easy. So I moved on to the deposit. It would not accept the ten dollar minimum deposit I was trying so I inquired as to why. They said that my bank had a 34 dollar minimum. Which I know is not true because I have done 1, 5,10 dollar repositioning times before. It was late, I gave up. The next morning I go to log into anybody the four sister sites that I play in and they've now been down for maintenance for two days.. But I found that they in fact have numerous other sister sites that I was able to sign for, surprisingly not a single other one was experiencing this incredibly long unannounced scheduled maintenance. So thatsvwhere I'm at now. And I'll will comment again in regards to the other instance of technical error that they did not address which involved about thirty unallocated spinswins including 50 times pay out on a forty dollar spin. I don't have all of the screenshots showing the approximately thirty no late but I have that one and about fifteen others.I asked for my account to be reconciled from the time they bumped me back to the twenty five dollars and they haven't responded for days. I will create an album of the screen shots and send a link

April 18, 2021

Winward casino has provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate that this player has opened multiple accounts in breach of terms and conditions. As such we will take no further part in the representation of this player's claim.

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April 1, 2021

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