House Edge Calculator

Decks: 1 2 4 5 6 8
 Dealer Stands On Soft 17 
 Dealer Hits On Soft 17 
 Double On Any 2 Cards
 Double On Hard 9-11
 Double On Hard 10-11
 Double On Hard/Soft 9-11
 Double After Split
 Dealer Peeks For BJ
 Dealer Does Not Peek For BJ
 Dealer Peeks on Ace
 Dealer Peeks on Ten
 Playtech Peek (split bets lost)
 No Resplits
 Resplit To 3 Hands
 Resplit To 4 Hands
 Resplit Aces
 No Surrender
 Late (Standard) Surrender
 Early Surrender Against 10
 Full Early Surrender
 Blackjack Pays 3:2 
 Blackjack Pays 1:1
 Blackjack Pays 6:5
 Blackjack Pays 7:5
 Blackjack Pays 2:1
 Suited BJ Pays 2:1
 No #-card Bonus
 5-Card 21 Pays 2:1
 5+-Card 21 Pays 2:1
 5-Card Charlie
 6-Card Charlie
 7-Card Charlie
 Hit Split Aces
 Cannot Split 4s, 5s, & 10s
 Cannot Split Aces
 Shuffle After Each Hand
 Use CD Exceptions
 777 Pays 3:1
House Edge per Hand:   Standard Deviation per Hand:  
House Edge per Wager: Standard Deviation per Wager: