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21Bet - void winnings


Resolved - We're happy to say that this player has been paid in full. However it should be noted that 21Bet were non-responsive to our communications.

Player's Complaint

I played and won with the casino welcome bonus. I used stakes from £18-£60. I then had the account suspended and did all the verification process including a phone call. The win was on the 10/07/2017. Today 17/07/2017 i had an email saying the following

Hello [EDIT],

We regret to inform you that we are writing to you to confirm that we have taken the measure of voiding the winnings that have been obtained from our casino welcome bonus owing to a breach of the terms outlined.

We reserve the right to withhold any returns accrued from the bonus when there has been a breach of any of the terms. The nature of your staking and game play does highlight a breach.

One example of this breach was in the staking multiple bets of £60 and £18 pounds whilst in the bonus plan which is not permitted.

We acknowledge that you did win on our casino with cash funds after a time that the bonus plan has ceased and so please be assured that this £262 is still showing and so you have a balance of £562.

Your original deposit of £300 and cash winnings of £262 will be withdrawn on your behalf upon acknowledgement of this communication and confirmation and acceptance that the terms have been breached.

Should you have any questions please do let us know but note our decision on this matter is final.


21Bet Security

The terms they had did not have any such terms in them and luckily i have screenshots of those terms. They have updated those now but there is no date stamp to say when this was done basically the original ones when i played said the following.

The maximum Stake that will contribute towards turnover requirements in any single bet is £10. Note it does not say that is the max you are allowed to bet just that's all that will count towards wagering.

Today they have amended the terms and have added the following

8. When a casino bonus is active in your account, stakes must not exceed £10 on any game or all winnings from any play involving the use of the bonus will be void.

I can show the other terms and this did not exist. I replied saying all this and got the following reply

Hi [EDIT],

As you will in term 12, stakes over £10 will not count towards the wagering requirement.

In term 15 we state the minimal risk wagering tactics will risk having their bonuses and winnings removed.


21 Bet Security Team

Those stakes are not minimal risk in anyway and they have confirmed the stakes over £10 will not contribute towards the wagering but not that stakes above £10 are not allowed as that term wasn't there and i think they are admitting to that with that response.

Regarding the first email from them they are trying to get me to agree i have broke the terms and be happy with getting a small part back.

Just totally rogue and i am more than willing to get a solicitor involved if they wont pay up after this.

I can send you all the terms screenshots i took the day i did the promo.

Many thanks in advance


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7 Responses

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July 19, 2017

Hi arnold72 - welcome to!

Before going any further can you please confirm the url of the operator in question (there are a couple with similar names), the url of the terms page and email through the screen shots of the term pages you took before play to [email protected]?



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August 10, 2017

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August 22, 2017

Hi arnold72,

I've had a brief conversation with 21Bet and they've been clear that they will not discuss this complaint with us. Have you had any further communications from them?



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August 22, 2017

Yes have had a few phone calls now and they insist the terms meant cant bet more than £10 but was unclear so changed it after my confiscation.

The maximum Stake that will contribute towards turnover requirements in any single bet is £10

That does not mean cant bet more than £10 and clearly they have admitted it was not clear so changed terms.

They are refusing to pay out basically so decision needs to be made by someone else clearly. How many more people would have broke terms with the way they are worded. Have they refunded them all? I imagine not.

I have a Solicitor on stand bye if need to use him. They also promised me a copy of the phone records of our conversations but have not sent them. I have this promise in an email as well.

Can you maybe advise me which direction to go in next. I am more than happy to use a solicitor if that is what it takes as its just rogue behavior and maybe they need looking into from a higher level.

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August 25, 2017

Hi arnold72,

In our opinion you are entirely right here.

The terms in place at the time that you played did not prohibit bets in excess of £10. They specifically state that bets over £10 will not "contribute to the wagering requirement". This term simply means that bets over £10 won't contribute towards meeting the wagering requirement, it does not prohibit players placing bets over this size while they have a bonus.

In this case that the operator then changed the terms to clarify this point is a clear acknowledgement that the previous terms did not adequately convey their intended meaning.

As 21Bet will not discuss this issue with us my first recommendation, as you're a UK citizen, would be to take your claim to their ADR IBAS. In my opinion, assuming that everything you've presented is factually accurate, there's a very strong chance that IBAS will rule in your favour.

Again assuming the accuracy of your communications, your claim is also strong enough that I feel you would have a good chance of winning your case if you took this to the UK small claims court. As the contested amount is under £10k you are eligible to do that. This is slightly tougher as you'd have to find out whether this company has any UK holdings to file with first and most courts take a dim view on claimants that have not first engaged with an ADR service where available. That being the case I would recommend going to IBAS in the first instance.

I would appreciate it if you'd update us on the progress of your claim.



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September 6, 2017

Hi matter has been resolved today and they have paid in full:) Can i just say a massive thank you for all your help and advice. [EDIT]

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September 6, 2017

Hi arnold72,

That's great news! I'm really pleased that we could help get this money back for you. I hope that the extra funds will get you something nice!

Thanks for letting us know,


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July 19, 2017

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