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InterCasino - Promotion not honored and zeroed instead...


Resolved - After discussion with InterCasino, it was agreed that the terms of the St. Patrick Day table games bonus could have been clearer and as such future bonuses of this type will be advertised differently.

While InterCasino are not totally convinced that the player was as mislead by the terms as they've claimed, in this one instance they've decided to honour the promotion as the player interpreted it.

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Player's Complaint


I have a dispute with an Intercasino; we have reached a point where we acknowledged our different views on the situation and are ready to proceed to independent mediation.

My email there is [EDIT].

Briefing of the situation is this -

I took part in their "St Patrick's Table games promotion". The particular one in question was advertised as a Table games bonus (I prefer slots but oh well). The terms of the specific promotion stated that the rollover is 40 times bonus, in addition to the general terms and conditions, and that slots are banned from gameplay. Yet general terms state that "slots count as 100% and blackjack counts as 10%". Furthermore, games listed in promotion-specific terms as mandatory were some games that have a minimum bet of 25, whereas the terms usually forbid bets of that size for the size of the bonus which we had here.

Seeing as several of those things contradict each other (ie the promotion specific and general promotion terms are at odds with each other), I figured that the nature of a table games promo would be such that the rollover is 40x bonus, not 400x bonus (or 200x bonus if roulette was played) on table games, especially since slots are banned; and if a game is listed as to be played, then they want me to play it regardless of the bet limits.

However, I like being careful so as not to break any terms. So I did the most natural thing - before playing, I spoke to chat to verify the discrepancies and see their final verdict, just in case. And I got it confirmed that I can play those games with min bet of 25, and that the rollover is 40 times the bonus (or rather, 20times deposit plus bonus).

The issue I have with Intercasino is them not honoring that now and claiming that no, it was supposed to be 400x bonus. And I certainly would NOT have taken a "table games promotion" had I thought or was told that the rollover will be a humongous 400 times bonus, and I don't think it's fair changing it now on me, after I had played.

I noticed the issue after having played it through 40 times, when they refused to clear the bonus for me.

Final review of theirs took part on the 24th of March (it was resent to managers), which I was told about on 22nd. I have, of course, held off all gameplay until we have the discussion resolved first; and in the meantime they not only did not respect what we agreed upon, but have zeroed my balance (about 700 euros) due to the promo expiring instead of clearing it.

One thing I've learned during my education are negotiation strategies - a common one is for their side to get a new person every time we continue the conversation. It's what's been happening to me. Various personnel would answer with things that aren't the issue, forcing me to start from ground zero every time, despite me pointing that out and telling me it'd be much better if I could talk to the same person along the way. I am privy to that and did not appreciate it, although it is a legitimate tool at their disposal.

That being said, I hope you get a better treatment and can verify all that I have told you in this email to be true and can reach a fair conclusion - one that is both within the spirit of a table games promotion, as well as within what I was told by their customer support before playing. I know they think otherwise, but I do believe the case to be quite clear in my favour due to those two things.

Like I told them, I don't know what more I could have possibly done.

I will gladly forward the conversations I had with their customer support if necessary, as I tried to keep this brief; they match what I have told you here 100%.

I have them only in text form as forwarded Intercasino support; I can also screenshot the emails in which Intercasino sent them to me when I requested them.





I thought of two more tidbits to add.

One, in their internal correspondence they have acknowledged the info I was given (meaning, "player was told the rollover is 40x bonus, player is not happy about us now increasing it"). I know that because when their support was forwarding the information to their management I asked for a CC of the email.

Two, at one point they offered me to reset everything back to the starting point, with the bonus untouched. Having invested a lot of thought into the whole case by that point, I refused. It dawned upon me that had I lost my money, I would not be getting any resets; and now that I actually managed to run it up, now the suggestion is to have it reset to the starting point. That is effectively a lose-lose proposition for me. It makes no sense, it works 100% in their favour and has me never winning. I want them to simply honor what we agreed upon.

Another thing was, they at some point claimed that "respecting a 40x bonus would've been unfair to other players" as the main point for their side (this main point changed during the conversation while mine has remained the same).

My counterpoint was

  1. Not honouring it is unfair to me as that's what I was told and
  2. We can simply ask those other players at the forums, lay out all the information, and have them give their input should I get the money or not.

The crux of the situation remains the same, the terms (both in what would make sense and in what I was told) do work in my favour, but I'm open to input from other players.

They were not eager to take me up at such a proposal and let it sink (or rather, had another person pick up the conversation there).

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4 Responses

User icon
April 3, 2014

Hi Kezman - thanks for getting in contact,

I suspect that I know what's going on here as this issue has been raised before on other sites. Obviously I will have to confirm before making any hard and fast statements.

It would be a great help to me if you could forward on the Live Chat conversation to email address [email protected] and I'll take it from here.



User icon
April 9, 2014

Hi Kezman,

Just to keep you informed, I have briefly discussed this issue with InterCasino and am awaiting further details coming through from them.



User icon
April 10, 2014

Hi Kezman,

This issue has been forwarded on to InterCasino management. As such you should be prepared for this to take sometime to resolve. I'll revert to you once I have more information.



User icon
April 11, 2014

Hi Kezman,

I've spoken at length with InterCasino about the various issues raised in this complaint.

There has been agreement that there were some issues with the way that this promotion was presented and after a cooperative look we've managed to work towards a different presentation of the information for future promotions.

However, we've also discussed your account specifically and given your extended history with Intercasino, the number of bonuses you've played without issue in the past and the specific nature of the questions that you asked support, there is a feeling that perhaps the 'confusion' you experienced surrounding these terms was to one degree or another artificial in nature and was more about making a point than a genuine lack of understand of the terms. I am inclined to agree with that, especially given that no other players experienced any noted difficulty with this specific promotion.

If this was the case, it would be far more productive to contact me before playing pointing out the issues than set up a situation where a complaint is generated afterwards. I'm far from convinced that many other casinos would take the player friendly approach that Intercasino have in this instance.

Intercasino has agreed to take on board the feedback I provided regarding the way this promotion was handled, has agreed to credit your account with the balance that was voided automatically due to the bonus period expiring and void the wagering requirement in this instance as a gesture of good will.

I'm happy to see you receive your funds and thrilled that these issues won't arise again. All credit once again goes to Intercasino!


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April 3, 2014

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